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Dogs are very social animals and love to be around their favorite people. But as much as you may love to have them sleeping on your bed or sharing the living room couch when you watch TV, they also need their own space in the home.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of doggie décor accessories to blend with a variety of popular interior designs trends to ensure that your home looks fabulous and simultaneously caters to your dog’s needs. If you shop well, there are many multi-function units that are great space savers, too. With so many decorative choices to enhance your pooch’s lifestyle, it’s easy to be discerning about quality.

If you have happy to share your personal space with your dog then pet steps are undoubtedly the best décor investment for small dogs as well as for elderly and arthritic pets of all sizes that have trouble jumping on to the bed and living room couches. There are numerous designs offering different heights. It’s important to select steps that are firm underfoot. Large dogs in particular feel insecure stepping on to on soft foam. Whatever home accents you are looking to add to your home to improve your dog’s lifestyle, look for easy to wash fabrics and wipe-down surfaces and you will be able to keep your home perennially looking picture perfect.

Best Fab Dog Décor Trends by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • Pet Steps

    Sandy says: The Chicago design from Carmen Pet Steps is perfect for small dogs and will also make a great accent piece in your living room. Hand made from poplar wood with a stylish wrought iron railing, they have two rest areas en route to your pooch’s favorite snooze spot.

    • Dimensions: 27 inches high and 18 inches wide
    • Available in black, white, natural wood, walnut and mahogany finishes
    • Steps have a special non-skid finish for safe climbing
  • Automatic Pet Door

    Sandy says: Give your dog his own personal security system.

    The Dogwalk Genius by Pet-Tek is a programmable dog door that works on the same principle as a remote controlled garage door. The door slides upwards and electronic sensors prevent it from closing if a pet is standing in its path. A small remote worn on the collar can be programmed to give pets individual access to outdoor areas or certain parts of your home.

    It can be fitted to both interior and exterior walls and doors and even placed in glass. It has a LCD screen for easy programming and seals well in all weather conditions. The unit is also fitted with an alarm to prevent anyone tampering with it.

    Four sizes:

    Small: Frame is 12 inches wide by 17 inches high with an opening of 8 inches wide by 9 ½ inches high.

    Medium: Frame is 12 3/8 inches by 19 3/4 inches high with an opening of 8 5/8 inches wide and 12 ¼ inches high.

    Large: Frame is 14 ½ inches wide and 23 5/8 inches high with an opening of 11 inches wide and 16 inches high.

    X-Large: Frame is 17 5/8 inches wide and 32 5/8 inches high with an opening of 14 inches wide and 25 inches high.

    • Available in a silver or white aluminum finish
    • Programmable for multiple pets
  • The Ottoman Dog Retreat

    Sandy says: This faux leather ottoman with contrast stitching is lined with faux suede and has a removable dog pillow inside. This perfect multifunctional item can be used in any room of the house. The lip also flips up to reveal a handy tray.

    • Available in black and red
    • Dimensions: 18 inches long by 17 inches wide and 15 ½ inches high
  • Co-ordinated Pet Bed And Matching Dinnerware

    Sandy says: Now you can co-ordinate your dog’s bed and dinnerware and proudly and give your canine his own personal space in your living area. The Makati bed from Unleashed Life features a carved design in a distressed walnut veneer finish and an overstuffed cushion in a cream fabric to blend well in your home. Add matching raised dining tables in various heights to complete the look. There are other fabulous styles to choose from, too.

    Bed dimensions:
    - Small: 24 inches long by 19.5 inches wide and 6.85 inches high.

    - Medium: 30 inches long by 24.25 inches wide and 9 inches high.

    - Large: 38.5 inches long by 32.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high.

    Dining table dimensions:
    - Large: 21 inches long by 11 inches wide and 11.5 inches high.

    - Medium: 19 inches long by 10 inches wide and 8.5 inches high.

    - Small: 17 inches long by 10 inches wide and 4 inches high.

    • Available in three sizes
  • The Doggie Den Night Stand

    Sandy says: When its time to sleep, crating your dog re-enforces the canine den instinct. Crafted from solid wood, this multi-functional unit will have many useful places in your home as it can be used as a night stand as well as an end table in the living room. Your dog will enjoy having his own space and being close to you.

    • Available in white or expresso brown with stylish stainless steel hardware
    • Dimensions: 18.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches high and 16.5 inches deep
    • Ships flat with easy assembly

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Pet Murphy Bed

    Sandy says: This is the ideal space saver for loft living and small apartments. This pet bed looks like a sleek wall unit when closed and opens up into a comfy full-sized bed that can accommodate two small dogs or one larger one. The foam mattress has a special “pillow rest” and has a removable cover for easy laundering. The furniture comes with special hardware to secure it to the wall for added stability.

    • Available in a black and mahogany finish
    • Wall unit: 24 inches wide by 36 inches high and 10 inches deep
    • The pet foam mattress: 22 inches wide by 28 inches long and 4 inches thick
  • Sectional Sofa

    Sandy says: This modular sectional sofa is just like Mom’s and Dad’s! The trendy shape has a sturdy wooden frame and memory foam padding for added comfort especially for older or arthritic pets. Ideal for extra large breeds or for a family of small dogs to share.

    • Dimensions: Right Sofa: 36 inches wide by 20 inches high and 24 inches deep
    • Left Lounger: 30 inches wide by 20 inches high and 47 inches deep
    • Overall measurements: 66 inches wide by 20 inches high and 47 inches deep
    • Large selection of fabrics available and company will customize on request
  • Cedar Toy Box

    Sandy says: Keep all your dog’s toys tidy in this sleek cedar wood toy box with cut out paw-styled handles. It’s the perfect accessory for any room. Buy a second one to store magazines and other kick-knacks, too. This design allows pets to choose their own toys for play time. With a little bit of patience, you can also train your dog to put them back and tidy up.

    • Available is natural cedar wood; a black or mahogany finish is also available
    • Dimensions: 12 inches high by 23.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep
  • Crate Covers

    Sandy says: Stylish crate covers will transform a standard wire crate into a comfy retreat for your dog and a room accent for your home. These washable covers come in sets that include crate bumpers and a matching cushion. Crate bumpers protect your dog in the same way bumpers protect a baby in a crib.

    • Available in a variety of fabric textures and colors
    • A selection of sizes catering for standard crates from 19 inches to 36 inches in length
  • Creature Comfort Chair

    Sandy says: If you’re tired of sharing your favorite chair with your dog, get him his own to match your living room furniture. Von Pooch furniture is manufactured to the same high standards as human furniture and there are lots of styles to blend with your home decor. This stylish design has cushion top arms that make a perfect doggie headrest.

    • Currently available in high quality upholstery fabric in sage green and champagne (color selection changes from time to time)
    • Overall dimensions: 35 inches wide by 22 inches deep and 19 ½ inches high with a seating area of 18 inches wide and 14 ½ inches deep
    • Clean with upholstery shampoo when necessary

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