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I don’t know about you, but I find it so much easier to shop for guys than I do for girls. So when it came time to pick some great groomsman gifts, the options seemed limitless. There are just so many cool, fun, and interactive things you can get. And since this is a special occasion, you can spend a little more, too. Here’s a look at the top groomsman gifts.

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Best Groomsmen Gifts by Christa Vagnozzi

The Best You Can Get

  • Guitar Hero World Tour

    Christa says: If you’re not yet fans of Guitar Hero, you may want to wait until this fall to get in the game. That’s when Guitar Hero World Tour hits stores. This updated version of the fantasy rock star game will feature a “Music Studio,” which actually lets players compose, record, and share their own rock-’n’-roll anthems. It’s great for groomsmen because it’s not just a one-man-band game. With World Tour’s new eight-player Band Battle mode, the guys can forget they have to grow up (hello, marriage!) and live out their Van Halen fantasies for a little while longer.

    • Wireless instruments
    • Eight-player Band Battle mode
    • Allows in-game downloadable content on Wii
    • Complete Band Game for Wii
  • Future Sonics Atrio

    Christa says: Since everyone has an iPod or MP3 player these days, consider giving your groomsmen an upgrade for their earphones. Future Sonics, ear monitor outfitters to celebs like Justin Timberlake and Carrie Underwood, uses extensive research to create their universal-fit Atrio earphones, which practically cancel out all other noise and offer a bigger sound.

    • Universal-fit professional ear phones
    • Multiple fit options included
    • TruTimbre natural frequency response
  • Experiential Tour

    Christa says: If you’d rather do a little male bonding instead of giving an actual gift, lets you customize an experience to give your groomsmen. Take your pick from action and adventure packages including canyon jeep tours, paintball skirmishes, even fencing. You can purchase gift certificates in an amount that fits within your budget and then set up a getaway for after the wedding.

    • From ATV Tours to kayak fishing tours
    • Available nationwide
  • The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old

    Christa says: A good single malt scotch whiskey deserves a place in every guy’s liquor cabinet. Start off their collection with the highly coveted Sherry Oak 18 Years Old Scotch by the Macallan. Whether they like to sip their dram neat, on ice, or with a splash of water, its smooth, smoky finish with notes of sweet toffee, ginger, and dried fruit will put them at ease after a stressful day at the office.

    • Palate: rich, dried fruits with spice, clove, orange, and wood smoke
    • Aged in Sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain
  • NFL Customized Locker Room Photo

    Christa says: Die-hard football fans? Let them show off their team spirit in their home or office. You can customize their favorite team's jersey in an MVP Pics Locker Room photo with your best friend's last name or nickname to appear alongside other star players’ jerseys.

    • 8” x 10” color photo
    • 14” x 17” wood frame

You will be happy with any of these

  • Customized Chuck Taylors

    Christa says: Every guy could use a new pair of kicks. Here’s a project that both you and your spouse-to-be can have fun with. Customize a pair of Converse sneakers for each of your groomsmen. You can pick the style, color (having a blue-and-brown wedding?), and material. Have their ID or your wedding date discreetly printed on the back of the heel.

    • Estimated delivery is 2 to 4 weeks
  • iPod Nano

    Christa says: The new iPod Nano has a host of features any guy would love. If you really like a song you’re listening to, the Genius Playlist feature will automatically find other songs in your library that go with it. The Shuffle feature is easier than ever: Just give the Nano a little shake and the playlist gets shaken up as well. And did we mention the games?

    • 2-inch widescreen display
    • Cover Flow capability
  • The Palm-Sized DVD Player

    Christa says: Let’s face it: Flying these days is no picnic. For the groomsmen on the go, consider a portable DVD player. Traveling for work seems a lot more bearable when you got new releases like Iron Man and the last season of Entourage to keep you occupied during airport delays and cross-country flights.

    • Lifetime guarantee
    • 6-inch diameter
  • Ballpark Cuff Links

    Christa says: For many sports fans, the stadium they grew up going to may be on the endangered list. Thankfully, RedEnvelope found a way to keep the nostalgia going. Ballpark Cuff Links are made out of salvaged seats from some of America’s most beloved stadiums, including Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park. They’re even coated in the original paint of the stadium seats and engraved with the stadium’s name.

    • Sterling silver
    • Hand-numbered and hand-signed certificate of authenticity
  • Beer of the Month Club

    Christa says: Beer enthusiasts will want to sign their groomsmen up for Ale in the Mail’s Beer of the Month Club. Each month, four tasty microbrews will be delivered to their door, along with a monthly newsletter that details current beer selects, microbrew industry news, and recipes on how to make their own brews once their membership runs out.

    • Premium American microbrews delivered to your door
    • Standard or Lightweight membership available

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