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Best Garden Hose Pots & Best Gardening Hose Pot

Tired of wrestling with an ugly snake’s nest of unwieldy garden hose? Does the sight of an unsightly garden hose connected to the faucet raise your blood pressure and bring about thoughts of vengeance for past tripping events? Hose pots are the solution! Designed to contain and control, these vessels are perfect to coil garden hoses within so hoses stay out of sight and away from foot traffic.

Many hose pots are beautifully decorative and enhance the outdoor décor immensely. Made of steel, copper, terra cotta, or poly resin, these durable hose pots are a work of art specifically designed to hide an ugly garden hose and solve the eternal struggle of keeping it neat and contained. Many hose pots are made of copper that dulls over time to a beautiful patina finish - perfect to blend into the garden environment. Others have a patina finished added. Whatever the material, they are functional and attractive.

Hose pots are available in several sizes to accommodate hoses up to 150 ft. Some even have discrete hose reels inside to help with the coiling process. Look for hose pots that are heavy (stable) enough to stay upright when reeling in the hose.

There are several features that are important in a quality hose pot. Look for drains in the bottom of the pot to prevent stagnant water from sitting around the hose and breeding mosquitoes. A reinforced, non-abrasive side exit hole is handy for easy connection of the hose to the faucet. Lastly, a center post is very beneficial to help coil the hose in an orderly manner and avoid tangling.

An architectural feature in the garden, hose pots perform a valuable service too!

With the best garden hose pots, you'll keep that unwieldy garden hose under control. Always the best price these best gardening hose pot recommendations feature durable, decorative choices.

Best Hose Pots by Anne Marie Van Nest

The Best You Can Get

  • Frontgate Handmade Copper Hose Pots

    Anne says: Attractive Turkish cauldron design that is wider at the base with concave sides and is coated with a slightly weathered verdigris patina and lacquer finish. This hose pot has a natural look that belongs in a garden.

    Large hose capacity with a diameter to holds 100 ft. (#34059) or 150 ft. (#19520).

    Quality finishing touches and a reinforced side hole.

    • Large #19520, Standard #34059; Holds 150 or 100 ft. of hose
    • Weathered verdigris patina and lacquer finish
    • Side hole and bottom hole
    • Center post
    • Handmade
  • Good Directions Decorative Bee Keeper Hose Pot

    Anne says: Constructed of sage colored steel, these hose pots will not rust, dent, or chip.

    Innovative and attractive design that is guaranteed to draw attention to the hose pot-not your hoses.

    Complementary lid available from some retailers.

    • Model #GD445 holds up to 150 ft. of hose
    • Handmade
    • Raised interior base
    • Multiple drainage holes
    • Side exit hole
  • Good Directions Pumpkin Outdoor Garden Hose Pot

    Anne says: Handcrafted with an antique brass-look.

    Pumpkin-themed lid included to complete the style and to protect garden hoses from sun damage.

    • Model #GD447 holds up to 150 ft. of hose
    • Orange and black pumpkin theme
    • Center post
    • Drain holes in bottom
    • Small, side exit hole
  • Good Directions Outdoor Garden Hose Pot in Sage

    Anne says: Hand-crafted steel with a sage color finish. Attractive design that complements any garden style.

    Raised interior base helps guide the hose inside the container.

    • Model #GD448
    • Holds up to 150 ft. of hose
    • Steel with sage finish
    • Multiple drainage holes in bottom
    • Side exit hole
  • CobraCo Round Copper Hose Pot

    Anne says: Attractive garden addition, constructed of weather-resistant steel finished with a powder-coated, copper-plated exterior highlighted with hints of verdigris.

    • Holds 150 ft. of hose
    • Drain in bottom
    • Side exit hole
    • Center post

You will be happy with any of these

  • Grandinroad Round Copper Hose Holder

    Anne says: Attractive and functional design with iron side handles for easy portability.

    Copper bowl will weather and form a distinctive patina over time.

    Useful for garden hose storage and as a garden accent.

    • Model #26989
    • Holds up to 100 ft. of hose
    • Copper bowl
    • Side exit hole
    • Center post
  • CobraCo Copper Hued Hose Pot with Lid

    Anne says: Attractive hose pot with powder-coated copper finish.

    Aged patina finish accentuates the flower and bird design on two sides.

    Complementary lid included to provide longer hose life and protect from sun damage.

    • Model #707779
    • Holds up to 100 ft. of hose
    • Tight fitting lid
    • Drain in bottom
    • Center pole
  • Akro-Mils Garden Hose Pot

    Anne says: Made of terra cotta, sandstone, or black granite colored resin in a traditional southwest pottery style.

    Hose hole plug included if using this container as a planter instead of a hose pot.

    • Model #93021
    • Holds 75 ft. of hose
    • Side exit hole
    • Water drainage channel in bottom
  • Arizona Pottery Terracotta Hose Pot

    Anne says: Handmade terra cotta container made in Mexico of a traditional design. The very heavy dark clay hose pot is available sealed or unsealed. Decorated by hand with slash and flower accents.

    • Model #TM103
    • Holds 50 ft. of hose
    • Handmade in Mexico
    • Side exit hole
    • Center pole
  • Suncast Resin Wicker Garden Hose Pot

    Anne says: Manufactured with high impact polypropylene resin with UV sun protection.

    Includes Easylink connection system with leader hose.

    • Model #WHP80
    • Holds 80 ft. of hose
    • Decorative weave finish
    • Durable brown resin

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The best garden hose pots combine decorative style with a very practical purpose. These best gardening hose pot recommendations hide your ugly hose and keeps it from tangling up underfoot. These best copper hose pots and other hose pots also feature architectural designs that add to the style of your home.