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Immersion blenders have recently gained popularity among home chefs. It purees large batches of soup, makes emulsified salad dressings, and smoothies at the touch of a button. An eight-inch shaft that is common on most blenders will reach the bottom of deep pots and pitchers. Imagine a quick fresh salsa, gazpacho, or home vinaigrette without the added sweeteners and preservatives. It is no longer necessary to worry about pouring hot liquid in a blender or dirtying extra cookware.

Most are dishwasher safe with removable parts that make them simple to clean after every use, and the blades are stainless steel for durability and longevity. Units are available with attachments that will allow one tool for many jobs. This is a necessity in any functioning kitchen.

Immersion blenders are available with a single or multi-speed motor. Single speeds are great for salad dressings and items that could separate during blending. High speed is meant for liquefying or fine pureed marinades for meats or fish. If power is a concern, always look for a blender that has a robust motor with stainless steel components for the best culinary results. Other immersion blenders are available in durable plastic that are less expensive. Use this type of blender to save time and expand your cooking style.

What to look for? I’ll discuss many different types that include attachments, multi-speed, and basic blenders. If you are a beginner, I suggest using the immersion blender in its simplest intention. Choose one of the following that is designed for that purpose. If you are confident, you’ll expand your cooking and recipe knowledge with a more advanced blender; so choose accordingly. Once you are used to an immersion blender, you may wonder why your counter top unit is still sitting out, taking up precious space!

Buy the right immersion blenders from Viking, Wolfgang Puck, KitchenAid and others at the best price. We recommend the best blenders for whipping up everything from smoothies to that special sauce.

Best Immersion Blenders by Scott Leibfried

The Best You Can Get

  • Breville Cordless Immersion Blender

    Scott says: I like this blender for the simple fact it can go anywhere! Spice up store bought BBQ sauce out by the grill; keep the mess away from the kitchen. This is essential for the home chef that wants to show off at a tailgate party. Chops vegetables with ease for rubs and marinades and also whips perfect cream with attachments. Easy to charge and long battery life.

    • Easy to charge long life battery
    • Machine washable
  • Dualit Professional Immersion Handheld Blender

    Scott says: Blend, liquefy, and chop all in one. Lifetime guarantee on the blade. This unit has a 500-watt dual speed motor that produces 9000 to 16,000 rpms. This immersion blender has a few professional features such as an ability to pulse for rough chopping. This is my pick for the pro at home.

    • Very powerful residential blender
    • Lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel blade
    • Variable speed control
  • Waring Quick Stick 2 Speed 100W Standard Duty Immersion Blender 7”

    Scott says: This is a commercial grade immersion blender for the home chef who has to have the best of everything. This blender is found in many commercial kitchens and can handle the volume. Unlike the other units, this model boasts a high efficiency duel speed motor to help save on electricity. This is my choice for the chef that loves tools.

    • Model WSB33
    • Professional grade
    • Available in standard color grey
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Viking Immersion Blender

    Scott says: Viking has been a leader in kitchen equipment and introduced a home line in 1987. This immersion blender features a sleek stainless steel design with a duel speed 300-watt motor. Blending and whipping attachments included; mix cup and chopping attachments sold separately. Lightweight with professional technology at home.

    • Commercial durability with residential appearance
    • 5-foot power cord
  • Wolfgang Puck - Immersion Blender

    Scott says: From milkshakes to soups to dips, it’s all possible for your next intimate dinner party or backyard kids’ party. This blender has an extra long shaft for the harder to reach items and stainless steel for easy cleanup. Like most commercial blenders, it has a 550-watt motor with variable speeds. This unit will have you cooking like a pro. Attachments are included.

    • Stainless steel wall mounting unit included
    • Also features a turbo button for higher speed

You will be happy with any of these

  • Kitchen Aid 300 Immersion Blender

    Scott says: This is a powerful blender with a reliable name behind it. Guaranteed to make cooking at home very easy. Think about making smooth pancake and cake batters with a whisk attachment. Included are a chopping attachments, and a blender beaker. Completely dishwasher safe, and stainless steel can be wiped clean.

    • 5-foot power cord
    • Non-stick grip
  • Oster Immersion Hand Blender

    Scott says: This is a lightweight blender best for mixing and blending. It has a stainless steel removable shaft for easy clean up and a two speed motor for low and high speed applications. No attachment is included.

    • Model 2613
    • Available in red and white
    • Multiple speeds at an affordable price
  • Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender

    Scott says: This stylish, onyx black blender by Kitchen Aid can be purchased separately and as a complete appliance selection. You can take your time, and acquire the necessary equipment on a “as needed” basis. The extra long power cord makes blending easy in any part of the kitchen and is recommended for hot or cold liquids. The lower portion of the blender is removable for easy cleaning, complete with a stainless steel blade.

    • Chopping beaker included
    • Single touch power button
  • Cuisinart Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender and Chopper

    Scott says: Now here’s a timesaver! A hand blender and chopper in one. Changing attachments and pushing the button is all you need to do. It has a three-year warranty and weights 5.5 pounds. Blend, whip, and chop all in the same bowl limiting the cleanup.

    • One-touch on, off, and pulse
    • All attachments included
  • Proctor Silex Hand Blender

    Scott says: Here is a terrific basic immersion blender. It is great for dressings and home made fruit juices. The ergonomic handle combined with a stainless steel blade produces a quality outcome every time.

    • One-year limited warranty
    • 5-foot power cord

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Know the differences in immersion blenders to find the best blenders for your needs. These best blenders come in single motors perfect for salad dressings and other blending, while multi-motor blenders have enough power to puree or liquefy. We recommend the right kitchen blenders from Oster, KitchenAid, Viking and others, always at the best price.