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High heels are certainly a staple for evening attire and running shoes are perfect for the gym, but since it’s summer and you're ready to get footloose and fancy free, let's talk about flip-flops. Flip-flops have a style of their own, different from other types of shoes. These comfy and casual shoes were inspired by a Japanese thong sandal but came into their American own in the '50s. Today flip-flops can be paired with almost anything from a cute sundress to your best bathing suit. Sometimes embellished with buckles, jewelry, crystals, fringes, and beading, flip-flops can be made of leather, suede, patent leather, metallic finishes, fabric, and other materials. It's easy to pick up a cheapie pair at the local pharmacy that will do you right throughout the warmer months, but those with a discerning eye for fashion can oomph up their original flip-flop style in high style with some unbelievably over the top choices.

The best flip flops are for more than the beach. Our flip flopper suggestions are the perfect companion for around the house, running errands and other casual settings where comfort is a must.

Best Fun Flip-Flops by Jess Zaino

The Best You Can Get

  • H. Stern Brazilian Beach Sandals

    Jess says: This shoe selection is not for the faint of heart or light of pocket. H. Stern, known for its brilliant jewels, have outdone themselves with the most expensive pair of flip-flops ever offered. The strap is inlaid with diamonds and 1,636 feathers made out of 18-karat gold. The rest of the flip-flop is rubber with a black sole. Great for a story to tell.

    • Ultimate in luxury
    • Need to be special ordered
    • Encrusted in gold and diamonds
  • Crystallishious

    Jess says: For the girls that want to have fun, this exclusive product from trendy clothier Electric Couture are decorated in a rock n roll theme with guitars, winged hearts and the slogans like “WILD THING” and “WALK THIS WAY & ROCK.” Created by Crystallishious, these flip-flops are of course covered in crystals but it’s the price tag that makes them worthy of being the best.

    • Fun jewels and sayings
    • Statement piece
    • Actually comfortable
  • Peche Blu Peche Platinum

    Jess says: I don't mind the high price tag of these flip-flops so much because the company Peche Blu gives back a percentage of the sales to save endangered crocs (ironically an approved for trade version of what the shoes are made of it). The croc straps are made for magnificent comfort. Despite the irony, Peche Blu is the first company to offer eco-economics in the sale of their luxury items.

    • Made of ultimate luxury crocodile materials
    • Gives back to croc community with purchase
    • Company known for comfort delivers with this shoe
  • Emilio Pucci - Swarovski-embellished Flip-Flop

    Jess says: I love these Pucci sandals and would pay the high price tag for them. The bold and iconic pattern of the Pucci look is complimented by perfectly-placed Swarovski crystals in different hues. Great for lounging on the yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean.

    • Swarovski embellishments
    • Iconic Pucci pattern
    • Ultimate glamour
  • Juicy Couture Caroline Thong

    Jess says: Any teen today will list Juicy Couture on the list of their top fashion faves. These pretty pink flip-flops are an easy way to rock the brand in a bold new way. The juxtaposition of the girly pink with bold gold details is a signature of the brand and the graffiti logo print on the top of the sole brings the brand recognition and fabulousness home.

    • Charming charm embellishments
    • Platform sole for lift
    • Popular choice for the young fashionista set

You will be happy with any of these

  • Haviana

    Jess says: Straight from Brazil, Havianas are THE flip-flop. Listed on Oprah's favorite things and worn by every celeb and model alive, these durable slides are available in so many styles and shades that for the price tag you won't go for broke on several pairs.

    • Durable rubber
    • Vast color selection
    • Most well-known flip-flop brand
  • Steve Madden Showoff Sandal

    Jess says: Unlike a predictable colorful flip-flop these Steve Madden's are more grown-up so you can pair them with a more mature look but still keep the feel of a flat. Pair with a high waisted wide leg denim for ultimate cheap and chic glittery glamour.

    • Made of leather for luxury
    • Glittery straps for glam
    • So comfortable
  • Bebe Rhinestone Flip-Flop

    Jess says: These are a great flip-flop for everyday pop. The black makes it compatible with everything, and the fun Bebe crystal embellishments bring freshness. Pair with your favorite workout suit for yoga class.

    • Durable body
    • Bebe brand recognition on shoe
    • Sparkly embellishments
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Plaid Flip-Flop

    Jess says: It's the plaid cotton straps of the shoe that makes these irresistible for summer. Great with a denim skirt and plain white tank.

    • Cotton straps for comfort
    • Soft footbed
    • Young brand recognition but for any age
  • 4th of July Flip-Flops from Target

    Jess says: I picked up a pair of these Americana-inspired flip-flops in the dollar bin at Target, and we've been inseparable ever since. They may not be the most durable, but they sure are fun!

    • Casual and fun
    • So lightweight
    • Very inexpensive

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