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Once upon a time, dogs dined from old Tupperware bowls dug up from under the sink or a plain ceramic dish with paw prints or bone patterns. Times have changed and consumers are demanding feeding vessels to be as beautiful as their home interior. In the past few years, the dog market has exploded with high-end designers crafting feeders that are as extravagant as fine china.

With a large population of retiring Baby Boomers on the rise, dog spoilage has never been more popular. With empty nests and dogs to dote on, the demand for feeders that provide comfort and quality are in high demand. Raised feeders are becoming the new standard and are available in a wide range of materials. They are great for older dogs with neck or back pain by raising the food higher and reducing strain from bending over.

When selecting a dining dish, give thought to ease of cleaning. If you mainly serve up kibble, then a quick rinse in the sink or wipe with a damp cloth will usually do the trick. If your pup prefers moist food, a dishwasher safe dish is the best way to go. With so many innovative designs popping up in the pet market, you don't have to compromise style any longer! Bon appetite!

Best Fabulous Dog Bowls by Dara Foster

The Best You Can Get

  • Gino The Dog - Wild Porcelain Feeder

    Dara says: Inspired by a river rock, the porcelain food and water bowl from Turkish design firm Gaia & Gino, is sure to spark endless kitchen conversations. These bowls are available in three colors - white, black, and silver and small and large sizes. The silver bowl is coated in reflective titanium that looks stunning with stainless steel kitchen appliances. Think of this feeder as usable art for your dog!

    • Available in S & L sizes
    • Glazed porcelain
    • Extremely unique, organic shape
    • Choose from black, white & silver
  • Everyday Studio - Dog Dish

    Dara says: A huge trend in the pet market is raised feeders. If you have a large breed pooch like a Golden Retriever, you’ve probably discovered that most feeders are not actually high enough off the ground to comfortably feed your friend. Everyday Studio is the first brand to design a contemporary, wall-mounted feeder allowing you to adjust the height to your liking. It is made of 16-gauge steel with keyholes for easy mounting. The stainless steel bowls can be easily removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. Truly an innovative design solution for large and small breed dogs.

    • Wall mounted for maximum feeding comfort
    • Can be adjusted to any height
    • Made of 16-gauge, laser-cut steel
    • Available in M & L sizes
    • Choose from yellow, green, orange, or white colors
  • Petbitat - The Bowl

    Dara says: The clear choice for acrylic dog feeders is “The Bowl” from Petbitat. Founded by two fashion-loving designers in search of an attractive solution for their pets, this bowl is the first on the market to offer mix and match frames and bowls. Jazz up your pad with clear, red, or white bowls and frames in any combination for your very own custom design. This will leave your dog barking for more!

    • Available in S & L sizes
    • Made from 8-mm water-resistant acrylic
    • Mix and match bowls with frames for a custom look
    • Easy to clean
    • Comfortable raised design that looks beautiful with any decor
  • For The Dogs - Yum Bowl

    Dara says: If your dog drops names instead of food, the Yum Bowl designed by famed industrial designer, Karim Rashid, will keep him on the puppy “A List” for life. This organically shaped, ceramic bowl has a sleek hole in the side for easy lifting and is the ultimate complement to any minimalist decor. It has a non-skid underside to eliminate any dish pushing and is microwave safe. Its shape is so beautiful that you might want to serve yourself instead of your friend. The price is served right, too.

    • Designed by famed Industrial Designer, Karim Rashid
    • Available in S & L sizes
    • Organic shape with sleek side hole for easy lifting
    • Non-skid bottom to eliminate movement
    • Microwave safe
  • Bottega Veneta - Dog Bowl

    Dara says: If you in the market for a luxury dog bowl to match your Bottega Veneta overnight bag, look no further. The Italian luxury brand now offers handcrafted leather feeders in their signature Instrecciato woven leather pattern with a removable stainless steel bowl. This is true luxury and will leave fashion snobs licking their chops for more.

    • Made of fine Italian leather
    • Well-known fashion brand
    • Matches entire Bottega Veneta collection
    • Removable stainless steel bowl

You will be happy with any of these

  • Otis and Claude - Lucy Dish

    Dara says: Otis and Claud's Lucy Dish design emphasizes fun and playfulness with a contemporary twist. The Lucy Dish is a sturdy, funky feeder and is not meant for the dainty diner. This vessel is great for the big eaters since it comes in a size large enough to hold five cups of food or water. The colors are fresh and it has non-slip feet to keep it from traveling across the room.

    • Affordable style
    • Durable melamine plastic
    • Non-slip feet
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Holds up to 5 cups of food
  • Vuru Designs - 1 Series

    Dara says: Like the sound of one hand clapping - the Vurv Series 1 bowl strikes a balance of organic and Zen design. The lightly grained Bamboo veneer lends an element of sustainability to the clean-lined construction of this bowl. The unique mono-bowl design makes a perfect travel bowl for "away games" while providing endless room style wherever it goes.

    • Excellent for large dogs
    • Beautiful, art-like dish
    • Sustainable materials
  • Paul Smith - China Dog Bowl

    Dara says: Make sure to keep those puppy elbows off the dinner table when dining from this fine china. Made by London's arbiter of high-end china taste - Thomas Goode - this line of bone china bow-ware leaves your own china in the dust. Normally gold accenting on china amounts to a thin line of gold on the edge of a piece whereas the Paul Smith line features a 2-cm band of gold trim and a complimentary band of the signature Paul Smith stripe pattern. Now, your journey begins to find the right color-coordinated dog food that will be worthy of its plating.

    • China made by Thomas Goode
    • 2-cm band of gold
    • Signature Paul Smith stripes
    • One size
  • Holden Designs - Single Feeder

    Dara says: Former architect and furniture designer, Jon Wesley Rahman, created Holden Designs when he couldn’t find a feeder to suite his own aesthetic tastes. Discouraged with the lack of modern, beautiful dog feeders on the market, Jon took things into his own hands. His plywood single feeder has a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright's style influence, which makes it a timeless piece to own.

    • Timeless, modern design
    • Made of sustainable materials
    • Removable stainless steel bowl
    • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Goyard - Traveling Bowl

    Dara says: Pampered pooches that rack up thousands of frequent flyer miles know that traveling can make a dog thirsty. French luxury brand Goyard has taken traveling feeders to a whole new level. Their dishes are encased in a folding travel box covered in the signature Goyard canvas print with finely tailored handles to be carried like a piece of heirloom luggage. This piece will make logo lovers howl in delight!

    • Exclusive Goyard logo canvas box
    • Made for traveling
    • Handles for easy carrying
    • Heirloom luggage quality

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