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I think every makeup artist, including myself, loves brushes. This is because these are the tools we use to express ourselves and the options and choices are as endless as our creativity. There are 115 brushes in my kit. I inherited a few of them, bought many of them and some were gifts from cosmetic lines. Although I will never use every brush for one beauty makeup, I can tell you that there are ten that I always use. In fact, without my favorite ten, I would feel lost.

Maybe it is the way the handle feels, the shape of the bristles or even the type of bristles that determine why I like certain brushes more than others. No matter how many brushes you accumulate, I think you also will have your favorites.Here are mine.

Best of the Best:

I have had these brushes for over ten years. The quality of all the materials used in manufacturing them is superb. None of the brushes shed, and the handles have no paint chips or damage after all these years.

Choose the best makeup brushes with help from our experts who know not every brush is created equal. Our cosmetic brushes feature many designs perfect for foundation, powder, blush and other essential tasks.

Best Essential Makeup Brushes by Margaux Lancaster

The Best You Can Get

  • Shu Uemura - 5R Kolinsky

    Margaux says: Kolinsky brushes have bristles that are soft and smooth, yet firm, and are considered to be the finest when it comes to delivering pigment to the skin. I use this brush wet/dry for eyeliner and any detail work that requires a fine line. You can get the perfect cat eye effect when you use this brush to line your eyes or use it to apply rich layers of eye color flawlessly.

    • Round tip brush
    • Pure Kolinsky Sable
  • Ve’s Favorite Brushes - Foundation Brush

    Margaux says: One of the many brushes created by the Academy Award winning makeup artist Ve Neill. Once you use this soft synthetic foundation brush you may never use a sponge again. Sponges can soak up your foundation before it gets to your face and that is such a waste. By using the foundation brush, you waste nothing and get a flawless application every time. I love this brush so much I bought several extra for gifts.

    • Designed by Academy Award winning makeup artist Ve Neill
    • Synthetic bristles
    • Available in a set as well as individually
  • Ve’s Favorite Brushes - Buffer Brush

    Margaux says: I bought this wonderful brush when I worked on Man On The Moon. I watched Ve use it to smooth the area under Courtney's eyes; I loved the result so much I had to ask what that brush was and could I buy one right then? I bought two. When I do my makeup or any woman's, I never powder under the eyes because it can cake and look wrinkled. Instead, I smooth the area with this natural bristle brush and instantly the makeup is smooth again. You can use it anywhere on your face that you want to smooth and refresh.

    • Designed by Academy Award winning makeup artist Ve Neill
    • Available in a set as well as individually
    • Natural hair
  • Bobby Brown - Powder Brush

    Margaux says: Every person I use this brush on absolutely loves it. The bristles are a combination of a squirrel and pony mix that is so incredibly soft and luxurious you will keep touching your face with it over and over.

    • Natural hair
    • Available short or long handle
  • Ve’s Favorite Brushes - Crease Brush

    Margaux says: I use this brush to blend, smooth, and buff my eye shadow applications in the crease area. It is the perfect natural bristle brush that comes to a rounded point dry or sharp point if used wet. This is the one brush I love the most because it has shorter, more compact bristles than most crease brushes and I can get the perfect smokey, sexy eye without having to go back and forth over and over.

    • Created by Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist Ve Neill
    • Natural hair
    • Can be used wet or dry
    • Individual purchase or available in a set

You will be happy with any of these

  • MAC - Duo Fibre

    Margaux says: I was given this amazing black and white duo fiber brush as a gift and I love it. After I apply foundation, I just buff and smooth the entire face to a perfect finish. I even use it to blend and buff out some of the mineral mix powder foundations and the effect is fabulous.

    • Synthetic and goat mix
  • Senna - Baby Face Brush

    Margaux says: You cannot believe how soft this brush is! Made from a mix of goat and pony hair this little brush is perfect for dusting on loose powder, shimmer powders, and even eyeshadows as well as blushes. I can almost use it for everything when it comes to touch ups on set.

    • Small rounded powder brush
    • Natural pony goat mix
  • Senna - Angle Blush Brush

    Margaux says: Another incredibly soft brush made of goat and pony hair mix. The rounded front angle of thus brush is perfect for delivering color to the apples of cheeks and tapered narrow end blends color off cheeks for a natural no streak look.

    • Goat and pony mix
    • Rounded angle
  • MAC - Brow Brush

    Margaux says: This is a brush that I use to create that perfect eyebrow arch and tail that comes to a perfect point. The bristles are a mix of natural and synthetic hair angled to give you perfect control of color whether you use the brush wet or dry.

    • Natural and synthetic blend
    • Angled
  • Ve’s Favorite Brushes - Retractable Lip Brush

    Margaux says: No more messy lipstick brushes that make your cosmetic bag sticky and messy. Even better is the fact that your lip brush will not have the bent bristles going in every direction due to being smashed and bashed in your purse or cosmetic bag. Ve Neill has created a retractable lip brush that opens and closes in one easy push (closes) or pull (opens) mechanism thus eliminating mess and bent bristles. I suggest you buy a few because I can tell you that these lip brushes will grow legs and walk away.

    • Created by Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist Ve Neill
    • Retractable

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