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Best Water Hose Nozzle & Best Garden Hose Spray Nozzle

The thumb only works well for a couple of seconds breaking up the stream of a hose before alternative methods are needed for longer use to rinse the car or water garden plants. There are plenty of hose end nozzles to consider for the job. To decide which one is best, consider what the hose nozzle will be asked to do. Useful for a multitude of situations, hose nozzles can blast water for concentrated deck cleaning, washing lawn chairs or adjusted to a gentle shower to water tender plant seedlings.

Hose nozzles can be plastic, brass, aluminum, titanium, and yes, even stainless steel. Many have rubber “bumper” guards to protect the nozzles from the damage of unintentional driveway dropping accidents. Some have removable nozzle faceplates that allow easy debris cleaning and re-lubrication of moving parts.

Whether a rotating turret with front or rear triggers, adjustable jet spray, or a fire hose style; garden hose nozzles offer many choices for controlling water. From watering containers of pansies to cleaning house siding or deck, rinsing cars or misting seedlings, there’s a nozzle and spray pattern for each task.

Hose nozzles are available that rotate to change from jet, shower, flat spray, cone, shower, mist, blast, and more spray settings put water right where it is most needed. These hose nozzles with rotating turrets typically have from 3 to 10 spray settings.

The other type of hose nozzle offers an adjustable jet spray with an infinite number of settings for a multitude of uses.

Hose nozzles have to be leak-proof at the hose (even when the water flow is shut off and pressure builds), able to tolerate dropping on the driveway without breaking, and very importantly, won’t accidently spray water if dropped on the rear handle.

Hose nozzles should also have a durable, easy to use, lock on feature that prevents hand fatigue when continuous flow is required. Holding down the trigger (whether front or back), should not be tiring, nor freeze fingers from un-insulated nozzles.

Quality materials made with durable ingredients are essential for a long-lasting hose nozzle. Consider the benefits of rubber protection for nozzle heads made of plastic, brass, aluminum, or stainless steel for long-term durability.

A molded, ergonomic handgrip with cushioned rubber insulation is essential for a hose nozzle to reduce hand fatigue.

With so many choices of front trigger, rear trigger, spray patterns, lock-on feature, ergonomic grip and construction material; pick the hose nozzle with a design that best fits your needs, select quality materials, and then consider the best spray pattern fit. Choosing a hose nozzle is about more than just taking into account the price.

Find the best water hose nozzle that gives you plenty of ways to water your garden plants. We suggest the best garden hose spray nozzle that adapts to your needs every time.

Best Hose Nozzles by Anne Marie Van Nest

The Best You Can Get

  • Bon-Aire Industries

    Anne says: * Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle (HN-10AL)
    * Stainless Steel Ultimate Hose Nozzle (HN-10C)

    Insulating and comfortable, indented rubber grip.

    Rotate nozzle to produce an infinite number of spray patterns from a forceful solid stream to gentle broad fan. Easy single-handed operation.

    Convenient two-way shut off works in either direction.

    No worries about an accidental soaking from a dropped trigger-type hose end nozzle.

    For best performance, use with a standard 5/8” garden hose.

    On a rainy day, take it apart, clean out any debris and re-lube (if necessary).

    Aircraft aluminum, stainless steel and non-corroding brass construction for durability.

    • Aircraft aluminum with fiberglass reinforced nylon
    • 2-way shut off
    • Fire hose nozzle design
    • Tough, durable construction
  • Dramm

    Anne says: * Touch ‘N Flow Revolver 9 Pattern Spray Gun (12700)

    Nine different spray patterns for every outdoor watering need. Easily changed by revolving the turret.

    Die cast metal valve with fiberglass reinforced lever.

    Ergonomic soft touch handle for comfortable hand-held use.

    Six eye-catching bright colors to coordinate with your watering can, watering wand, or hose.

    Click on latch for continuous flow.

    • 9 spray patterns
    • Great color choices
    • Heavy duty metal body
    • Ergonomic soft touch handle
  • Gardena

    Anne says: * Premium Metal Spray Nozzle (8101)
    * Premium Metal Multi-Purpose Spray Gun (8107)
    * Classic Fine Spray Gun (8120)
    * Premium Metal Adjustable Shower/Spray Gun with Flow Control (8154)

    Three - four spray patterns (hard jet, flat jet, soft spray, bubble jet or full spray) or adjustable spray from hard jet to fine mist.

