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Groomsmen Gifts 2009

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You picked them to stand beside you on one of the biggest days of your life for a reason -- they’re awesome. I'm talking about your loyal groomsmen here. You know, the ones who have endured multiple Saturday afternoon tux fittings, impromptu etiquette lessons from your future mother-in-law, and one too many female-heavy prewedding parties. You couldn't have asked for a better bunch, and because of it, you'll want to thank them for keeping their cool throughout it all. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to do so. Here are a few of our favorite picks!

Best Groomsmen Gifts 2009 by Christa Vagnozzi

The Best You Can Get

  • Travel Toiletry Kit

    Christa says: If he's always on the road or somewhere in line at airport security when you call him, he should have plenty of use for one of these bags. He can say good-bye to weighed-down pockets and hello to instantly lighter travel. Perfect for the groomsman on the go, this handy little carry-on will hold all his travel essentials -- and a little more. The front pocket allows for easy access to a BlackBerry or boarding pass, and the main compartment will hold cologne, aftershave, a razor, and those cherished tickets to tomorrow night's game he wants to keep a close eye on. He can store this bag right beneath the seat in front of him, fasten his seatbelt, sit back, and enjoy the (simplified!) ride.

    • Large main compartment
    • Separate toothbrush sleeve
    • Front mesh pocket
  • Swiss Army SwissFlash USB

    Christa says: He's the guy who has everything, but does he have it all in one easy-to-reach place? Ideal for the MacGyver-type in your entourage, this new take on the classic Swiss Army knife is sure to help him seamlessly mix business with pleasure. Picture it: The blade he uses to cut open his mail is adjacent to the USB stick holding his big presentation for tomorrow's conference call and just a few notches over from the screwdriver he used to fix the leg on his chair last week. If this little gadget isn't the epitome of convenience, I don't know what is!

    • Original Swiss Army knife features
    • Choose from a 16 GB, 8 GB, 4 GB, 2 GB, or 1 GB USB memory stick
    • Includes LED mini white light and retractable ballpoint pen
  • Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

    Christa says: This here is a beer-lover's dream. Sure, it’s recommended for soda, but we both know he won’t use it that way. This lightweight mini fridge can follow him to any room in the house (including the garage if there's an outlet!) so he can have six cans of his latest brew of choice chilling nearby. And, should beer not be on the menu that day, he can just fill it with his other favorite 12-oz. canned beverages or remove the sliding shelf to fit a larger pick, like a small bottle. Drink up, guys!

    • 4-liter capacity
    • Cools up to 40 degrees below ambient temperature
    • Self-locking recessed door handle
  • Ticket Stub Diary

    Christa says: For the guy who always has an extra ticket to something, gift him with the memorabilia keeper every devoted ticket holder should have. With oversized pages, there's no ticket that won't fit within the pages of this unique fan book. There's extra space in the margins to jot down dates, locations, and unforgettable happenings, too. You know, like, when that kid barfed popcorn and cotton candy all over your sneakers right before your team scored the winning three-pointer in triple overtime to make it to the playoffs. Good times!

    • Acid-free pages
    • Space in the margins for note taking
    • Clear sleeves
  • Grilling Greatness Gift Basket

    Christa says: Get the guys something they can really, really use, like, say, a set of everything they'll ever need to make some awesome barbecue. It's a splurge well worth it if they're the kinds of men who are usually glued to their grill on game day. If you're a fan of gourmet grilling, please note, this basket includes tasty picks from greats like Rick Bayless and Robert Rothschild. Not to mention, this is the gift that keeps on giving -- to you, too. Admit it: You're already clearing your schedule for their next Sunday barbecue.

    • Features some of the most famous grilling sauces
    • Comes with seasoned skewers
    • Includes grilling planks and rubs

You will be happy with any of these

  • Peepshow Shot Glasses - Cheesecake

    Christa says: Remember those R-rated trinkets from the ’70s your parents kept stashed during your childhood that miraculously appeared during a family yard sale one summer when you were home from college? They're back -- with a stylish twist! Let’s face it: Your groomsmen know how to party. So enhance their barware with these little crowd pleasers. Ultimate perk: The ladies don't appear unless your glass is full. Bottoms up, boys! (Oh, and they make great bachelor party favors too!)

    • Come in set of 4
    • Totally practical
    • Boast major eye candy
  • 1 Acre of Land on Mars

    Christa says: If you were hoping to gift your groomsmen with something that’s out-of-this-world unique, we found it (literally)! Though lots of companies claim to have the right to sell you property in outer space, the gang over at Lunar Land boasts being the only one legally allowed to do so. Purchase an authentic acre of land on Mars for the guys, which I'm guessing they'll be proud to claim, or even name, once you do. To make bragging easier for them, the standard gift package comes with a deed that lists the actual quadrant, plot number, and location of the purchase. Plus, true sci-fi geeks will go nuts over the futuristic Mars-themed envelopes and packaging.

    • Comes with legal deed listing lot number and latitude and longitude
    • Map with an X showing the exact location
  • Leonard Maltin's 2009 Movie Guide

    Christa says: Are your groomsmen a happy bunch of self-proclaimed coach potatoes content to spend an evening on the couch watching their latest DVD from Netflix? (We get it, they cherish their downtime.) So here’s a real page-turner they'll love. Deciding on what to rent or order has never been easier. This film guide is a cinephile's dream, known as one of the most complete, reliable, and authoritative sources of movie reviews. Although, once they open this, it may be difficult (if not impossible) to get them to come out and play on a Friday night. You've been warned!

    • The New York Times best-selling film guide
    • Includes index of leading actors and directors
    • Includes reviews of nearly 17,000 films
  • Engraved Deco Silver-Plated Card Case

    Christa says: You're no longer in the market for love, but is he? Gifting him with one of these classy little business cardholders might just help his next pitch. Instead of pulling a stained or dented business card from his wallet, he’ll crack open this eye-catching case and smoothly slide his information over -- something that’s sure to garner more cool points with the ladies. Plus, this pick is practical, affordable, and easy to personalize. And not to mention super-chic!

    • Case measures 3 7/8” x 2 3/8” x 1/8”
    • Engrave up to three letters
    • Etched design
  • Jimi Compact Sports Wallet

    Christa says: Got a cyclist, hiker, or runner in the bunch? This gift idea will suit them well! Any guy who spends his long weekends or vacation time seeking an adrenaline rush will tell you that keeping his wallet close by can sometimes slow things down. No one wants to lose a wad of cash or a debit card along the way -- and, um, giving or receiving a sweat-soaked bill is not fun! This wallet solves these common problems and more. With room for just four to five cards max, he’ll only head off with what he needs. (This means the gift card from Grandma is safe.) Plus, the quick-snap secure closure function, detachable money clip, and water-resistant cover ensure that his money stays dry and easily accessible.

    • Water-resistant
    • Holds 4 to 5 cards
    • Secure closure

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