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Why does traveling have to be so complicated? It used to be that you could just pack your bags, hop a plane (on time, no less), and make it to your intended destination without having to worry if your luggage made it there in one piece. Unfortunately, those days are over, and these days packing smart can mean the difference between a smooth start to your vacation and stressing out beside the baggage claim. (Not to mention the money you can save you from all those extra baggage charges.) Keep your honeymoon on schedule with some of my favorite must-have travel items.

Best Honeymoon Luggage Essentials by Christa Vagnozzi

The Best You Can Get

  • Alexander McQueen for Samsonite Black Label

    Christa says: How many times have you struggled to find your bag after a flight only to discover that the majority of the passengers are all carrying the same bag you are? You definitely won’t mistake your bag for someone else’s with this elegantly edgy carry-on with skeleton and crocodile frames. This 11-piece set includes two traveling pieces, a garment, computer and cosmetic bag, as well as many other must-have luxury essentials. The best part: These high-concept couture pieces have the durability for which Samsonite is known.

    • Ergonomic style
    • Durable
    • Comes with unique TSA locking mechanism
  • N Motion 22 Expandable Carry-On Upright

    Christa says: So you don’t have a Beverly Hills address - big deal. You can still play the part with this designer carry-on by Ricardo of Beverly Hills made for travelers looking for adventure. There’s a separate compartment for wet clothes (bathing suits, perhaps?), dual access pockets to get quick access to your stuff without opening your whole bag and compression-release straps to hold back bulky items, so all your stuff doesn’t shift to one side during your trip.

    • Ultra lightweight Nano-Tex treated fabric
    • Reinforced carry handle
    • Tie-down straps
  • ZUCA PRO Dusty Rose and Silver Full Set

    Christa says: I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the amount of germs you tend to run into when you’re stuck at the airport. If the idea of crashing on a dirty floor doesn’t exactly appeal to you, I have a solution: ZUCA’s new carry-on doubles as a chair and then easily rolls back up so you can easily stow it away, making it the perfect dual-purpose luggage essential.

    • Ergonomic handle
    • Fits in standard overhead compartments
    • Multi-use seating
  • Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

    Christa says: How come your toiletries always fit into your bag when you leaving on vacation, but never on your way back? It’s just one more annoying aspect to packing and unpacking. If you’re high maintenance like me, you might just appreciate a bag that lets you pack everything (and I mean everything) into one toiletry case. The Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit is streamlined and fits easily into any bag. The kit also comes with flight-friendly bottles for the shampoos, gels, and creams you can’t live without.

    • Four separate compartments
    • Removable hanging hook
    • PVC-lined
  • Silicone Travel Bottles

    Christa says: I hate, hate, HATE leaky bottles when I travel. I have yet to make it to one destination without ruining a purse or adding a layer of toothpaste to my luggage. If your drugstore FAA-approved bottles aren’t cutting it, keep your luggage from being leaked on with these ultra-cool Silicone bottles made of recycled materials. Not only are the bottles bendable, they’re also leak-proof and have a rotating icon so you don’t have to scribble labels on the outside. You’ll never accidentally condition your hair with body lotion again!

    • Spill-proof
    • Upside down neck
    • Easy to clean

You will be happy with any of these

  • SewnSational Passport Organizer

    Christa says: I recently discovered something while traveling during the holidays. The brighter your wallet or passport case, the easier it is to find when you rushing to make your plane. Make your black luggage stand out with this cute-color-coordinating luggage organizer. It has pockets for your passport, plane tickets, and I.D so you can move through the security lines faster and keep a close eye on your can’t-travel-without-it goods.

    • Homemade
    • Multiple color options
    • Super-trendy
  • Heys International EcoCase™

    Christa says: Are you and your future hubby totally into saving the environment? If you’re already stressing about your honeymoon carbon emissions, you might want to consider adding an EcoCase™ to your registry. You can reduce your carbon footprint with this lightweight suitcase made of recycled materials. It comes in six different colors and has four wheels for easy maneuvering around the airport.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Flexible plastic material that can absorb impact
    • Frameless design
  • Ballistix PTAC Matrix Laptop Shoulder Bag

    Christa says: Okay, so you promised you’d keep work at home, but if you want to have your laptop nearby so you can Google the hottest restaurants, shopping, and nightlife at your honeymoon locale, make sure you protect your PC or iBook with this heat, water, and tear resistant bag with extra padding. Originally designed to protect soldiers from flying debris and shrapnel, it’s the perfect solution if you plan to check your laptop at the airport.

    • Water and tear resistant nylon
    • Nine total storage departments
    • Alloy zipper pullers and plated alloy clasps
  • Portable Digital Luggage Scale

    Christa says: Think every airline luggage scale is created equal? Not quite. I was recently burned on a domestic flight and had to pay $50 because my luggage was ONE pound over the maximum weight allowance. Now, I’m not saying the airline was in the wrong, but mistakes do happen. Case in point: Several months ago, New York City police tested scales at three major airports and found discrepancies among the top airlines. That’s why I love this little gizmo; it keeps your luggage AND your budget on track so you have a second opinion handy the next time you fly the (not-so) baggage-friendly skies.

    • Portable and easy to pack
    • Good for up to 75 lbs.
    • One-year warranty
  • Mighty Luggage Tags

    Christa says: These chic tags are designed to look like passports and are made of 25 percent recycled materials. They’re also seriously sturdy thanks in part to their Tyvek construction. Trust me: Your guy will love the sleek style, too.

    • Tyvek construction
    • 25% recyclable material
    • Passport stamp design

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