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The idea behind a Home Free Weight System is to approximate the utility of a gym’s free weights at home, right? So I’m always dumbfounded by the chubby pitchman’s claim that “his” home contraption is the magic bullet that will make the $2 million worth of commercial free weight equipment at your local gym, obsolete!! I mean, did Richard Dawson say at the end of every Family Feud episode that if you bought the Family Feud home board game, you could stop watching the television show?

Ok, I’m not exactly sure where I was going with that, but the point is that in choosing a home free weight system, your purchase should consider those exercises you do, and the free weights you use, when you do go to the gym. If you’re a “lighter weight/higher repetition person”, a bench with some dumbbells might do the trick, whereas, if you’re a “heavier weight/fewer rep” person, a rack with weight plates and a bar is more your speed. The key is to first give some thought to the needs of your body and focus of your workout; if you’ve adequately defined those, the choice of product should be fairly easy.

Note: there are numerous “Smith Machines” on our list, as these type machines are by definition, multi-functional pieces of equipment that yield a full slate of exercises.

Just remember that if you truly are looking for a full-body home free weight system, you need a product that adequately accommodates at least one exercise for each and every body part.

The best free weight set can help you tone and build your muscles. We suggest the best dumbbell set to meet your fitness goals and your budget so you can train hard this year.

Best Free Weight Home Gyms by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Powertec Workbench Multi System Leverage Home Gym

    Lee says: Powertec has combined all the major free weight exercise machines into one piece of equipment. I’m admittedly a biased free-weight guy to begin with, but if the new Leverage Home Gym doesn’t change the game, it at least raises the bar in the Home Gym category. Home free weight systems historically have been either limited in their exercise portfolio, or incredibly bulky with multiple pieces that take up lots of space with an enormous footprint; but the Powertec is about as close as you can get to a full slate of free-weight machines in one product.

    • Three-station system provides dozens of the best free weight exercises to build the entire body in leverage form
    • Constructed of 3” and 2” steel tubing with a 12-gauge wall thickness
    • Lever arms are driven by pillow block bearings
    • Powertec padding is industrial grade high-density foam covered with double stitched upholstery
    • Does not use any cables or pulleys making it virtually maintenance free, and the unique linkage seat system allows for precise and fast adjustment
  • Marcy Diamond Elite MD 9010 Smith Machine

    Lee says: The Marcy Diamond is the first of many “Smith Machines” on our list. A “smith“ keeps all movements vertical, which is beneficial in many ways, but the optimal safety it provides is especially helpful in a home unit. The Marcy Diamond tops our list of Smiths because of its complete slate of possible exercises including lat Bar and leg apparatus. Many Smith machines either fall short in these two categories, or don’t include them at all. The Marcy Diamond is about as close as you can get to bringing home all the free weight capability you have at the gym.

    • Heavy-duty tubular steel construction, chrome guide rods, and 2000-lb. tensile strength aircraft cables for durability and superior performance
    • Includes lat bar, tricep rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, single handle, and chromed V-bar, and AB4050 multi-function bench included with preacher pad and Olympic sleeve on leg developer
    • Commercial grade pop pins adjustments with tightening feature and frame structure features 7-degree slant designed to accommodate the natural upper and lower body movements
    • Cage uprights feature chromed diamond striker plates and commercial grade bar and safety catches, and
  • EVO Tahoe Free Weight Home Gym

    Lee says: An experienced weight lifter knows it’s a compliment to call the EVO Tahoe our list’s dependable “work horse” free weight home gym that is all substance and no sizzle! The EVO Tahoe leaves the whistles & bells behind, and gives a seasoned lifter exactly what he wants: solid durable equipment with plenty of steel to work out today, work out tomorrow, and work out six years from now! A notable modern amenity is the unique way the “Pec deck” and “Lat Apparatus” have been engineered onto the inside of the rack; this configuration gives the EVO Tahoe a remarkably small footprint.

    • Precise engineering and a natural five-degree press angle make for a pressing station that affords safety and versatility, without the hassle of making numerous adjustments
    • Comes with standard safety stops so you can load up the bar to 500 lbs. safely
    • A five-degree angle for squats and presses, which matches the human body's natural path of movement
    • A unique flat/incline/decline bench design that automatically adjusts the seat pad to the proper position when the back pad is re-positioned
    • Improved leg extension and leg curl stations with no cable changes required
  • Life Fitness Parabody Power System 838 Free Weight Home Gym

    Lee says: Life Fitness’ Parabody Home Gym is a solid and dependable free weight system. The base of the main rack is solidly built, and the built-in brackets from top to bottom are commercial quality, unlike most free weight home gyms. Other amenities of note are the “safety arms” positioned a third of the way up the main rack, and the hi-quality construction of the leg extension/leg curl apparatus. Most home gyms fall far short with these extremities, but the Life Fitness Parabody delivers.

    • Aimed at experienced weight trainers looking to customize their home workout system with a free weight home gym capable of delivering a full body workout
    • A detachable multi-angle bench for chest and arm exercises, leg curl and leg extension attachments, as well as lat pulldown, arm curl, and row systems
    • All the pieces of this gym are constructed from robotically-welded, heavy-gauge steel tubing and provide dual safety features so you can feel totally secure in a solo workout
    • The basic squat rack is slanted to mirror a natural lifting motion and the design lets you unload the bar at any fatigue point
  • The Giant Smith Rack Combo

    Lee says: The “Giant” is another Smith Machine that stands out because of its safety features and the engineering of its bench and leg apparatus to provide a full slate of exercises. It is never recommended to do free weights without the aid of a spotter, and exercising with free weights alone is a real no-no! But the safety spotter arms and engineered quality of the smith carriage make the Giant a “safety first” winner.

