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Joan Crawford may have been on to something when she railed, “No more wire hangers!” Now you might think it’s crazy to be so passionate about hangers, but as an Organizational Expert, I can’t think of many things more important than a well-organized closet, and the key to the perfect closet, is the perfect hanger! You should love your hangers as much as you love your clothes. Imagine throwing the doors open to your perfect Carrie Bradshaw “Sex and the City” closet to get dressed in the morning. OK, maybe you are not Mr. Big, or married to him, but you can have your own closet paradise by getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit and you never wear, and buying the right hangers to store the rest of it.

You may think that hangers are ho hum simple and there is not much to them. Au contraire! There is the material, the shape, the style, the function, the color and so much more to consider. I could wax poetic all day long about the curve of the neck, the sturdiness of the shoulders, the heft of the body, but you might decide that I should hang out with Ms. Crawford in the crazy farm.

There are three major factors to consider when buying hangers. The obvious and most important is what are you hanging? Another factor is the style of your closet. And thirdly, what closet will you be hanging it in. Hangers generally come in wood, metal, plastic, satin, and the newest material, velvet. You can even choose from a variety of colors. The biggest key to buying hangers is to pick a style that you like and stick to it. Having uniform hangers in your closet is the secret ingredient to keeping it organized. That way all your clothes hang at the same level which makes it easier to see your inventory and also makes it more accessible to reach in and grab what you want. Sometimes, though, you need a specialty hanger for a specific item or usage and here are the standouts in the hanger field.

Find the best hangers based on material, shape, style and function. We recommend the best clothes hangers, from bamboo hangers to cedar suit hangers to plastic garment hangers.

Best Hangers by Jill Pollack

The Best You Can Get

  • Deluxe Suit Hanger

    Jill says: This hanger is a beauty, a classic all the way. The espresso finish is rich and the rounded shoulders help keep your fine fashions in shape. The cross bar is great for hanging pants. You can even make an even bigger statement by monogramming them so your closet looks like a fine English wardrobe; all you’ll be missing is the butler. You can also get a coat hanger and skirt hanger in the same style. If you have a lot of fine suits and heavier clothes, this is the perfect hanger for you. The width of the shoulders is wonderful for maintaining the life of the garment, but can make it difficult to fit a lot in a smaller closet. The sheer elegance of the hanger will make you think twice about what you are keeping and perhaps help you edit your wardrobe down to the best stuff.

    • Usually in a 6-piece set
  • Bamboo Combination Hanger

    Jill says: This is a beautiful hanger that has it all. It is made of earth friendly bamboo. Bamboo is naturally resistant to moisture and stains and you can have the beautiful lightwood without the guilt of using non-renewable wood. The hanger features two notches at the shoulder for tank tops and spaghetti straps. There is a metal crossbar that has two metal clips for hanging pants or skirts. The blonde wood goes with both a traditional and more modern style closet. This combination hanger also matches with the top hanger, the suit hanger, the bottom hanger, and the coat hanger. This hanger can also be monogrammed to class up your closet even further!

    • Usually in a 12-piece set
  • Velvet Top Hanger

    Jill says: They are soft and feminine yet really utilitarian. These are well-constructed hangers covered in rich pink velvet that helps keep garments from slipping. Notches are perfect for tank tops and dresses. The hangers come with chrome hardware to add a luxurious touch. If you want to make a color statement in your closet, these are the hangers to do it with.

    • Usually in a 25-piece set
  • Deluxe Cedar Suit Hanger

    Jill says: This is a beautiful piece. Without clothes on, it’s almost a hanging sculpture. Expertly crafted from authentic cedar, these uncoated hangers naturally absorb moisture and odors. Special features include amazing 2” shoulders, a curved body, a polished chrome swivel hook and a solid bar for hanging pants. This hanger is perfect for heavy coats in the cedar closet. It is pretty wide and bulky for the regular closet, but for the hall closet or winter storage you can’t beat this hanger.

    • Usually in a 24-piece set
  • Ultra Slim Light Blue Flocked Hangers

    Jill says: You can’t beat the price or amazing usefulness of these Bed Bath and Beyond hangers. The ultra slim shape of these hangers provides three times the amount of closet space. Best of all, the velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping. Each hanger features indents for slips, tank tops, spaghetti straps and similar items. The cross bar is perfect for pants. They also come in other colors including black and tan. The shape and color choice make this hanger perfect for most closet style and décor.

    • Usually in a 10-piece set

You will be happy with any of these

  • Memory Clothes Planner Hanger Kit

    Jill says: Finally a perfect hanger system to help you keep your outfits together and keep track of when you’ve worn an ensemble in the past. The Memory Clothes Planner Hanger Kit is a great garment organizing system that includes five padded hangers and five cleverly designed self-adhesive cards to record important wardrobe information such as dates and events attended, key people, accessories worn and dry cleaning record. This is a great system for tracking garments you have worn to recent weddings, parties, or business meetings, and allows you to thoroughly plan which outfits and accessories to wear in the near future. Now you’ll be the best dressed and most organized on the block!

    • Usually in a 5-piece set
  • Ditto Pet Plastic Garment Hanger

    Jill says: These innovative, award-winning hangers are made of 100% polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is the easily recyclable plastic commonly used to produce water bottles. The hanger features a single material construction, eliminating wire hooks and other materials that make recycling hangers costly and impractical. PET is the most highly recycled of all plastics. Not only is it good for the environment, it is a great looking modernist design that comes in three sexy colors of ivory, smoke, and ice. The garment hanger features two cut outs at the shoulder for versatile garment hanging. Now all you have to do is buy vintage and you will be the greenest kid on the block!

  • Fashion Fold Shape-Saving Hangers

    Jill says: Don’t you hate trying to cram a hanger into a small neck? You can forever put an end to struggles inserting or removing hangers from garments with this innovative hanger. These plastic clothing hangers are perfect for avoiding snags, stretched or wrinkled garments, and ideal for hanging dresses, just-washed sweaters or dry-cleaned shirts. Each clothes hanger is constructed of durable plastic and features a contoured design and swivel hook for convenient, versatile hanging storage. The patented spring action allows you fold the hanger in half and simply slide it gently through the collar of a garment.

    • Usually in a 3-piece set
  • Quilt Hanger

    Jill says: What do you do with those heavy items like quilts, blankets, and tablecloths? Often they are stuffed in the back of the linen closet making them inaccessible. These strong, well-constructed heavy-duty hangers feature a smooth black rubberized anti-slip bar for hanging those things you need easy access to. Hanging them this way prevents wrinkling and keeps heirlooms in great condition. The hanger, which features a chrome/black finish, chrome hardware, is 17” long and 3/8” round width.

  • Dog Hangers

    Jill says: When you just want to have fun in the closet you can choose from ten beloved dog breeds that are lithographed onto fiberboard to create the most unique (and humorous!) hangers I’ve ever seen. Use them in the coat closet to amuse your guests or in your kids closet to make them hang up their stuff. Hey, you’ll try anything.

    • Usually in a 2-piece set

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