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Whether you have long or short, straight or curly, thick or thin locks, there is an ideal hair accessory or jewel for you. The right accessory is sometimes all you need to go from drab to fab. Wearing hair accessories is a great way to change your look in a glam second. Try new looks for your tresses or make a quick change for an evening out. We now look at today’s best hair accessories.

With the best hair accessories, you'll add new depth to your locks with brooches to hair extensions. Our best hair products recommendations feature the best jewel to spice up your straight or curly hair.

Best Hair Accessories by Alyn Topper

The Best You Can Get

  • Hairdo Clip-In Extensions

    Alyn says: What use to be a well-kept secret at fashions show worldwide is now seen on the pages of fashion magazines. Nearly every television starlet wears some form of hair extension.

    What do everyday fashion divas need to know? Clip-in extensions allows you all the glamour and none of the fuss associated with ordinary extensions. I prefer 100% human hair wefts. Unlike synthetic wefts that will melt when in contact with a heating appliance, this hair can be washed, blown dried, or curled, leaving you endless styling options. They also come in different lengths and many colors. Consult your stylist to decide which brand makes you most fabulous.

  • Chanel Brooches

    Alyn says: If you like to splurge, Chanel crafts some of the most beautiful brooches on the market. Modern to Vintage brooches are great hair accessories. Nestle one in the crevice of an up-sweep style or place one in the side of a chignon. They also look great on a side of your head where the hair has been pulled back.

  • Pucci and Alexander McQueen Scarves

    Alyn says: A beautiful way to dress up a black skirt, or add some flirty fun to a summer dress. Light color prints add sweetness and romance, while darker colors and patterns provide an edgy look. Fold a classic Pucci scarf into a head band. Make that look more progressive by tying the knot on the side and letting the excess material hang down. These Pucci scarves also look great wrapped around a ponytail.

    Quick Note: Alexander McQueen’s color prints make stunning bandannas.

  • Mei Fa Hair Sticks

    Alyn says: They can make any upstyle look elegant. Place through a bun or twist a ponytail and then wrap around the hair stick to secure a chignon. Many hair sticks are embellished with jewels or beads. For a more urban look make chopsticks your hair sticks. Just stick the chopsticks through a bun and make an X to secure the hair up.

  • Band-Bumble and Bumble Bra Strap Headband

    Alyn says: These are great because of their adjustable buckle on the band that allows it to fit any head. I like to be creative and incorporate them into an up style. The bands come in a variety of colors and can be worn causal or dressed.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Marc by Marc Headbands and Barrettes

    Alyn says: These shinny acrylic gems attract the younger crowd. Wear them while dressed up or with your best designer denim. Their shapes and styles change season to season, so you can always be cutting edge.

  • Sephora Brand Snag Free Elastics

    Alyn says: The small band is made of a unique elastic fiber that glides onto and off any ponytail. It doesn’t slip or damage your hair like many rubber bands do.

  • Bungee Ponytail Holder

    Alyn says: These are so cool! They work on all hair types, but are great for thicker hair. They simply wrap around the ponytail as many times as needed, and then close with a tiny hook. No damage, ripping or pulling of the hair. How great is that?

  • Jennifer Behr Headbands

    Alyn says: A great comeback story and Jennifer Behr makes some of the best. The choices are endless: wide or narrow widths, and all kinds of colors, patterns, and materials. Silk headbands can be worn with your favorite frock. Pick something out that compliments and doesn’t overwhelm your look. Otherwise, you become the accessory.

  • Jennifer Behr Hair Pins

    Alyn says: Jennifer Behr does it again with her bobby pins! These are bobby pins with added jewels on the end. I like hair pins because they give you styling freedom – you can mix and match jewels to create a personalized look. Great for adding sparkle and elegance to an up style. They are easy to use, just pull your bangs back and use one or two pins to secure the hair.

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With the best hair accessories, you add a touch of glam to your lush locks. Our recommendations for the best hair products feature jeweled brooches to the best hair extensions to add depth to your hair. Choose the best hair clips, hair headbands and other accessories, always at the best price with our help.