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Beer Gut? Baby Maker? Love Handles? Jelly Belly? Behind every person staring into a mirror mumbling some playful “pet name” for the less than flattering mid-section staring back, there are at least a dozen futile attempts to lose that “pet”!

First the bad news: Unfortunately, the abdominal and oblique region of the human anatomy is the last thing to tighten and the first thing to loosen. Equally unfortunate, is that many believe the myth that focused training can eliminate fat from an isolated muscle group. Sorry folks! This just ain’t true. The sad truth is that as adults, we are pretty much stuck with the number of fat cells we’ve accumulated by the end of puberty, and the density of those fat cells is highest in our midsection; all we can hope to do is to shrink all those fat cells equally, with proper diet and exercise.

Now the good news! Though we can’t actually lose fat cells from our stomachs, we can dramatically minimize the appearance, by improving our diet and by
1. Strengthening and tightening our core area
2. Building muscle especially in the shoulders and lats
3. Lowering overall body fat density through exercise

So if we really are committed to a good exercise and diet regimen, we can get our “pear shape” into “ship shape”! Thankfully, Abdominal Trainers help with all of the above, most notably by helping us strengthen and tighten our core area.

But listen up people! There is no magic bullet and there is no magic piece of equipment that will “melt away” those inches from your waistline without effort. As advertised at the top, the abdominal and oblique region of the human anatomy is the last thing to tighten, and it takes hard work on quality equipment. Our focus here is on those durable grade Abdominal Trainers that have been adapted for home use, and you’ll find no dehydrated pitchman on a $3 piece of hyped plastic here!

Get the best ab workout with our equipment recommendations. These abdominal workouts are sure to stretch your limits and get the results you want, losing those beer guts or love handles.

Best Home Ab Trainers by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Body-Solid Best Fitness Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench

    Lee says: The Body-Solid Best Fitness Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench may be last piece of abdominal equipment you will ever need. The quality engineering and durable construction are only eclipsed by its capacity to keep pace with ever expanding workouts of even the most hard-core trainer. The fully adjustable leg apparatus can accommodate even the longest legs, and the capacity to add weight to both the upper abdominal and lower hip flexor arms yields almost unlimited flexibility.

    • This ergonomically designed machine is built to help you tighten up your midsection, strengthen your back, and improve your core stability
    • Its dual functionality lets you target your lower abs with knee raises and your upper abs with abdominal crunches
    • The 45-degree seat angle puts you in position to isolate your abdominal muscles for a more efficient workout
  • Powertec Leverage Maxi Crunch Abdominal Bench

    Lee says: I’m a big fan of Powertec equipment to begin with; so the Leverage Maxi Crunch was an easy sell for me. Whether it’s the handle placement or the ergonomics of the head pad, all the precision construction Powertec puts into its other home gym equipment is evident. If you’re a fan of free-weights, like all Powertec equipment, the Maxi Crunch is engineered for a “free weight experience”. Similarly, the flexibility to add more free weight resistance as your workouts progress makes this a piece of equipment you’ll never outgrow.

    • Perfect for the beginner to the advanced, and only the highest level of quality of materials and workman ship are built in for years of use
    • The handgrip is positioned above you for comfort during the exercise and this position forces the resistance on the abs to do the work
    • There is also a comfortable head pad that moves with you to provide support to the neck
    • Lastly the adjustable angle pad is set so it takes any pressure off of the lower back at the start of the exercises and puts immediate resistance on the abs
  • Quantum Fitness Home Power Crunch 600

    Lee says: Calling the 600 a “home unit” is cheating a little bit, because although Quantum markets the 600 for home use, it is actually built for the much more narrow commercial market. Regardless, whether it’s an upper abdominal workout, a hip flexor focus, or an oblique routine; the size, quality engineering, and ability to add weight, all allow any physique, at any level, to hit every core muscle.

    • Employs patented dual-pivot technology to let you perform both upper and lower crunch movements simultaneously, saving time and bumping up the intensity
    • The unit also offers side-to-side adjustments, letting you isolate the internal and external oblique musculature
    • Resistance can be increased to keep pace with progression by simply adding weight to the built in weight peg
    • The Power Crunch, which is used by more than 10,000 facilities worldwide, features a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts
  • Stamina® Strength Performance Series Adjustable Ab Bench

    Lee says: Stamina has adapted a solid commercial Ab Trainer for home use, which would look right at home in any gym anywhere. The wide bench and extra wide frame with non-slip caps provide the same level of support and stability you get from the commercial quality benches that are bolted to the gym floor. Another pleasantly surprising feature is the hi-quality construction of the foam rollers; most home units cut a corner here, but the commercial grade vinyl on the Stamina’s foam rollers set it apart.

