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A USB flash drive is a NAND-type flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, much shorter than a floppy disk (1 to 4 inches or 2.5 to 10 cm), and weigh less than 2 ounces (60 g). Storage capacities typically range from 64 MB to 32 GB with steady improvements in size and price per gigabyte. Some allow 1 million write or erase cycles and have 10-year data retention, connected by USB 1.1 or USB 2.0. Huh? I just know it as the little stick thingee that is no bigger than my house key but carries my most personal documents and pictures in its magical little size. With a quick plug in to any computer, all of your business is at your fingertips. Typically they will run between $10 and $50, but I have found the Best of the Best that go for more. A LOT more. Great things do come in small packages.

With the best fashion USB, you're sure to get lots of attention transferring files. We suggest the best fashion flash drive that includes Swarovski crystals or hematite embellishments.

Best Fashionable USB by Jess Zaino

The Best You Can Get

  • miiSTOR ICE and Platinum and Diamond USB

    Jess says: If you are looking for a USB drive that costs more than a computer, than look no further. The miiSTOR Ice USB is a seriously bling-y USB for the seriously stylish (and rich). With 456 white diamonds, this is a handcrafted piece that is not made to be lost (and you may possibly need a bodyguard when using it).

    • Hand-set with 456 white diamonds
    • Made of platinum
  • rayD8 mimobot

    Jess says: Is it a toy? Is it gadget? It's super USB! This cutie patootie cartoon embossed USB is great fun to look at and will for sure have your friends from the campus library to the office cubicle jealous of your trendy tech taste.

    • Comes in yellow or black
    • Glows in the dark!
    • Designed for mimoco by artist, Dino Alberto in a limited edition of 2,000 units
  • Swarovski Heart Ware USB Memory Key - Active Crystal

    Jess says: Disguised as a darling Swarovski crystal heart pendant, this USB key is the perfect piece for ladies (or gents) that need some external storage space but still love luxury. The silk chord it comes attached to makes it easy to carry around your neck and keep your heart close to your, errr... heart.

    • 1 GB of storage space
    • Polished stainless steel heart with fully faceted, asymmetrically cut Silver Shade crystal
    • Comes attached to beige silk chord
  • Swarovski Lock Out Jet Hematite USB Memory Key

    Jess says: In keeping with the Swarovski crystal Flash Key look, this is my personal pick for a fashionable and functional USB drive. Sturdy and stylish, it looks like a lock on your computer but is so masculine even covered in dark Hematite crystals.

    • Stainless steel
    • Hematite crystals set in Cerulan
    • 1 GB of storage space
  • Twig Wooden Memory Stick

    Jess says: Talk about merging the elements. This trendy tech piece lives in a tree. The handcrafted twig comes directly from a Netherlands forest and formatted for your computer.

    • 1 GB of storage space
    • A real wooden stick handcrafted to fit the memory stick
    • Made in the Netherlands

You will be happy with any of these

  • Girly Skull Splatter USB

    Jess says: Teens and techies alike will love this Girly Skull USB. Its badass graphic is like a ‘Keep Out’ sign for those snoopsters stealing a peek at your open Facebook page at the coffee shop.

    • High speed
    • Created by artist Roseanne Jones
    • Crystal clear enamel coating
  • Inov8 Pink Lipstick USB

    Jess says: Ladies love to carry an extra tube of lipstick or two in our purses for when the occasion calls for it. The Inov8 Pink Lipstick USB may look like your fave tube of MAC Russian Red but it is so much more. An ideal accessory for any fashion lover.

    • Extra small
    • Lightweight
    • Fun pale pink color
  • Homer Simpson USB Monitor Lights

    Jess says: Okay, this may not technically be a USB key/hard drive, but it does plug into your USB port and light up with funny Homer Simpson characters that frame your monitor.

    • Plugs in to your USB port
    • Great for customizing your computer
    • Make them light up when you're available!
  • HACKED! Flash Drive

    Jess says: At first glance, it may look like you have stolen the exposed wire, cut flash key that is hanging out of your USB port but insiders know it's HACKED! The Oh! $^%$ flash drive from Fred & Friends. This little piece of fun will certainly get looks from curious (and scared onlookers).

    • 2 GB storage space
    • Throws off potential hackers and thieves
    • Novelty USB that actually works
  • Dane-Elec 1 GB Eraser

    Jess says: If you're looking for a no muss, no fuss memory stick with a bit of tongue in cheek attitude, this pink stick can be found at Target and has the nostalgic look of a pre-K pencil eraser. Gone are the days of physical erasing, now it’s just click, delete.

    • 1 GB storage space
    • 5 yr. warranty
    • Mac, PC hardware platform

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With the best fashion USB, you get plenty of bling - and of course space for your files. We recommend the best fashion flash drive that offers a chic take on tech accessories. Always on sale, these Swarovski crystal USB choices and hematite flash drive selections are sure to be a conversation piece for that person with almost everything.