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No matter how good you are behind the wheel, it’s never a great idea to hold a cell phone when you’re driving. In fact, many places have made it illegal to use a hand-held phone when you’re on the road.

Hands-free car kits make it easier for you to talk and drive at the same time. And many of them have innovative features to make life easier in other ways as well. Here are our favorites…

Best Hands-free Car Kits by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Parrot MK6100

    Mark says: Most of the technology in this hands-free car kit is hidden away, leaving just a small remote control and a high-definition display. And you can remove the screen for security at the end of your journey!

    There’s voice recognition to help you make cell phone calls without taking your eyes off the road… and there’s even stereo Bluetooth compatibility to play music from your mobile using your car’s audio system.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit (for professional fitting)
    • Display screen and wireless remote control
    • Two built-in microphones to reduce background noise
  • Bury CC9060

    Mark says: Although this car kit has voice controls, you don’t need to spend time training it to recognize the way you talk. It’ll respond to any spoken numbers and names, quickly finding the person you want to call.

    In addition, there’s text-to-speech functionality that’ll read SMS text messages to you – and there’s a 2.8-inch touch-sensitive screen to help you set everything up.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit (for professional fitting)
    • Large touch-controlled display
    • User-friendly voice controls
  • iO Play

    Mark says: This isn’t just a hands-free kit. It’ll also work with Bluetooth-equipped music players and Satellite Navigation systems. And it’s compatible with the Apple iPhone.

    When it’s connected, you’ll be able to listen to music from your MP3 player via the car’s stereo system. Plus it’ll let you make and receive hands-free phone calls. But most importantly, it does everything without any hassle.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit (for professional fitting)
    • Links phones and MP3 players to your car stereo
    • Discreet and easy-to-use controls
  • Mr. Handsfree Blue Vision II Hands-free Car Kit

    Mark says: The next-best thing to a fitted car kit, this improved version of the original ‘Blue Vision’ has a convenient remote control.

    The main unit will either sit on the dashboard or can clip to your sun visor, with its flip-up microphone and Digital Signal Processing technology offering excellent sound quality.

    • Self-install Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Built-in noise reduction
    • Remote control keypad
  • Supertooth Visor Voice Hands-free Car Kit

    Mark says: Clip this clever device to your car’s sun visor and you’ve just installed a complete hands-free system in your vehicle. When someone calls, the Visor Voice will speak that person’s name or number – and it’ll automatically answer if you say “OK.”

    You can choose from six languages and there’s even voice guidance when you’re setting it up.

    • Self-install Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Voice announcements
    • Answer calls simply by speaking

You will be happy with any of these

  • Bury UNI System 8 Car Talk

    Mark says: Having a fully-fitted car kit no longer means sticking with your old handset for years and years. Bury’s System 8 “Take & Talk” cradles can be changed whenever you upgrade your phone.

    These versatile car kits offer all the advantages of a wired connection, including the option of an external antenna for improved coverage, automatic charging of your mobile’s battery and full duplex operation for clear two-way phone calls.

    • Wired hands-free car kit (for professional fitting)
    • Holds and charges your cell phone
    • Tailor-made holders to suit over 200 different models
  • Parrot 3200 LS-Color

    Mark says: Choose this clever car kit and it’ll reward you with a customizable color LCD display and polyphonic ringtones. Change the background to suit your vehicle… and change the tone to suit your mood.

    It has voice recognition for calling your contacts and can synchronize information from up to five different cell phones. You can even program it to show a picture of whoever’s on the line.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit (for professional fitting)
    • Color LCD display
    • Voice-controlled calling
  • Jabra SP5050

    Mark says: This easy-to-use car kit has an understated appearance that belies the intelligent technology inside.

    Background noise is reduced by Digital Signal Processing, there’s a Night Driving mode to hide the indicator icons that might otherwise distract you in the dark… and the car kit even switches off when you leave the car, thanks to an auto-off function that detects your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

    • Self-install Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Small, slim and light
    • Auto-off function to preserve battery life
  • ModooFree Bluetooth Mirror MHF-R220BT

    Mark says: If there’s not much room in your car for accessories, you’ll appreciate this innovative design. It offers an anti-glare rear view mirror that’s also a Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

    Powered by the cigarette lighter socket, it can announce incoming calls with a synthesized voice and will display the caller’s number at the top of the mirror.

    • Self-install Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Replaces your rear view mirror
    • Convenient and discreet
  • Anycom Solar Car Kit SCK-1

    Mark says: Bluetooth car kits need power – but this smart device does all the work for you. Its high-performance solar panel can give you 30 minutes of talk time after three hours of charging in the sun, which means you may never need to worry about the batteries running out.

    As well as using solar power, this car kit can be topped up via an in-car charger or a USB connection.

    • Self-install Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Combines solar power with rechargeable battery
    • Built-in noise reduction

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