    • Contains the most advanced smith carriage available today, with Oilite bushings that glide over solid chrome rods providing a piston-like action. This carriage is locked instantly into any of the safety catches by a quick turn of the wrist
    • This gym features dual bar holders and safety rail spotter arms, and a new professional design enables the lifter to perform Smith machine lifting as well as all the free weight exercises
    • Includes: flat/incline/decline bench; leg ext/curl attachment; chin-up bar; integrated dip station mount

You will be happy with any of these

  • Body Solid PowerLine Smith Machine System

    Lee says: The Body Solid is just that - solid! What makes this unit so attractive is the economy of design that yields such a compact footprint. If you’re tight on space, then The Body Solid might just be what you’re looking for. Also, the weight stack for the leg extension and peck deck, make for a top-to-bottom, full-body workout that are absent from many free weight home gyms.

    • The unique, patented bushing system and super smooth sliding carriages will help you achieve rapid results in a controlled and safe environment that has been proven by customers like yourself for years
    • Extra long twin carriages have long-life patented Super-Glide nylon bushings for frictionless movement and performance over 2
    • The ladder-type mainframe features full-length, heavy-duty, 12-gauge, square pillars with 14 cross member Lock-Out Points providing a solid foundation for the Safety Spotter Catches during the heaviest routines
    • Another high-tech feature standard on the PowerLine Smith Machine is the dual-lock Safety Spotter Catch System. It prevents the bar from pinning the user in a max-out situation by simply turning the pivot sleeve only 15 degrees
  • Weider Club C720 Smith Machine Olympic Smith Rack

    Lee says: It's tough not to include the name Weider in any list of fitness products; if anything, Weider products are sometimes ignored in some of these categories, because they are priced out of range, by being too inexpensive! The Weider C720 is a quality home gym for a great price. The C720 is a hybrid that combines the vertical safety of a smith machine, with the freedom of movement of a power rack. I also really like the complete accessory package that includes a preacher curl.

    • Offering adjustable safety spotters and the versatility of a detachable, multi-position utility bench, the Club C720 gets results
    • The Olympic rack also comes with 250 lbs. of heavy-duty, cast-iron weights; giving you everything you need start to finish for fantastic workouts
    • This Club C720 also comes with seven workout stations, including a high pulley, chest fly, pull-up, preacher curl, low pulley with row plate station, and a 6-roll leg developer
    • Other features include adjustable weight crutches, workout accessories, and an informative workout chart
  • Pro-Form Fusion 3.0 XT Smith Machine

    Lee says: The first thing that catches your eye about the Pro-Form Fusion is that the machine “catches your eye”! This is just a good-looking piece of equipment. The ergonomic look and feel of the bench and Preacher Curl are only eclipsed by the construction. The wide base of the bench can be anchored to the rack in the rear, which is unique for a home gym machine. And if you consider all the smith machine safety features, you’re not going to find a more stable or safer workout station anywhere.

    • Provides an Olympic-sized opportunity for true workout enthusiasts
    • The machine includes an Olympic width Smith machine, complete with built-in, adjustable spotters
    • The Smith machine also includes an independent utility bench, preacher pad, Olympic-width Smith bar, 6-roll leg developer, low pulley with row plate, high pulley with multi-position lat bar, and incline, flat, and decline bench positions
  • Stamina 50-3000 Viper Leverage System Home Gym

    Lee says: The Stamina Viper is one of those unique hybrid systems that is engineered to give you a real total body free weight machine in one compact home unit. The leverage concept is actually fairly simple: free weights are attached to every hand-grip, handle-bar, and the leg apparatus via a cable. Like the good old-fashioned Smith design, this engineering provides for a much safer workout environment, paramount in a home unit; but unlike the Smith machine, it does it with a much smaller footprint. The Viper will take up 25 to 50% less space than a Smith machine.

    • Lifts like free weights, with leverage arm for safety, but no spotter needed for bench press and chest fly
    • Up to 600 pounds weight for bench press and other leverage arm exercises plus lat bar, curl bar, and foot strap
    • High and low cable pulley stations add leg extensions, standing hip adduction/abduction, lat pulldown, standing and seated row, bicep curl, tricep pressdown, and abdominal crunch
    • 90-day warranty for parts, 3-year warranty for frame, workout guide, and owners manual all included
  • Multisports Deluxe Smith Machine

    Lee says: It's big, it's bad, and it's bulky! But if you’ve got the space for a complete home gym with all the whistles and bells, then the Multisports Deluxe might be right for you. Complete with lat station, Preacher curl, even a dip bar, the Deluxe can fill up a garage, spare bed room, or basement in a hurry; but if you’re looking to make one purchase and be “done with it”, then you might give it a good look.

    • The DSM provides a wide range of exercises convenient with home gyms while providing the extra benefits of Smith Machine exercises
    • Comes complete with Preacher Curl Bench, Bench station, Lat Pull Down with cable for attachments
    • High density foam upholstery with stitched seams provide long lasting comfort and durability and heavy-gauge steel construction which ensures strength, stability, and durability
    • Reinforced nylon pulleys with sealed steel bearings and nylon coated aircraft cable rated at 2000-lb. tensile strength to give a smooth, quiet, and durable response for an intense workout

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