    • Maximize your workout by utilizing the great adjustable features on this adjustable ab bench including 11 different positions
    • The pull of a pin quickly and easily adjusts the angle of the bench to increase or decrease your workout intensity
    • This adjustable ab bench has vinyl covered foam rollers to hold your legs comfortably and securely so your body is aligned in the correct workout position
    • Wheels and the non-slip frame caps enable the Stamina Ab Bench to be easily portable and make this bench ideal for your home fitness needs
  • Kettler HKS Lineo Incline Ab Bench

    Lee says: The Kettler HKS Lineo may not be a sexy looking piece of equipment with space age curves, but it gets the job done! The extra wide padded bench accommodates even the widest bodies, and the commercial quality construction accommodates the heaviest. But the high-quality, hygienic material of the bench is the feature that sets the Kettler apart from other similar designs. If you’re searching for a high-quality addition to a home-gym, then the Kettler deserves a look.

    • Puts you in the best training position possible for working your upper abs; the space-saving trainer offers a large incline bench with individually adjustable foot rests, ensuring that people of various heights can easily use the trainer
    • The footrest is also height adjustable, so you can work your obliques in several different ways
    • The high-quality, hygienic, ergonomic padding provides plenty of support in the midst of your workout
    • It folds up for easy storage and is backed by a three-year warranty

You will be happy with any of these

  • OSIM® iGallop™ Core and Abs Exerciser

    Lee says: I’m fully aware that when you first look at the iGallop you might giggle and say to yourself, “Come-on dude! It’s a mechanical-friggen-bull!” But if you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know the effort it takes to stay on, and more appropriate for this discussion, you know the effort it takes in the butt, thighs, and stomach to stay on. The iGallop really works, and if you throw in some of the other pretty ingenious exercises OSIM outlines using the iGallop seat as an ab-bench, you’ve got a great Ab-Trainer. And not that I hang with the “lets make working out fun” crowd, but the iGallop can be really fun, too!

    • The zero-impact, tri-axial riding action can help you shape and tone your tummy, hips, seat, and thighs
    • Your body automatically responds to its multidirectional movement, and this balancing engages certain muscle groups and may help improve coordination and posture
    • Makes shaping and toning fun, and automatic, by moving your body in multiple directions engaging all the core muscle groups at once
    • Unlike some exercise equipment for abs and thighs, iGallop requires no complex, time-consuming training: simply hop on and get a great workout just by riding!
  • Proform AB CoreMaster Bench

    Lee says: The CoreMaster is one of those modern pieces of fitness equipment that looks nothing like the function it provides. It says, “chiropractic waiting room chair” more than ab trainer; but ironically, the ergonomic design of the CoreMaster would make a chiropractor proud! Abdominal exercise movements create a natural “rounding of the back” but because the panels of the CoreMaster backbench move independently of each other, the back is fully supported through the entire range of motion. This makes the ProForm CoreMaster especially attractive, especially if persistent back pain is a problem.

    • Gives you a three-in-one shaping and toning workout that will help you sculpt your core muscles - without moving to another machine or even changing positions
    • It gets you off the floor and upright for maximum results while giving you sexy, flat abs, strong, defined obliques, and a more flexible lower back
    • The CoreMasters Spine Design moves like your body, following the motion of your spine, bending naturally for a comfortable and more focused movement
    • Folds down flat and can fit under most beds or be tucked away in a closet for storage until your next workout
  • TDS Abdominal Board

    Lee says: No whistles. No bells. No problem. Just a home version of the Abdominal Board you’ve used at your local gym for years. This is a “tried and true classic” that no matter how advanced training equipment gets, still stands up. Especially if you’re adding to an existing exercise room, the TDS Abdominal Board deserves a look.

    • Ideal for sit-ups, crunches, and all abdominal exercises to train every part of the core muscle groups
    • Extra Large Foam Pads and 3” thick Gym Quality Stitched upholstery are all high-grade commercial quality
    • Five height adjustments and deluxe padding provide a solid base for everyone and every workout from beginner to expert
    • Simple to fold & store
  • PowerLine Ab Crunch Bench - Machine

    Lee says: Powerline combines free weight resistance with the good old fashion crunch. If your target training calls for a low rep anaerobic focus on the abs, then the Powerline Crunch Bench deserves a look. Also, the bench back ergonomics are higher quality than most home units, and if you’ve got some dumbbells handy, the bench can easily “moonlight” as a top-notch incline dumbbell press!

    • Full range motion starts at 30 degrees back of center to 30 degrees forward of center for a full range of exercise motion
    • Curved back pad puts you in a pre-stretch position that allows more intense abdominal contraction
    • Extra-wide, sealed ball bearing pulley allows complete freedom of movement for oblique workouts as well
    • Adjustable back pad ensures quick and easy adjustment for all sizes of users
  • Ab Lounge Ultra Sport Abdominal Exerciser

    Lee says: The “old school gym rat” in me made me hesitant at first to recommend any piece of exercise equipment that had the name “lounge” in it. What’s next the “glute couch?” maybe the “shoulder cot?” But once I got over my preconceived moniker arrogance, I found the range of motion to be smooth, and the engineering and construction to be good quality. I humbly submit, that the Ab Lounge Ultra is an excellent piece of Home Abdominal Training equipment!

    • Rolled steel frame with a breathable mesh seat supports up to 275 pounds
    • With over 180 degrees of motion, the jackknife style crunch strengthens core abdominal and back muscles
    • Folds for easy storage
    • 90-day manufacturer warranty

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