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Best Garden Pruning Saws & Best Tree Trimming Saws

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If you’re growing trees and shrubs around your yard, sooner or later you’re going to have to prune them. Whether it’s to shape the plants, get them to produce better fruit, or repair storm damage; removing or shortening branches will be in order. While hand pruners are great for removing small branches and cutting flowers, for limbs 1 to 4 inches diameter, a hand saw is the best tool for the job. In fact, my garden pruning saw is indispensable and I always carry one around the yard in case of emergency pruning needs.

While there are many good quality hand saws on the market, a garden pruning saw is different. It is lightweight, portable, and designed to cut live, green wood. Because of their small size, they are good for pruning in tight places without damaging other branches nearby. Good quality garden pruning saws have soft grips that lessen hand fatigue and strong blades with tri-edged blade teeth (tri-cut blades, turbo-cut, razor-tooth, and Japanese-tooth). These blades cut on the pull and push enabling you to remove a branch quickly with less work. Blades have an average of 6 to 8 teeth per inch or point. Bow saws and large raker saws have bigger blades. These saws average four points and are best used for cutting firewood rather than pruning landscape plants.

The blades can be curved or straight. Curved blades are easier to work with especially pruning at or above shoulder height on a ladder and in a tight place. Straight blades require less work to cut and are better in more open spaces. The length of the blade determines the size of the limb you can cut. Ten-inch long blades can cut up to 4-inch diameter limbs. If you’re mostly cutting small limbs stick with an easier to handle 6 to 8 inch blade.

For tree and shrub pruning choose a folding or rigid handled garden pruning saw. The rigid handled saws often come with a sheath that fits on your belt and have a sturdier connection with the handle compared to the folding saws. However, folding saws are more convenient, fitting right in your pocket. For safety, look for a folding saw with a lock that secures the blade when open or closed. Both types of saws come with replacement blades which is important since the tri-cut blades are difficult to sharpen.

Best of the Best:

All of these saws have tri-cut blades that cut on the push and pull making them efficient and quick at making pruning cuts.

Sooner or later you'll need the best garden pruning saws to improve fruit production, repair storm damage or to just making your trees look better. We suggest the best tree trimming saws to meet your needs.

Best Garden Pruning Saws by Charlie Nardozzi

The Best You Can Get

  • Fanno No. 2 Folding Saw

    Charlie says: For 75 years, Fanno has been one of the leading manufacturers of pruning saws for commercial orchards, vineyards, and hobby gardeners. They will even resharpen your saw for a small charge. There are many variations of the Fanno folding pruning saw with blade lengths from 7 to 14 inches long depending on the need. All saws come with rugged, hardwood handles that are heavier than metal handles. Most home gardeners would find the curved foldable saw with an 8-inch blade easy to use, able to fit in tight locations, and yet sharp and durable enough to cut sizable limbs. Fanno also makes similar-sized rigid handled saws.

    • 8.5 inch cutting blade
    • 9.5 inch handle
    • Hardwood handle
    • Folding and rigid handled saws
  • Silky Super Accel 210 Folding Saw

    Charlie says: Silky is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality pruning and carpentry saws since 1919. The Super Accel folding saw comes in two versions: one with fine teeth for a smoother cut and one with larger teeth for a more aggressive cut. Both folding saws feature straight blades that lock securely in two positions allowing flush cuts. The lightweight aluminum handled makes this tool easier to use for longer periods of time.

    • 8.25-inch blade
    • Aluminum handle with rubber grip
    • Chrome-plated blade
    • Large and fine teeth blades
  • Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

    Charlie says: Corona has a long history making pruning saws. Their first saw was designed to prune citrus in California. For homeowners, the Razor Tooth folding saw comes in 8- and 10-inch blade lengths for pruning various sized limbs. The ergonomically designed handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue. They also have a button system that secures the blade open and closed for extra safety. They also have rigid handle saws of the same size.

    • 8-inch curved blades
    • Hot chrome plated blades
    • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Felco Model F620 Folding Saw

    Charlie says: Long considered the standard for hand pruners, Felco makes a great pruning saw as well. The F600 series features a unique taper ground blade that’s thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom. This gives the blade better contact with the wood and cleaner cutting. The F600 series comes in other styles with smaller blades as well.

    • 9-inch blade
    • Folding and rigid blade versions
    • Chrome plated, taper ground teeth
    • Non-slip handle
  • Bahco Hard-Point Blade Pruning Saw

    Charlie says: This Swedish company has been making pruning saws for 130 years. The Hard-Point saw comes in 9 inch and 11 inch blade length versions. The rigid handled saw is positioned to reduce hand fatigue and use more power from your forearm. The hard-point teeth are claimed to last four times longer than other saws.

    • 9.5- and 11-inch blades
    • Knuckle protector on non-slip plastic handle
    • Straight precision ground blade teeth

You will be happy with any of these

  • Jameson Folding Saw

    Charlie says: This folding saw features a comfortable rubber grip and a spring-loaded thumb lock that automatically engages when the blade is extended or folded. They also have longer bladed, rigid handled versions of this tri-edged saw.

    • 8-inch blade
    • 17-inch overall length when extended
    • Chrome plated, tri-edged blade
    • Rubber handle
  • ARS Turbocut Folding Pruning Saw

    Charlie says: This Japanese company makes a variety of pruning saws with the turbo cut blades for better cutting. The teeth are individually honed to a razor sharp edge. Saws come with wooden or plastic handles, folding or rigid, straight or curved blades, and at various blade lengths.

    • 7-inch blade
    • Chrome-plated, hard steel blades
    • Taper-ground teeth
  • Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw

    Charlie says: This sweet, small, lightweight, folding saw is perfect for pruning small branches. At 6 ounces it’s as easy to carry as a pocketknife. It comes in 5- and 7-inch blade lengths and various sized blade teeth from very fine to large. The blade locks securely into one of two open positions: in line with the handle and flush cutting.

    • 5-inch blade length
    • Aluminum handle with rubber grip
    • Chrome-plated, taper ground teeth
  • Fiskars Power Tooth® Sliding Pruning Saw

    Charlie says: This unique pruning saw features tri-edged, straight blades. Unlike other folding saws, the blade slides and locks inside the handle for safe storage. Comes with a quick release belt clip.

    • 10-inch blade length
    • Chrome plated taper ground blade
    • Lightweight fiberglass handle
  • Stihl PS 30 Folding Saw

    Charlie says: This folding saw features a curved tri-edged blade with a quick-release folding blade locks in open and closed positions. The Stihl PS 30 comes in a wooden handle and rigid rubber handled versions with up to a thirteen-inch straight or curved blade lengths.

    • 6.5-inch blade length
    • Chrome plated blades
    • 15-inch over all length
    • Soft rubber grip on handle

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