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What’s the one wardrobe item a woman wouldn’t leave the house without? You guessed it, a handbag! It’s the ultimate accessory. It holds everything we need on a daily basis and so much more. Handbags make a statement about who you are and what your style is all about. Most people don’t notice what you’re wearing as you walk down the street, but they will gravitate to that fabulous bag your holding. Whether it’s a day bag, a night time clutch, or even a beach bag, always go for the one that fits your needs.

There are so many different kinds of handbags today and designers keep coming up with creative ideas for new ones, for instance a pouch inside specifically made to hold your cell phone and/or ipod. If you’re like me and throw all of your stuff into what seems to be a bottomless pit, don’t worry because these bags will save you from the chaos. Functionality is just as important as style. My motto is there’s a handbag made for every occasion. Here are my top picks for high-end everyday bags that are not only beautiful and made well but will last you a lifetime!

The best handbags do more than carry stuff. These designer handbags make a statement about your style. Choose these discount designer handbags with supple leather designs.

Best Handbags by Harmonie Krieger

The Best You Can Get

  • Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

    Harmonie says: This bag definitely makes a statement. It was introduced to us in 2001 and every celebrity known to man has it. The city size is perfect; it holds your laptop, papers and anything else you may want. The short and long handles make it easy to use. The long handles convert the bag to messenger style for walking or biking. The short ones are for shopping and leisure. Since all women love to check their make-up, the attached mirror allows you to grab it quickly and re-apply that lip gloss.

    It comes in a variety of colors, but I suggest for summertime go with a bold choice like green or metallic. It’s made from goat leather which gives it that slouch look. It truly goes with every outfit. This bag is a keeper and since the leather gets better with age, you will have it forever!

    • Long and short handles
    • Front zipper pouch and attached mirror
    • Made from Italian leather that only gets better with age
    • The “it” bag since 2001
  • Bottega Veneta Bag

    Harmonie says: This Veneta bag is one of Bottega’s staples. It’s their shoulder bag that comes in a variety of sizes. This is a luxury leather bag that’s a classic and will never go out of style. Bottega does not update their handbag line often, so you don’t have to worry about something else coming out to top it.

    It has an interior zip pocket, and the larger sizes come with a compartment for your cell phone. The woven leather is somewhat incredible. It’s right up there with Hermes. Of course, these bags are costly, but again if you want the best quality, then here it is. When you carry it, you won’t even feel the leather because it conforms to your shoulder. It’s like butter. I would go with a basic color for this bag so you can use it with any look. Once you touch Bottega Veneta leather you’ll be hooked for life.

    • Iconic style, timeless
    • Inside lined with suede
    • Softest leather money can buy
    • Variety of sizes within same style
  • Michael Kors Patent Tote

    Harmonie says: I love this bag because it screams sexy. It’s a shiny black patent leather creation that can only be designed by Michael Kors. Its chic look can be paired with a cool pair of jeans and a tee shirt or with a pencil skirt and blouse. However you wear it, it’s sure to spice up any outfit.

    The front has a chain inset which is on both sides, adding that trendy element that you may be looking for. Since the bag is black the chain is not overbearing and it goes perfectly. It has a magnetic fastener so you can feel secure that the bag is closed shut. If you don’t have time to switch handbags after work, this black patent tote can act as a nighttime bag as well.

    • Shoulder strap with chain inset
    • Shiny black patent leather
    • Drawstring top with magnetic snap closure
    • Front logo plate
  • Anya Hindmarch The Cooper

    Harmonie says: This bag comes to us from London and it’s fabulous. Anya Hindmarch is a designer that’s on the up and up. Her handbags have been featured in almost every magazine. They have extremely unique detailing. The entire bottom has mirrored detailing. It’s a comfortable shoulder bag that has a lot of room inside. This is by far my favorite shoulder handbag. It comes in cream, caramel, and grey, but my favorite is the cream.

    This handbag can be an everyday bag, or you can even get away with it at night, depending on the event and attire. It’s not dressy but it exudes class and style.

