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Traditional mouse designs cause a twisting of your forearm to place the palm of your hand in a horizontal position over the mouse. Combine this with repetitive clicking of your index finger and discomfort may set in.

The idea is to place the hand in a relaxed, neutral position so that the muscles and tendons of the hand can work in their comfort zone.

The benefits of any ergonomic mouse are increased when using a flat, gel mouse pad. Most of the roller bar technologies you will see have a built-in wrist pad.

The Best of the Best section begins with the newer “rolling bar” alternative mouse concepts and includes a mouse with several sizes for lefties and righties!

For the best ergonomic mice, check out our recommendations for Evoluent ErgoClick, Renaissance and others. These ergonomic mouses ensure your hands don't cramp up when you are working on your computer all day.

Best Ergonomic Mice by Wendy Gail Young

The Best You Can Get

  • Contour Rollerbar Pro

    Wendy says: Yes! This is a mouse! Well, an alternative. The RollerMouse™ Pro is the first of its kind with a "mousing roller bar" that keeps your hands near your center reducing mouse reach.

    To move the cursor spin the bar up and down and slide it left and right! Press the bar as a left mouse button.

    Program the button below bar as double click and further reduce repetitive motion. Clicking the Scroll Wheel acts as a middle mouse button.

    • Reduces shoulder pain
    • Hands in optimal reach zone
    • Easy control of mouse functions
    • Integrated with a gel wrist rest
  • Trackbar Emotion

    Wendy says: The Trackbar Emotion is one of the newest “centered” pointing devices that place the hands near the body, eliminating reaching arm movements to the mouse and reducing risk of discomfort.

    It can be rotated 180 degrees to bring the rollerbar close to your body rather than close to your keyboard. The low force buttons help speed up repetitive functions to reduce the strain of mousing.

    • Lightweight and easy to carry with any laptop
    • Perfect in front of any keyboard or laptop
    • Wide diameter rollerbar increases comfort
    • 6-button mouse, including clickable roll
  • Mouse Trapper Advance

    Wendy says: The Mouse Trapper Advance is a new mouse design with five buttons and a unique touch scroll. It features an integrated steering pad for the most advanced ergonomic solution. The soft wrist support has a large surface providing maximum comfort.

    The buttons are programmable and can be adapted to your working requirements. Standard functions include: left click, right click, auto scroll/ third mouse button, double click, clickable steering pad, and touch scroll.

    It is height adjustable to fit any keyboard with the help of a foldable friction mat.

    • Unique touch scroll
    • Height adjustable
    • Offers advanced comfort
  • BarMouse

    Wendy says: The BarMouse uses rollerbar technology that keeps hands and arms in your physical comfort zone. Fingers stay on the keys, preventing uncomfortable reaching to the mouse.

    Seven programmable click buttons to customize settings for your particular needs.

    It can be adjusted for left-handed use and lets you add an external mouse for more variety and load sharing.

    This next generation of ergonomic mice is pretty cool. And I am sure there is more to come!

    • Programmable buttons
    • Copy and paste button
    • Scroll wheel
  • Contour Perfit Mouse Optical

    Wendy says: The Contour Perfit Mouse Optical enables the hand to remain open with fingers extended in ready position for easy clicking. The elevation and shape reduce excessive load on the fingertips.

    The thumb support allows movement of mouse with reduced pinch force. The elevated design helps maintain a neutral, tilted wrist posture.

    To determine size, measure from tip of middle finger to first crease of wrist.

    * 5-3/4" - 6-3/4" Small
    * 6-3/4" - 7-1/2" Medium
    * 7-1/2" - 8-1/4" Large
    * 8-1/4" and above: X-Large

    Measurement between two sizes? For thin hand (thickness from palm to the top of hand), select the larger size. For thick palm, generally the smaller size fits.

    Happy Mousing!

    • Multiple sizes
    • Left and right models

You will be happy with any of these

  • Evoluent Mouse

    Wendy says: The Evoluent design supports your hand in a relaxed position that eliminates arm-twisting that may cause discomfort.

    The grip is similar to an ordinary mouse just turned sideways. The same fingers operate the buttons as a standard mouse. The button force is light for easy clicking, but still firm enough to avoid accidental actuation.

    This is also great as a traveling laptop mouse. Just load it in your bag and go!

    • Creates “handshake” neutral wrist posture
    • Right and left models
    • 5 programmable buttons
    • Optical sensor reduces hand movement
    • Available in wireless or wired models
  • ErgoClick Mouse

    Wendy says: The ErgoClick Mouse is extremely innovative. As an ergonomic consultant, I suggested that my clients install two mice and use one to move the cursor and the other to click.

    This mouse takes it one brilliant step further letting the left palm perform the click functions by shifting the weight of the palm. Then your right hand controls the cursor. The finger can now rest!

    This palm based clicking solution eliminates finger movement from your mousing and the click force can be adjusted from 30 grams to 300 grams, another new mousing feature!

    • Mouse click with your palm
    • Eliminates finger clicking
    • Adjustable click force
  • Renaissance Vertical Optical Mouse

    Wendy says: The 3M Renaissance™ Vertical Mouse encourages a natural vertical hand position with the thumb pointing upwards. This relieves pressure in the wrist and can reduce the risk of discomfort.

    Just rest the side of your hand at the base of the mouse and the thumb on the switch on the top of the stick for right and left clicks using the thumb. The thumb in a natural resting position also executes the cursor controls.

    • Natural handshake position
    • Optical tracking for smooth mousing
    • Available in small and medium for optimum fit
    • Programmable third button scrolling feature
  • AirO2bic Mouse

    Wendy says: The AirO2bic Mouse patented Grip-Less computer mouse helps maintains the hand, wrist, and arm in the most optimal posture creating the lowest physical (biomechanical) load. This near resting position is called “Functional Neutral” by ergonomists and therapists.

    The curved "Wrist Guard" stops the strain of wrists flexing and the sidewall and button mound allow movement with less grip. The AirO2bic Mouse is optical, comes with a scroll wheel, and is available for righties and lefties.

    • Places hand in neutral handshake posture
    • Optical mouse
    • Left and right hand models
  • Foot Mouse with Programmable Pedal

    Wendy says: The Foot Mouse moves mouse control to the feet! You can have complete control of the cursor keeping hands on the keyboard and your eyes on the monitor.

    The foot-controlled mouse is a two-part system: one for cursor control ("slipper"), the other for mouse clicks and shortcuts (the "pedal"). To get you started many popular shortcuts from popular software programs are preset.

    I wonder what they will think of next!

    • Eliminates stress on hand and wrist
    • Eliminates repetitive
    • Increases productivity
    • Programmable buttons for shortcuts/hotkeys

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