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Cooking on the BBQ grill has gone from an occasional big event at most homes to an extension of the indoor kitchen that is used almost daily. As that evolution has occurred, the cooks have become a lot more serious about the tools that they use and just like any other activity that we do, it’s a lot more fun and we can do it a lot better if we have the right tools. Of course, cooking on the grill is not merely a hobby, it’s the way we cook our dinner, so while the gadgets are fun, the best tools are the ones that make the food taste better. The absolute best place to start is by getting the food off the grill at the right time and the best way to do that is with the help of a good thermometer. Without a thermometer, even the best backyard chefs are only guessing. Once you learn to get your barbecue done just right, the next thing to perfect is the taste. On my list is the Reveo, a high-tech marinating machine that is really the best of the best. It’ll give your food a deep marinated taste in a matter of minutes. These are the best tools and with them your grilling experience will be fun, easy, and tasty.

With the best BBQ tool set, you'll be cooking up a storm in the backyard. In addition to our best BBQ tool set recommendations, we also recommend grilling planks and other grill accessories for the best BBQ.

Best Essential BBQ Tools by Ray Lampe

The Best You Can Get

  • Super-Fast Thermapen

    Ray says: The best way to serve juicy and tender food is to know when it’s done properly. With the Thermapen, it’s easy to check because it’s so quick and accurate. You can check the meat in a few different places in a matter of seconds. The readout is big and clear and it comes in many cool colors.

    • Reads internal temperature in less than 4 seconds
  • Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler

    Ray says: The Reveo brings a technology used by butchers and big meat processing factories to the home cook. The meat is tumbled in a big canister under a vacuum and the marinade flavor goes deep in only takes a few minutes. It also allows you to use less marinade and it’s dishwasher safe.

    • Marinates food in minutes
  • Pig Tail Food Flipper

    Ray says: This unassuming-looking tool can do the work of a big bulky set of tools and do it better. The little hook is strong and can grab any size piece of food and move it or lift it with little effort. It’s made of surgical grade stainless and has a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    • Turns, flips, and carries food quickly and safely
  • Fire and Flavor Grilling Planks

    Ray says: These planks are big and thick and beautiful. Plank cooking gives the food a woodsy flavor and makes for a dramatic presentation. Just soak them for an hour in water and use them for salmon, pork tenderloin, or vegetables.

    • Cedar, alder, maple, or oak
  • Billy Bar

    Ray says: The Billy Bar is sold as a grill cleaning tool but it’s also great for moving hot grates, and stirring charcoal. The angled design lets you clean the top and bottom of the grate with ease. It’s made of steel with a nice hardwood handle and it’s long enough to keep your hands cool while you work.

    • A great alternative to the grill brush

You will be happy with any of these

  • Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless-Steel Grill Topper

    Ray says: This grill topper is big at 16-by-12-inches and made of heavy duty stainless steel. It has nice handles for carrying it while loaded with food, three 1” high sides and one open side for sliding the food out. This is a great item for cooking small things like vegetables, shrimp and chicken wings and fragile things like fish filets.

    • Keeps those small grilled items in place
  • Brinkman Meatloaf Basket

    Ray says: This Meatloaf Basket is perfect for cooking meatloaf on the grill. The plated steel wire mesh construction keeps the meatloaf together, allows the smoky goodness from the grill to flavor it while making it a healthy dish by letting the fat roll off.

    • Makes a great grilled meatloaf
  • Jack Daniel's Wood Smoking Chips

    Ray says: The great addition of smoke flavor makes for tasty BBQ and these chips are the best. The aged oak is a perfect flavor choice for any food and there’s a little something extra leftover from their previous life. They’re sold in convenient two-pound bags.

    • Made from the used whiskey barrels
  • ZaGrill Pizza Cooker

    Ray says: The ZaGrill has a unique double heat shield setup that makes a crisp crust while keeping the bottom from burning. Cooking your pizza on the grill gives it that smoky, brick oven restaurant flavor that everyone loves. It works well for frozen, refrigerated, or homemade pizza and the nonstick surface makes for easy clean up.

    • Cook great pizza on the grill
  • Maverick Remote-Check ET-7 Wireless Thermometer

    Ray says: This is one high tech BBQ accessory. It’s a thermometer with two probes to read the temp inside the cooker as well as the internal temp of the meat that’s cooking. It monitors both as you cook and sends the signal through a cable to a readout that’s outside the grill. But it goes one step further when that little readout device sends the readings to a second wireless readout device that you can carry with you. The batteries are even included.

    • Works wirelessly up to 100 feet

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