    • Smoothe calf skin
    • Mirror leather detailing
    • Large front pocket with buckle
    • Large central compartment with magnetic closure
    • Suede lining
  • Louis Vuitton Manhattan

    Harmonie says: This is the must have city tote. It’s a sharp looking bag with two of the best designers behind it. Marc Jacobs, known for his gorgeous designs, collaborated with Louis Vuitton’s signature logo and came up with the Manhattan. I may be biased as I’m from this great city, but in all honesty this bag screams luxury. It’s a rare combination, and it’s almost as if you’re getting two bags in one.

    You can find the Manhattan in two sizes. The larger one is the “gm,” and it’s a bit pricier but holds a lot more. The smaller one is the “pm,” and may be better if you don’t have a lot to carry around. There’s plenty of pocket room, and the gold metal hardware completes the look. As with all Louis Vuitton, this bag can be passed down for many generations.

    • Inspired by Marc Jacobs leather goods collection
    • 2 outer pockets with push lock closures
    • Monogram canvas/natural cowhide trim & gold metal hardware
    • Double zipper closure

You will be happy with any of these

  • Nine West Collage Patent Hobo

    Harmonie says: The Hobo is known to be functional and fun. This style is for the woman on the go who is confident and smart. It has compartments for your necessities like keys and your cell phone. How many times do you just throw both of those into your bag and can’t get them out when you need to? Well now you can hook your keys on to the holder and place your phone in the pocket so you will always know where to grab it.

    Nine West does a great job with the quality as well. Their brand is known for its simplicity and reliability. It will last a long time, and the patent leather makes it stylish for all seasons.

    • Hobo Style
    • Key holder and cell phone compartment
    • Comes in a variety of colors
    • Double straps for extra comfort
  • Forever 21 Distressed Faux Leather Satchel

    Harmonie says: By far, my favorite brand for inexpensive accessories is Forever 21. They have come along way, and now almost everything in the store is less than around $50. I’ll be showing you many items from them in the future. For now, this handbag may be inexpensive, but it looks like a whole lot more. It’s functional and has the same look as the Botkier, which goes for around $600.

    The three exterior pockets give you extra room for all of those small items you don’t want to put in the central compartment. It’s a great everyday bag and will hold up well. For that price, I would get it in both colors.

    • Basket weave accents
    • Antique metal hardware
    • Cream or caramel color
    • Triple exterior pockets
  • C & C California Reversible Beach Bag

    Harmonie says: C & C is known for their soft well made cotton. I love their tees, and now they bring us this cool beach bag that can also be used as an everyday bag. Any handbag that can function as both is a huge plus. Now you don’t have to switch when you’re going to the pool or beach.

    It’s stripped on the outside and the reverse is solid so you can wear it either way. It’s a satchel style, so it looks trendy, but also has a '70s vibe. It comes in Maui (turquoise), Dandelion (yellow) and Cherry Ice (red). This bag will brighten up your day.

    • Reversible
    • Tie closure, bamboo ring and knot at strap
    • Soft cotton material, stripped exterior
    • Available in red, yellow, and turquoise
  • Echo Vintage Soft Frame Clutch

    Harmonie says: This clutch is ideal for summer. You can use it day or night and although it’s smaller than the other bags, it still holds all the basics. Echo has been around since 1923, and many of their designs have become staples.

    The light colored pattern paired with the brown leather trim gives this bag an edge. It forms a cool shape when it closes, and the original Echo hangtag lets you know it’s the real deal. It has that vintage feel, but it’s also modern at the same time.

    • Original Echo hangtag
    • Made of poly with leather trim
    • Print from original scarf design 1940s
  • Forever 21 Sequin Weave Tote Bag

    Harmonie says: This tote is also one of my favorites. It comes in a silver-bronze color. It has that sequin look, but it’s not over the top. It’s more neutral than anything, which means you can wear it with basically every outfit. It’s perfect for shopping or the beach.

    These types of totes usually don’t close all the way, but this one has a zipper closure and a compartment for your cell phone. It’s fully lined so you can’t see the items that you’re carrying.

    • Oversized tote fits almost anything
    • Cell phone and zipper compartment
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Zipper closure at top

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