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I fondly remember one hot summer day in high school when our high school football coach emerged from a loading dock driving a dolly carrying a pallet stacked with soup cans he’d just swiped from the school cafeteria, and made each of us a carry a big soup can in each hand on a five-mile run that afternoon. I was certain he’d lost his marbles, and this began a “soup to nuts” process that lasted every day the rest of the summer! It took me until the end of the summer to conclude that we were the “marble-less” ones for not sitting the cans down and taking a nap for an hour, once safely out of the coach’s sight, but by then it was too late! Hey, cut me some slack… I was a fifteen-year-old meathead at the time…

Regardless, I recall that on the first play of that following football season, I suddenly realized that the coach’s tactic wasn’t so silly, and in fact was brilliant. The upper body conditioning I’d developed over those long jogs with the Campbell’s Tomato in one hand and Chicken and Noodle in the other, had greatly improved my performance on the field. Certainly, much of my overall upper body strength increase can be explained away by puberty, but equally, if not more importantly, was my overall conditioning, which was markedly better than it had ever been before!

Hand weights, especially when used in combination with a cardiovascular activity, are an extremely efficient training tool, that surprisingly accentuates and/or helps create a full-body workout. Lets use power walking as an example, but the story is similar for any activity where you can carry hand weights:

1. Burns more calories by expending more energy
2. Works shoulders, biceps, forearms, wrists, and hands directly
3. Works abs and back by making it necessary counter the weight with each stride
4. Works legs and butt by adding a few pounds to the work load of each step

So ever since that day, every time I see a power walker with a hand weight swinging at their side, I fondly reminisce and I think “coach”, I think “football”, I think “soup”!

With the best hand weights, you'll have finely defined muscles that are strong and toned. We suggest handheld dumbbells from Weider, Bodytrends and others for wrist weights and other weights that give you the perfect workout.

Best Handheld Weights by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Hand Weights by Bodytrends Wellness Gear

    Lee says: Bodytrends Wellness Gear has built a hand weight for power walking that may be as close as you get to perfect! At only 1.5 pounds, it may not seem like a lot, but over the course of a brisk hour walk the effect could be dramatic. Thousands of reps for each shoulder, bicep, forearm, wrist, and hand will lean out the upper body, and the extra calories burned by the abs and legs to carry the extra weight will add up drastically over time. An especially attractive feature of the Bodytrends Hand Weight is the comfort strap to hold the weight in place.

    • A pair of 1.5-lb dumbbells excellent for aerobics and fitness, that you can use anywhere, especially effective to increase calorie burn and improve muscle tone when you walk
    • At 1.5 lbs each, they will increase calorie burn by up to 25% while toning key muscle groups such as your arms, chest, and shoulders
    • Built with soft, durable foam and featuring adjustable hook and loop hand straps, these weights are extremely comfortable and built to last
  • Pro Spirit 2lb Dumbbell with Comfort Strap

    Lee says: Pro Spirit has taken the good old-fashioned dumbbell design and added a cool new comfort strap to deliver a great hand weight. Similarly, if you’ve got a beginner looking for a good dumbbell to get started into a more traditional strength routine, then the Pro Spirit could be the right product. The quality design with Neoprene grip, make the Pro Spirit Dumbbell with Comfort Strap a solid choice.

    • A workout basic for strengthening your upper body
    • Neoprene-covered dumbbell provides a secure grip
    • Soft comfort strap helps you through multiple reps
    • Great for a wide variety of workouts
    • Compact styling; easy to tuck away in between exercise sessions
  • Weider Neoprene Hand Weights

    Lee says: Weider has a whole line of quality hand weights from two to ten pounds. The Neoprene covering and rounded grip make the lighter weights a great choice to leave by the front door next to the walking shoes for easy access for the afternoon walk. The heavier dumbbells are a solid choice to have in the basement for strength conditioning exercises like lunges or bicep curls. The Weider name has meant quality exercise gear for decades, and the Weider Neoprene Hand Weight is no different.

    • Neoprene covered hand-weights you can take with you anywhere
    • Great to add extra calorie burning to any indoor cardiovascular activity
    • Great for long walks
    • Multiple weights from 2 to 10 lbs.
  • J-Fit Neoprene Grip Weight

    Lee says: J/Fit has taken the concept of the hand weight and not only made it really cool looking, but engineered improvement into its function, as well. The lopsided design has manufactured the majority of the weight into the palm of the J/Fit, thus creating less stress on the wrist and elbow caused by the “swinging motion” typical to most cardiovascular exercises, like power walking. The multiple weights ascending from one to five pounds also make the J/Fit a product that can once you get familiar with it, can grow with you as your capability increases.

