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Best Garden Stools & Best Garden Kneelers

If you find yourself letting the weeds grow to knee height because it’s easier to pull them, wonder if it is possible to hire a gardening-aid dog to fetch pruners and trowels, or secretly plan a raised bed garden; then a garden stool or kneeler bench is the ideal accompaniment. Garden seats and kneelers are very handy and reduce the stress and strain on ankles, knees, hips, and the back when doing tasks low to the ground.

Some seats and kneelers also have the added function of lending support when rising from a kneeling or sitting position, too. Garden seats and kneelers are particularly helpful for people who have difficulty bending, those with varicose veins or arthritis, those that can’t stand for lengthy periods, or have weakness in their legs. Young or older, garden stools and kneelers also prevent sore knees from kneeling on hard surfaces and keep your clothes clean by avoiding soil and grass stains.

No more kneeling, squatting, or stooping. Now gardening chores can be done with sitting ease. Some garden stools even have wheels to scoot along.

Points to consider:

- If possible, try out the kneeler/seat before you buy it. Some have width restrictions and all have weight maximums

- Garden seats and kneelers must be sturdy! Some are more unstable than others. Look for ones with good handgrips and a wide base for extra stability

- Always place stools and kneelers on flat, solid ground and test the stability before using. Hard surfaces such as garden paths, sidewalks, and drives are the most stable surfaces and the best places to use garden stools and kneelers

- Most garden seats and kneelers are shipped folded flat and have to be assembled before using them

- Be careful when getting up from the kneeling position if you have circulation problems (and your feet have gone asleep). Use the side supports for extra assistance

- If the kneeling pad is only one-sided, use stickers to identify which way is up

- Do not use the kneeler/seat as a stepladder

The best garden stools and kneelers come in handy when you're gardening all morning long. These best garden kneelers and garden seats reduce the stress and strain on your body.

Best Garden Stools and Kneelers by Anne Marie Van Nest

The Best You Can Get

  • Gardener’s Supply - Tractor Style Garden Seat

    Anne says: 1” (2.5 cm) steel frame with weather- resistant powder coated finish.

    Tractor style garden seat holds up to 300 lbs. (136 kg.) and weighs 34 lbs. (15 kg.).

    Garden seat has four, heavy duty, 10” (15 cm) steel-tube pneumatic rubber tires (pumped up to 30 psi or 2 kg/cm) and ball bearing wheels.

    Comfortable and reliable with an adjustable seat height from 17-22” (43-55 cm) with a locking feature.

    Handy polypropylene tool tray under the seat for pruners, seeds, and other gardening essentials.

    Some assembly is required using two wrenches and two screwdrivers: flat and Phillips head.

    • Model 37-054
    • Comfortable contoured tractor-style, height adjustable seat
    • Swivels 360 degrees
    • Heavy duty steel frame
    • Steerable
  • Vertex - Rock and Roll Kneeler Seat

    Anne says: Sturdy wheels for handy path or patio mobility when used as a seat.

    Very sturdy design and generous seat height capability.

    Easy forward rocking motion increases mobility and reach when working in the garden.

    Weighs 12 lbs. (5 kg.).

    • Models B0015RRBSQ and GB2300
    • Rolling garden seat!
    • Seat height is fully adjustable
    • Steel, plastic, and foam construction
    • 250 lb. (113 kg.) capacity
  • Step 2 - Garden Kneeler and Seat

    Anne says: Easy snap together assembly made of weather resistant high quality resin.

    Solid construction allows for safe push off when rising from the kneeling position.

    Kneel in cushioned comfort.

    Molded seat with handy handle for easy pick-up and go maneuverability.

    Weighs only 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.).

    Easy to use as a seat or kneeler.

    • Model 5A0100
    • Molded seat handle for easy transport
    • Sturdy double-wall construction
    • Holds up to 250 lbs. (113 kg.)
    • Versatile use as a seat or kneeler
  • Rumford Gardener - Gardener’s Kneeler-Seat

    Anne says: Use this as a kneeler or garden seat.

    Spring loaded legs fold flat for easy opening and storage.

    Lightweight yet strong.

    Easy to clean with a stream of water.

    Durable, tubular steel frame with powder coating to protect against the weather.

    • Model JBI2000
    • Use as a kneeler or garden seat
    • Supports up to 225 lbs. (102 kg.)
    • Lightweight: only 10 lbs. (4.5 kg.)
    • 17 inches (43 cm) tall
  • Yard Butler - Garden Kneeler and Seat

    Anne says: Easy-to-use kneeler and garden seat.

    Legs lock securely into place.

    Tubular steel with weather resistant coating.

    Foam cushion on both sides.

    Holds 250 lbs. (113 kg.) of weight.

    Weighs only 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.) for easy transportation.

    • Model GKS-2
    • ¾” (2 cm) foam kneeling pad and seat cushion
    • Anti-rust finish
    • Multi-use for weeding, planting, painting, cleaning

You will be happy with any of these

  • Hozelock - Garden Kneeler Standard

    Anne says: Made of weatherproof plastic. Lightweight to carry – only 7 lbs. (3.2 kg.) in weight.

    Can be used as a small footstool when all the gardening tasks are completed.

    Molded legs include grips to use as carrying handles to transport to other garden areas. Side grips also very handy to help rise from the kneeling position.

    Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

    • Model 4190
    • Blow molded weatherproof plastic frame
    • Molded legs include grips to use as carrying handles
    • Padded kneeling area
    • Lightweight
  • Draper - Folding Metal Framed Garden Seat or Kneeler

    Anne says: Double-sided pad can be used as a waterproof, plastic seat or foam kneepad.

    Folding legs and handrails lay completely flat for easy storage.

    Weighs 6.6 lbs. (3 kg.).

    Maximum weight 275 lbs. (125 kg.).

    • Model 64970
    • Sturdy tubular iron frame
    • Durable construction
    • Easy folding for storage or carrying
  • Step 2 - Gardener’s Comfort Kneeler Seat

    Anne says: Innovative design to get close to your gardening work.

    Angled seat allows for less strain on ankles, neck, and spine.

    Padded kneeling pad.

    Weighs 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.).

    • Model 575500
    • Sturdy double-walled construction
    • Built-in handle for portability
    • Easy hose down cleaning
    • Molded cup holder
  • GroWorks Folding Bench

    Anne says: Lightweight: only 6 lbs. (2.7 kg.).

    Color coordinated to match GroWorks garden cart and more.

    • Model 62201
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Folding garden seat and kneeler
    • Padded kneeling foam
  • Wearable Gardening Stool

    Anne says: Strap-on portable seat brings your stool with you around the garden.

    Pedestal leg ends with a coil spring for an anti-slip base.

    Originally designed as a milking stool.

    Weighs four pounds and is adjustable from 11.5 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm).

    Soft nylon harness and snap-on lock holds seat in place.

    Comfortable when walking or sitting.

    • Model CB286
    • Innovative design
    • Wearable, lightweight stool
    • Convenient
    • Adjustable height

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