    Soft plastic ring protects the sprayer head, preventing dropping damage.

    Fully adjustable, one-handed, thumb control, on/off lever.

    Ergonomic and non-slip soft plastic handle.

    • Modern stylish design
    • Quick coupling on/off
    • Durable metal and plastic design
    • Adjustable flow rate
  • Orbit

    Anne says: * Lawn & Garden 10 pattern Front Trigger Millennium Hose Spray Nozzle (56336)
    * Lawn & Garden 10 pattern Turret Torch Hose Spray Nozzle (56410)

    Ergonomic and insulated grip for extra hand comfort while watering.

    Solid aluminum or highly polished titanium finish.

    Ten spray patterns for every watering job!

    Thumb operated shut off control or front trigger with easy lock on button for one-handed operation.

    • 10 spray patterns
    • Easy lock on mechanisms
    • Insulated grip
    • Heavy duty materials
  • Melnor

    Anne says: * Titanium Series Front Trigger 7 Pattern AquaGun (T301)
    * Titanium Series Rear Trigger 7 Pattern AquaGun (T201)

    Slip resistant, ergonomic rubber grip.

    Easy one finger trigger lock for continuous spray.

    Seven adjustable spray patterns: shower, spray, jet, cone, mist, soaker, flat, and center.

    • High comfort
    • Heavy duty metal construction
    • Easy adjusting spray head
    • Built-in flow control

You will be happy with any of these

  • DF Concours

    Anne says: * Peerless Hose Nozzle (50301)
    * Deluxe Hose Nozzle (50321)

    Shatterproof, tough Lexan material or aluminum with Teflon coating.

    Smooth twist operation to change from fan to jet spray pattern.

    Efficiently works under low water pressure.

    Large, protective neoprene bumper on edge of nozzle for good drop protection.

    • Easy twist motion to adjust spray pattern
    • Jet spray to fan or fog pattern
    • Large neoprene rubber nozzle protector
    • Lexan or aluminum with Teflon coating
  • Soundbest International

    Anne says: * Mintcraft - Spray Nozzle 7 Pattern with Pistol Grip (YM75178)

    Locking clip present for easy, continuous spray.

    Padded and formed ergonomic comfort grip handle.

    Soft dial turret with rubber guard for longer durability.

    Easily adjustable with seven spray patterns.

    • Padded, ergonomic handle
    • 7 spray patterns
    • Self-cleaning spray head
    • Lightweight yet strong
  • Claber

    Anne says: * “Ergo” Spray Pistol Garden Hose Nozzle (8541)
    * Balcony Shower Pistol Garden Hose Nozzle (9565)

    Gentle shower-like water spray setting for delicate garden watering.

    Quick coupling hose end connector present for quick “click” changes.

    Aerator adds bubbles of air to soften the stream for delicate plants. (9565)

    Removable rust-proof metal head plate for easy cleaning.

    Locking nut rotates to allow spray pattern to be locked on for continuous spray without holding down the handle.

    UV stabilized plastic construction with rubber-lined locking nut.

    Eye-catching orange and black colors for easy visibility when lying in the lawn.

    • Ergonomic, insulated, comfort grip
    • Locking nut for continuous flow
    • Removable head for easy cleaning
    • UV stabilized plastic
  • Rubbermaid

    Anne says: * Front Trigger Adjustable Spray Nozzle (RM44110)
    * Rear Trigger 5 Pattern Spray Nozzle (RM44101)

    Soft grip is lightweight and comfortable.

    Brass spray tip is adjustable from pinpoint to full stream (RM44110).

    Easy on the hands - just a little pressure required to make it work.

    Five spray patterns: power wash, rinse, shower, bucket filler, and soaker. (RM44101).

    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Lock on feature
    • Flow adjustment
  • LR Nelson

    Anne says: * Front Trigger Nozzle with Multi-flow and Flow Control (2295)
    * Rainmaster Dial 5 Nozzle (2665)

    Handy flow control adjustment at thumb position.

    Die cast zinc with fiberglass filled nylon handle (2295) or high impact plastic construction (2665).

    Insulated grip keeps hands warm when using with cold water.

    Five pattern water spray: shower, flat, full, mist, and stream.

    • Die cast zinc or plastic construction
    • Insulated grip
    • Water saving flow lever

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