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When you think of hot men, what are some of the qualities that come to mind? A nice smile, great body, funny personality, or full sexy hair! But for some men a full head of hair just isn’t in their gene pool. How can men who are experiencing hair loss better fit this description and raise their self confidence? 2008 is a time of options in terms of hair loss. Men have a lot more to choose from than the traditional toupee from his grandfather’s era. The options today are more sophisticated, clever, and incognito. They include drugs, hair transplants, hair systems, and hair concealers.

These days, hair concealers are more popular than ever! Baldness and thinning hair are now easily disguised thanks to the many new and improved products on the market. So, take advantage of them! There is no point to rock a balding head anymore! Also remember these tips… go for a shorter haircut because short creates the illusion of thickness. (No shaggy cuts!) Also, hair color is a great camouflage. Make an appointment at your local salon and ask for well-placed low lights and highlights, which will create contrast, and avoid people from looking directly at your balding scalp. Add texture to your hair with waxes or pomades because it will make it appear thicker. Lastly opt for products that are sprays, or dry application because they are a nice combination of dyes and fibers. Creams tend to be too heavy. Good Luck!

Best Hair Loss Concealers by Dean Banowetz

The Best You Can Get

  • Nanogen

    Dean says: This is one of the best products available for men (and women) to conceal baldness. It is applied using Nanogen locking mist (similar to a can of aerosol hair spray.) This releases microscopic keratin fibers that lock on to existing hair easily and as fast as thirty seconds. It is inexpensive and comes in ten different shades. A great selection!

    • Made of microscopic keratin fibers
    • 8 shades available
    • 30-day guarantee or your money back
  • Toppik

    Dean says: This is my next favorite. It is similar to others out on the market in terms of its application. Simply hold the container over thinning areas and shake out product gently. It comes in the form of loose powder. So simple! Toppik is made of tiny, complex microfibers that are made of the same keratin proteins that your actual hair is made of. These fibers merge to your own hair making it virtually undetectable. Because this product is charged with static electricity the bonds are so securely tight that they will stay in place for hours at a time, and through all conditions. This product is recommended for anyone who wants to make their thinning hair appear thicker, and it comes in eight shades to match all hair colors. Again, the price makes it very affordable.

    • Made of microscopic keratin fibers
    • 5 shades available
  • ProTHIK Scalp Screen and Hair Volumizer

    Dean says: This is ideal for anyone with a classic crown bald spot or any other thinning condition. It comes in five shades that provide significant cosmetic improvements when applied to thinning hair. This product is easily applied by using the aerosol spray can three to four inches away from the thinning area. We’re talking less than thirty seconds! The results are amazing and will last through your toughest workout, sweat, or swim! No one will have a clue!

    • Aerosolized polymer for cosmetically thickening hair
    • Aerosol application
    • Rub- and water-resistant
  • Couvre Alopecia Masking Lotion

    Dean says: This is one of the easiest and completely undetectable hair concealers out on the market. It eliminates the contrast between scalp and hair immediately, and you will see a fuller head of hair. It is used on both men and women, and comes in a convenient tube with a special applicator. For some men, the applicator may be somewhat of a challenge, but practice makes perfect! It comes in eight shades and is convenient because it can be applied to wet or dry hair.

    • 8 shades
    • Waterproof – if applications are followed
    • Won’t rub off or stain
  • DermMatch

    Dean says: This is another fantastic hair loss concealer. It has been used since 1992, and is recommended for men or women who have hair loss, hair transplants, or suffer from alopecia areata. It is a hard packed powder with eight blendable shades. I would compare the application to the way one would apply eye shadow. Some men steer clear of this product due to its girlie application process. However, DermaMatch is quickly and easily applied exactly where needed and wanted. It creates a thick, full natural look, the way hair should be.

