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Grown-up Toys

Did we get you excited yet? Well, this isn't what you think it is! What happens to many of us as we grow chronologically older is that our mental age doesn't grow along. Therefore the old reference about men: That we never grow up! These toys, meant for men and women, are for those who still have a little child in us and like to play. I don't care if you're 90, you still wanna have fun. And these toys are a blast!

Best Grown-up Toys by Jim Silver

The Best You Can Get

  • Wii Sports

    Jim says: For an adult sports fan, there’s been nothing like Wii Sports! In tennis, you are in total control of spin, power and angles. Boxing is awesome, but exhausting. Bowling puts you at the lanes. In Baseball, you can take a crack at Home Run Derby and see if you can hit one 600 ft. Golf makes you find your swing rhythm. Sports in your own living room have never been better.

    • Great exercise
    • Lifelike play experience with Wii controller
    • From Nintendo of America
  • Scene It

    Jim says: The interactive DVD trivia games where the game comes alive on your television. Different editions to choose from come from favorites like Movies II, Friends, or Television. My personal favorite is Squabble, which pits the men vs. the women. Look out for the Seinfeld edition, coming out later this year.

    • Fun Trivia played through the TV
    • From Mattel Toys
  • Sudoku Handhelds

    Jim says: For those who love Sudoku, the Technosource Pocket Sudoku or Mega Screen Sudoku is the way to go. With over one million games, a great electronic touch screen, these games are great for the car, plane, doctor’s office, or anywhere!

    • Electronic Touch Screen
    • Easy for Traveling
  • Star Wars Lego

    Jim says: The Star Wars Lego collections are the most unique, fun construction toys for fans to build, and they make great office or home decorations. Whether it’s the Millennium Falcon, the Imperial Destroyer, or the Death Star, this collection is awesome.

    • For the Lego Collector
    • Great replicas, fun to build
  • Guitar Hero III

    Jim says: I’m not sure what the best part of Guitar Hero III is, listening to the music or playing against friends? Great Rock Classics like "Welcome to the Jungle", "Mississippi Queen", or "Slow Ride" makes it feel like you’re playing at a rock concert. There’s never been a video game like this, and the music is all classic rock, or as we like to say to our kids, real Rock 'n' Roll.

    • Classic Rock Music
    • See how good you are on guitar
    • Available on Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3

You will be happy with any of these

  • 20Q

    Jim says: If you like the game of Twenty Questions, this electronic version is lots of fun and can be played anywhere. You can choose from the classic version, or choose special editions that focus on People, Sports, Music, Movies, or Television.

    • Electronic version of 20 Questions
    • Artificial Intelligence to know what you’re thinking
    • Compact/portable
    • From Radica
  • Trivial Pursuit

    Jim says: Still a hot seller, Trivial Pursuit is as good, if not better than when it was introduced in the 1980s. The classic version is fun for all, but the 80s and 90s version is even better for those of us who are a wee bit older.

    • Best selling trivia game of all time
    • Now available with DVD versions
    • From Hasbro
  • Brain Games

    Jim says: Brain Games from Radica are based on the research of Dr. Gary Small, the Director of UCLA Center on Aging. Brain games features a larger screen interface, and has thought provoking mind games that feature sequence, recall, and other aspects of keeping your memory fresh.

    • Fun, think games to keep brain active
    • Games based on anti-aging research
  • Homestar

    Jim says: If you are a lover of the stars, the Homestar will turn a room into your home Planetarium. It comes with two interchangeable discs that will show you over 10,000 stars. The Homestar features motorized image rotation, even has comets flying by now and then.

    • Home planetarium
    • Motorized image rotation
  • Nerf N-Strike Disc Shot

    Jim says: If you like skeet shooting, you will love this Nerf toy. Load the six soft discs in the launcher, and using your wireless remote on your Nerf Blaster, you send them off. The disc shot comes with controls so the discs will shoot out to different heights and angles, so target shooting with this Nerf never gets boring.

    • Soft, safe target shooting for home or office

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