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Like every member of the household, cats need their personal space and it’s up to caring pet parents to ensure that they have somewhere to retreat from guests, exuberant children, and yappy dogs.

By their very nature, felines like to stretch, scratch, and snooze – a lot! While restricting cats to an indoor lifestyle and, where possible, to a secure outdoor area, is the right thing to for the health and safety seasons, it’s important to compensate by giving them creative areas to stave off boredom and heighten their play drive such as climbers, condos, and fun places to hang out and do cat things.

When it comes to decorating with cats in mind, apart from practical items of furniture that conceal unsightly litter boxes, there’s an enormous variety of things that offer cats some form of lifestyle enrichment. Designers cognizant of space restrictions in modern homes often combine features so it’s important to remember this when you’re shopping.

Be sure to take into consideration your feline’s own habits. Some cats like to scratch vertically; others prefer to stretch and scratch horizontally. If you have a multi-cat household, cover your bases and cater for both. Natural surfaces such as wood and sisal wear well and don’t look messy.

If you are going to allow kitty to have a couch upholstered in a fabric to match your furniture, you are going to have ensure she know what’s hers and train her accordingly. The easiest way to keep cats off certain surfaces is to put down sheets of bubble wrap or aluminum foil in specific places for a couple of weeks. Cats are smart and will quickly get the message!

Giving felines their own purrsonal space definitely helps to keep them off areas in the home that have been declared cat-free zones.

Find the best pet furniture to keep your cats amused when you're around or away from home. Choose from the best cat litter boxes, cat scratching post choices and kitty condo selections.

Best Fab Feline Decor Trends by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • The Hidey Tidy Litterbox Cabinet

    Sandy says: Whether you’re trying to economize on space or simply don’t want to display your cat’s litter box, this stylish cabinet is purrfect for any room in the home. The units have two openings so that cats don’t feel trapped inside. Some models have a shelf for storing extra litter and accessories. The litter pan is very accessible for cleaning purposes and you can even purchase steps to help elderly or arthritic pets easily access the concealed pan.

    • Available in light, medium, and dark wood stains as well as in red, blue, green, and cream whitewash finishes
    • Single door cabinets are 29” H x 26” W x 17” D
    • Double door cabinets are 27” H x 29” W x 18” D
    • Steps sold separately
    • Cabinets can be customized with hand carved frontages or stain-glass doors
  • The Smart Cat Door Climber

    Sandy says: Designed to fit on to a standard interior door, this attractive climber is a real space saver in any home while giving cats the freedom to climb and enjoy watching the rest of the household from a lofty height. The spring loaded brackets make it easy to put in place and to move around the house to give felines variety. You also have to option of putting it elsewhere if you entertaining in your living area and your cats would prefer some peace and quiet.

    • Made from natural sisal and wood
    • Four spacious ledges
    • Easy to assemble and move around the home
    • Multifunctional, answering a cat’s need to climb, stretch, play, snooze, and retreat from the madding crowd
    • Blends well with a variety of interior design styles
  • The Kitt-In Box

    Sandy says: Cats love to hang around and “help” when you’re working. This kitt-in box is one way to keep your cat off your keyboard and away from blocking your computer monitor and still allow her to feel that she’s involved in the tasks at hand.

    • It can be clamped on to the side of a desk; in order to clamp on, the desktop must have a level 2-inch lip
    • If placed on top of the desk, rubber feet prevent it from scratching the working surface
    • The box has a comfortable cushioned interior
    • Dimensions: 5” H x 11” D x 16.5” W; suitable for large kitties up to 20 lbs.
    • Made from solid pine and available in cherry, birch, and mahogany finishes
  • The Ottoman

    Sandy says: Cats are going to love this hidey-hole! Covered with sisal, they can also scratch to their hearts delight. You can rest your legs on top or use it for extra seating while your cat snoozes inside.

    • Eight fashionable colors to blend with stylish home interiors
    • Available in two sizes: 18 inches square and 27 inches square
    • Can be custom-designed to your own specifications
    • Feet are interchangeable to match other furniture in your home
  • Automatic Cat Door

    Sandy says: The Catwalk Genius cat door is a remote-controlled programmable pet door that can be fitted both internally to restrict access to certain rooms of your home as well as to give access to a safe enclosed outside area. Operated by a miniature remote control key that fits onto the collar, it can be specially programmed to give individual pets different curfews and the codes can be set to accommodate multiple pets. This sleek design can be fitted to any interior wall or wooden door as well as in glass windows and sliding doors. Collar keys do not interfere with other appliances. Available in white polycarbonate plastic.

    • The 8-inch square opening is suitable for large cats
    • Programmable for up to 80 individual pets
    • Operates off a main power source
    • LCD screen and keyboard for easy programming
    • The swing flap is self-locking and seals tightly against all weather conditions

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Lotus Tower Condo

    Sandy says: With its Zen-like symmetry and minimalist style, this stylish kitty condo looks like a piece of art when not in feline use. It has a carpeted cubbyhole, a cushioned seat, two large stair-platforms, a sisal scratching pad and a curved snoozing shelf on the top. A secondary scratching zone can be added on the side and all the carpeted and sisal areas are replaceable. A smaller version is also available. Available in honey, mahogany, and birch wood finishes.

    • Wide selection of fabric choices for the cushioned area
    • Made from solid pine to withstand boisterous fun
    • Dimensions: 69 inches tall with a 20 inch square base
    • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • The Catvantage Floor-Ceiling Climber

    Sandy says: Cats will enjoy this floor-to-ceiling fun zone designed for climbing, scratching, perching, and exercising. Its compact design makes it easy to fit into any room without compromising feline fun and games.

    • The standard unit adjusts to ceilings from 91.5 to 101 inches and is secured in place
    • The climber can be placed on carpet, tile, or wood flooring, and it assembles in less than 30 minutes
    • Steps increase in size above four feet for added safety
    • Tapering of the steps towards the floor provides increased living space for occupants
    • Designed for climbing counter-clockwise and descending clockwise
  • The Kittypod

    Sandy says: The Kittypod is one of well-known furniture designer Elizabeth Paige Smith’s signature feline designs. Her work has been showcased at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and Harper’s Bazaar. Made from recycled wood and corrugated cardboard, the bowl-shaped area is big enough of furry felines to curl up in and snooze and the entire surface is made for scratching. Check out other furniture designs in the range that will have both feline and aesthetic appeal.

    • The oval bowl is deep enough for your cat to feel secure, but still allowing her to peek out and curb her curiosity
    • Dimensions: 19” H x 28” L x 20” W
    • You can paint the legs any color to match your interior design
  • The Kitty Washroom

    Sandy says: This stylish litter box “room” can be placed anywhere in the home. It works in a bathroom, as an end table, and even as a nightstand.

    • Available in ten different colors to blend with your home interior
    • Dimensions: 25” H x 18” W x 20” D
    • Add a deodorizer to help eliminate litter odors
    • Choosing the right litter will also help!
  • The Cat Jungle Cardboard Box

    Sandy says: As every cat-lover knows, cats love cardboard boxes! You only have to buy a new computer or appliance and leave the box lying around to discover it instantly becomes a feline amusement park. This three-story cardboard play station has windows and peep holes at various levels to add to the fun. The bright tropical motif will look good in any room of the home and is a definitely a decorative improvement on a boring box.

    • Folds flat if you need extra space from time to time
    • Easy assembly (ships flat)
    • Contains three floors inside and six look-out windows
    • Dimensions: 39” H x 18” W x 16” L

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