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Best Garden Tote Bags & Best Canvas Bag

It’s time to organize your gardening life! No more wandering and wondering where your keys, cell phone, pruners, _________ (fill in the blank) were left. No more lost hand tools in the garden. Garden totes are the answer! Portable, to carry all your indispensible smaller garden paraphernalia and also designed for numerous smaller sections to keep everything orderly for easy access. Of course, a big center compartment is essential for including all the other last minute “stuff” that gets tossed in too (such as sun screen lotion, insect repellent, portable radio, snacks, dog throw toys, and a paperback book).

The ideal totes are large enough to have room to store a multitude of items (tools, pruners, bottled water, note pad, garden plans, cell phone, gloves, etc.) without being too heavy or cumbersome. Long, sturdy handles allow for easy picking up, swing over the shoulder action, and it’s off to the garden.

The ultimate garden accessory, totes are essential in the garden, but also are very attractive to pick up and use for a neighborhood garden work party or even for a day at the beach.

Other tote essentials qualities include reinforced seams, a thick sturdy handle, a material that resists soiling and wear. Many totes have elastic cord or securable pockets to make sure that tools stay put in the handy pouches.

With all your hand tools nearby, garden totes save time and energy by reducing the number of trips back to the garage or garden shed for forgotten items. Now all the essential garden items are contained in one spot. Garden totes are a great way to get organized and stay organized.

In the best garden tote bags, you can collect all your favorite tools to take out for the day. These base canvas bag recommendations are made of durable material with some fun designs to match your style.

Best Garden Tote Bags by Anne Marie Van Nest

The Best You Can Get

  • Fiskars - Garden Bucket Caddy

    Anne says: Unique and clever design that combines the necessity of a weeding or prunings bucket with the benefit and convenience of a place to store essential garden tools.

    Tote wraps snuggly around a five-gallon bucket and is held with a Velcro strap.

    Small, large and extra large pockets for hand tools, gloves, cell phone, and beverages.

    Secure wallet pocket specially designed to keep seeds dry and protected.

    Nothing is on the inside to catch soil or clippings.

    Tools and bucket not included.

    • Unique and clever design
    • Tote fits around a 5-gallon bucket
    • Durable canvas material
    • A variety of 10 pockets
    • Model #9424
  • Town & Country Gardener’s Holdall Plus

    Anne says: Lots of storage opportunities with eight outer pockets (four with elastic cord to secure tools).

    Two larger pockets have a quick release fastening.

    Reinforced riveting on stress points.

    Contoured handles with added suede for extra strength.

    Unique blue and red color to stand out in the garden.

    Tools not included.

    • 8 outer pockets
    • Suede handle grips
    • Durable, lightweight nylon
    • Nylon webbing straps and bindings
    • Model #TCG8020
  • Picnic at Ascot - Weekender MultiPocket Garden Tote + 3-piece Toolkit

    Anne says: Durable, round tote made of sturdy canvas.

    Includes a three-piece hand toolkit(transplanting trowel, trowel, and garden fork) made of heavy gauge, stainless steel, with wooden handles that fit snuggly into the outer pockets and are held by elastic cord.

    Complete with a clear lining for easy clean up and to keep the tote clean.

    Comfortable handle, sturdy tote handle.

    Tools included.

    • Easy clean, clear lining
    • Handy, small round tote
    • 3-piece stainless steel toolkit
    • 8 pockets
    • Model #PAA193
  • John Deere - Wheeled Garden Tool Organizer

    Anne says: Easy storage folding crate design.

    Retractable metal handle extends fully for easy rolling and collapses for easy access.

    Four covered side pockets, six mesh tool pockets, and ten open tool pockets.

    Solid rear wheels for easy maneuvering on patio, drive and paths. Tip and
    roll feature.

    Handy key holder included.

    Tough and durable.

    No tools included.

    • Innovative wheeled design
    • Folding crate design with retractable metal handle
    • 20 exterior pockets!
    • Large interior area
    • Model #94887
  • Rumford Gardener - Canvas Tote + 3 Garden Pro Tools

    Anne says: Sturdy cotton fabric with a waterproof base to resist damp gardening situations.

    Handy bungee cords to secure garden tools and prevent them from accidently falling out of the pockets.

    Large tote opening with sturdy handles.

    Three hand tools included (trowel, cultivator, and transplanter) made from die-cast aluminum and have slip-proof handles.

    Tools included.

    • 6 side pockets
    • Waterproof cotton canvas
    • 3 hand tools
    • Bungee cord tool fasteners
    • Model #BGS 1006

You will be happy with any of these

  • Rittenhouse - Gardener’s Tools & Tote

    Anne says: Durable canvas bag with multi-pockets on the interior.

    Includes three tools (trowel, three-tine scratcher and Cape Cod weeder) with durable red oak handles and powder coated steel blades.

    Handy removable inner mini canvas bag with five pockets.

    Attractive for use beyond the garden.

    Tools included.

    • Attractive, canvas tote
    • 3 quality tools
    • Removable inner 5 pocket pouch
    • Stylish enough for other uses
  • WOLF-Garten - BGT Deluxe Garden Tote

    Anne says: Large interior opening and an incredible fourteen mesh outer pockets!

    Bold color won’t get lost in the garden.

    Easy to clean nylon material.

    Tools not included.

    • Boldly colored with nylon construction
    • 14 pockets!
    • Reinforced bottom
    • Leather grips
    • Model #7762030
  • Sloggers - Deluxe Garden Tote Bag

    Anne says: Large enough to carry loads of things you might need in the garden without being cumbersome.

    Handy elastic strip to hold pruners, hand tools, a water bottle in place within the pockets.

    Two larger pockets on the ends and six smaller side pockets.

    Easy to clean fabric.

    Tools not included.

    • 8 pockets
    • Elastic ribbon to hold tools in place
    • Large interior area
    • Two carrying handles
    • Model #430
  • Lee Valley Tools - Garden Tote Bag

    Anne says: Sturdy construction with reinforced seams.

    Two end pockets can be fastened closed with a hook and loop fastener.

    Bungee cord holds tools into the top four pockets.


    Tools not included.

    • Tough and weatherproof
    • 12 exterior nylon mesh pockets
    • Leather grips
    • Large interior opening
    • Model #XH550
  • Bracken Creek (2 items)

    Anne says: Tyke sized tote and apron.

    Durable construction.

    Handy kid-styled pockets.

    Tools not included.

    • Farmer in Dell Kids Gardening Combo Tote and Apron (#10356266)
    • Flowers Kids Gardening Combo Tote and Apron (#10356246)
    • 100% natural cotton canvas
    • 4 pockets (tote), 2 pockets (apron)
    • Kid styled and sized

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