    • 8 blendable shades
    • Swim, sweat, brush - if applied according to instructions (final brushing v.i.p.!)
    • 1-year limited guarantee

You will be happy with any of these

  • Hair Color Thickener Spray Hair

    Dean says: Jerome Russell, one of the world leaders in hair color, created this product for those who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss. This hair-spray-like product will make thinning areas appear much fuller and thicker with the press of a button. However, the variety of colors it comes in is limited and Hair Color Thickener is intended for small to medium size bald spots only. In order to ensure this product remains in the hair all day, you must first wash with your favorite shampoo, and be sure not to use a conditioner or conditioning shampoo. After completely drying the hair and scalp with a hair dryer, apply Hair Color Thickener to the area by holding can nozzle about four inches away and spraying until the hair and skin tone match. Spray the hair around the thinning area and blend. Allow area to dry thoroughly. (It is recommended to use a blow dryer.) When hair and scalp are completely dry, use a coarse brush and very gently brush hair into place over thinning area. You’re newly sprayed hair and scalp gives the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair. This product works, but it does require several additional steps that busy men may not want to deal with. I mean, what business man carries around a blow dryer in his briefcase?

    • For small to medium bald spots
    • 5 shades available
  • Mirage Hair Building Fibers

    Dean says: This product provides a natural way of eliminating the appearance of baldness and thinning hair in seconds. Mirage is applied without the mess, by simply shaking the bottle container over the thinning areas, releasing thousands of microscopic hair Keratin fibers. These fibers intertwine with the existing real hairs. These fibers are charged with static electricity so that the fibers can securely stay in place all day and night. It is proven to withstand rain and wind. Mirage will never run, smear or stain but can simply be washed out with your favorite shampoo. It claims to disburse better during the application process than other hair concealers. Although they claim that it can transform you hair in fifteen seconds, after applying the actual product and making sure it is sealed in with the Mirage Locking Spray, I think it will take the average male about five minutes to complete his look. On the other hand, this is a pretty advanced product, and is 100% organic, which is a turn on to most people, and great for people with sensitive scalps. It comes in seven colors which is pretty typical in hair concealers. It also offers a 30-day return policy for those that are hesitant to try a product like this for fear of disappointment.

    • 7 shades available
    • 100% pure organic keratin protein fibers
    • Won’t smear or run
    • Miracle Locking Spray needed
    • 30-day guarantee
  • Organin

    Dean says: This is a natural, doctor-recommended, hair loss concealer for both men and women. With this product you can instantly eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. It's not paint or a cream, but a finely textured natural substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of "hair" above your scalp, where your real hair is. Because of this, your hair looks thicker and fuller within seconds after application. This product is physician tested and made of non-toxic natural keratin fibers. One cool thing about Organin is that in addition to it offering eight shades, they can be blended to really match your natural hair color. That said, I’m not sure many men will take this option. I can’t see you typical guy testing and blending until they have the perfect shade. The application is pretty easy - just sprinkle it on and set it with hairspray. Again, this could be a challenge since not very many men have hairspray in their bathroom, let alone travel with it. All in all, 43% of consumers gave this product four stars. You can be the judge of that.

    • 8 blendable shades
    • Non-toxic natural keratin fibers
    • Will not smear or stain your face or clothing
  • Boom Boom Hair

    Dean says: Although this product is only available through their website, I have to include Boom Boom Hair (named after the target market, Baby Boomers) in my Best of the Rest list. This product ages you by its name alone, however, if you can get past that, this product will make fine or thinning hair thicker or fuller in 30 seconds. The natural keratin filaments, which are made to resemble real hair, instantly intertwine with your own hair to create volume and total coverage. It is applied by sprinkling Boom Boom into the problem areas after washing and drying the hair. Scatter the product with your fingers until it has reached the desired level of coverage. Then use the locking spray that comes with it to seal it in. Without this final step you may experience dripping or running if it gets wet. A big no no! Swimming is not recommended which is restricting to an active lifestyle. For optimum results it also recommends that the user obtain plastic, non-bristle brush or comb when styling. A Hollywood favorite, it is available in eight natural color shades and is currently distributed out of Canada.

    • Natural keratin filaments
    • Locking Spray included
    • Good in rain, wind, and sweat
    • 8 shades available
    • Swimming not recommended

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