    • Blue Innovative new neoprene design grip allows you to grip the weight slightly without having to over squeeze
    • Lighter weights are great for walking, jogging, and aerobics
    • Combine the heavier weights with a Gym Ball or Rock Fit and get an even better workout
    • Comes in 1-lb., 2-lb., 3-lb., 4-lb., or 5-lb. weights
  • Everlast for Her 3 Lb. Pink Easy Grip Hand Weight

    Lee says: Ok, I’m typically not one who falls for “cuteness” in exercise gear… puppies, yes… dumbbells, no. But I humbly admit my initial reaction the Everlast for Her Pink Easy Grip Hand Weight was, “aaaaawwww”. Regardless, the three pounds covered with vinyl is a good quality hand weight that is great for power walking and any other cardiovascular activity. A slightly different feature is the unique ergonomics of the hand placement and weight dispersement, which has been engineered to puts less stress on the wrist.

    • Soft vinyl coating for comfort and easy gripping
    • Ergonomic design for hand and wrist stability
    • 3-lb. weight

You will be happy with any of these

  • Cory Everson 20-lb. Dumbbell Set

    Lee says: Maybe I took an initial look because I remember when I was young watching Cory Everson rule the morning fitness show world, but upon closer inspection her dumbbell set is actually a great addition to any home work out arsenal. The two-pound and three-pound dumbbells are perfect for the cardiovascular routines, and the five-pound dumbbells give you the option of a strength workout a couple times a week consisting of some chest flies, bicep curls, and lunges. The design of the dumbbell, engineered with a much more gradual curvature produces a more even weight dispersement that creates less stress on the hand and wrist especially with the five pounders for strength training.

    • 20-pound dumbbell set, which includes everything you need to get started on a daily workout routine
    • The set comes with a pair of 2-pound dumbbells, a pair of 3-pound dumbbells, and a pair of 5-pound dumbbells
    • Contoured easy to grip neoprene handle, perfectly balanced weight is ideal to use in home or office
    • Custom dumbbell rack & design to hold 3 pair of weights and is easy to load and unload, and stores in small space and is easy to carry or store when not in use
  • Cando Plyometric Weighted Balls

    Lee says: A slightly different tool, but with much of the same function as a hand weight is the Cando Plyometric Weighted Ball. Unlike the typical hand weight or dumbbells, these weighted balls are soft and pliable, and thus gripped by sinking your fingers into the ball itself, not via a centralized handlebar configuration. The heavier balls are perfect for strength training and ab training, and the lighter balls if carried on a power walk are an abdominal and oblique routine like no other!

    • The color-coded plyometric weighted balls are soft and pliable, which makes grasping easy with one hand or two
    • These flexible weights easily bounce off a wall or rebounder, allowing for solo exercise
    • Uses for these soft weights include strength exercise, balance training, and plyometrics
    • Each ball maintains the same constant diameter of 5” (13 cm) regardless of its weight
  • Reebok Adjustable Hand Weights

    Lee says: Reebok delivers a fantastic adjustable dumbbell set that for some beginners may be a full body home gym all wrapped in one! The adjustment apparatus is simple and quick, and yields dumbbell weights from 2.5 pounds to 12.5 pounds. The lighter weight settings are perfect for the cardiovascular routines; the middle settings give you a great fly, curl, and lunge dumbbell; and the heavier weight settings give you room to grow.

    • Choose between 2.5 to 12.5 lbs. of weight on each dumbbell for a maximum of 25 lbs.
    • Ideal for strength and fitness training
    • Chrome construction
  • Natural Fitness Soft Weighted Balls

    Lee says: Natural Fitness has created these Soft Weighted Balls that are a great alternative to traditional hand weights and dumbbells. Similar to those “squishy stress reliever sandbags” sold as promotional keepsakes, the Soft Weighted Ball is great for any cardiovascular or strength routine where a hand weight had traditionally been the weapon of choice. However, a key benefit of the Natural Fitness Soft Weighted Ball is that less stress is placed on the wrist, and more grip building action is afforded to the hand.

    • Each soft weighted pair of 2-lb., 4-lb., and 6-lb. balls provide a comfortable alternative to awkward dumbbells and other free-hand weights, and are ideal for those who difficulty gripping
    • The balls have a soft, cushioned feel, and are perfect for hand-held activities
    • The Soft Weighted Balls are extremely versatile and can be incorporated into a large variety of strength and stability building exercises
  • Challenge P.R.O. Aquatic Hand Buoys

    Lee says: Easily the most unique alternative on our list of hand weights is the Challenge P.R.O. Aquatic Hand Buoys. More and more, health professionals are becoming aware of and recommending “aqua-training,” and it’s not just for injury rehabilitation and the elderly anymore. The Hand Buoys accommodate both cardiovascular and strength exercises for each and everybody part, and not that it REALLY makes a difference, but it’s a blast!

    • Large double-disc buoys for a more vigorous strengthening workout
    • 4” wide disc x 6” diameter x 16” long; “buoyant dumbbells” provide resistance and flotation support
    • Foam covered handle for a softer and easier grip under water
    • Each individual buoy is capable of staying afloat with up to 9 lbs. of submergible force applied

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