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You will be your dog’s best friend if you ensure he always has access to a well-stocked toy box. Playtime is essential to keep dogs physically fit and help fight obesity. Lots of exercise also gives dogs excellent mental stimulation and helps to stave off boredom which can lead to behavioral problems such as destruction around the home.

The doggie toy box should always contain a variety of the following three kinds of toys:

1. Action toys designed to promote interactive play between dogs and their owners as well as with other dogs.

2. Distraction toys are designed to keep dogs busy when they are home alone.

3. Comfort toys such as soft cuddly animals that offer pets comfort and reassurance.

When it comes to interactive action toys, Sir Isaac Newton must have had dogs in mind when he came up with the third law of motion; “For every action, there is a reaction.” In dog terms, that’s are all about chasing and fetching!

Here are the best interactive toys that are guaranteed to having dogs barking with delight.

Best Interactive Dog Toys by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • The Ring Zinger

    Sandy says: Put a spin on canine fun by adding some chase to a typical game of fetch. The Ring Zinger is launched with a special hand-held launcher that sets the round rubber ring in motion rolling and hopping and bouncing all over the place in unpredictable patterns.

    • It works on any kind of surface even grass
    • The ring can also be thrown as a fly ring
    • Extra rings can be purchased separately to increase the fun for multiple dogs
  • Stunt Pilots

    Sandy says: These soft furry retrieve toys have a built-in slingshot to launch them letting them perform a series of flying maneuvers before falling to the ground. They chatter and squeak as they fly to much canine delight.

    • There’s a choice between a stunt pilot squirrel and a stunt pilot chicken
    • Easy to operate, simply grab the chin strap, pull, and release
    • Flies up to 50 feet
  • Hyperdog Ball Launcher

    Sandy says: This is a high performance slingshot-styled interactive toy can be loaded with up to four tennis balls to keep more than one dog playing simultaneously.

    • Made with high-grade sport tubing to launch balls up to 200 feet
    • Designed to reload without handling the balls
    • Excellent training tool that uses standard tennis balls
    • There is a smaller version holding smaller balls for tiny breeds and puppies
    • Also available in a two-ball model
  • The Meteorlight K9 Dog Ball

    Sandy says: This high velocity rubber ball is terrific for retrieving games played on any surface and is excellent for night games as it glows in the dark actually changing colors from red to green to blue. It’s waterproof and floats, too, making it an ideal toy for water-based games in the pool or at the beach.

    • Hand pressure activates the color changes in a simple on/off motion
    • Comes with easily replaceable long life batteries
    • It’s the size of a standard tennis ball making is suitable for most dogs
  • The Dog Brick

    Sandy says: This doggie board game will bring hours of interactive delight to both the dog and its owner and provide excellent mental stimulation for your canine friend.

    • Easy to set up with any treat of your choice
    • Let your dog watch you place treats on the board and cover them with the covers
    • Show him where the first one is hidden and then let him nose out the rest for himself
    • The covers slide easily from side to side; what he finds, he eats!
    • Switching the treats around to keep the games going for hours, but make sure he gets his rewards at the end

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Woody

    Sandy says: Your dog’s favorite stick was the inspiration for this wooden toy that floats. It’s ideal for fun and games in any weather conditions.

    • Lightweight and floatable
    • Shaped like a barbell or baton for easy pick-up
    • Two sizes available for small and large dogs
    • Environmentally friendly as it’s made from by product from Brazilian rubber trees once the latex has been harvested
  • The Bodhi Lucky Carp

    Sandy says: This rubber toy is a waterborne favorite. It’s lightweight and easy to throw for both land or water games.

    Available in one size but the design makes its suitable for smaller dogs, too.

    • The carp is a symbol of abundance, particularly during the Chinese New Year
    • Other Chinese symbols in the range include floating bamboo-shaped toys and a lotus flower
    • Made from custom-formulated extra rugged vinyl to make them hard-wearing
    • Non-toxic
    • Extra-louder squeakers notch up the fun
  • The Jolly Tug-n-Toss

    Sandy says: This great interactive toy has a handle for easy throwing and, because it’s made from a low-density non-toxic polyethylene, it’s easy for dogs to bite into to carry back. It can be punctured but will not deflate.

    • Available in pink, blue, red, purple, and blueberry
    • Available in four sizes: 4.5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches making it suitable for all sized dogs
    • Floats for water-based fun
    • Because of the handle, it bounces all over the place adding extra fun to the games
  • The Floppy Frisbee

    Sandy says: Dogs love to fetch this brightly colored Frisbee that is easy to spot in the water, field, or snow. Floppy Frisbee flies and floats so it’s perfect for outdoor play. Floppy Frisbee is flexible and soft so it won’t harm your dog’s teeth and nose.

    • Available in three sizes: 12-inch, 10-inch, and 7-inch
    • Easy to throw particularly for elderly dog owners
  • Canine Styles Orbee Rope Ball

    Sandy says: This rubber earth ball with rope is a durable fetch toy with a minty smell. You can tie several together and let the games begin.

    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Small 2¼” diameter
    • Medium 3¼” diameter
    • Large 4¼” diameter
    • All sizes are available in the following color combinations: blue and green, pink and blue, and glow and orange

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