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Homeschool teachers need ways to motivate young learners, to help them and guide them to new learning just as classroom teachers and parents do. Finding the perfect supplement to enhance the curriculum can be a daunting task with such a multitude of gadgets and gizmos from which to choose. Sometimes, we need that perfect tool to catch a learner’s attention or to keep them from feeling unsuccessful. The Best Elementary Student Aid Products will get teachers, whether homeschool or classroom, on the right track for lending a hand and building self-confidence and success. Students who feel good about their academic identity will ultimately be more successful in the classroom and beyond, so get going with these products, your protégés will be glad you did!

With the best elementary home school resources, you'll have the perfect gizmo or gadget to inspire your kids. With these best home school supplies, you'll enhance the curriculum for fun days of learning.

Best K-8 Student Accessories by Amy Williams

The Best You Can Get

  • Digitz Multiplication Game

    Amy says: Fingers fly to the colorful, brightly-lit answer paddles in Digitz’s fast-paced, fun-filled, race against time to answer. Soon-to-be multiplication masters can race themselves or buddies with one of five skill games from multiplication facts, missing factors, multiples, factor pairs, or sequencing. Problems pop up on the lighted LCD screen while lights and sounds provide instant feedback and motivation for answers. At the end of each game it even gives a second opportunity for missed problems. This learning aid not only boosts brain power, memory skills, and confidence, it tops the fun factor charts with students. The lightweight, portable disc can go anywhere, anytime. Use the volume control or plug in your headphones to the jack when play needs to be more discreet. Make masters of multiplication, and make it matter!

    • Memory skills
    • 8” talking console
    • 3 “C” batteries or AC adaptor (purchased separately)
  • Reading Rods Phonics Activity Set, Word Building

    Amy says: Engage youngsters who are just learning or need supplemental support with early literacy skills. This word building all-in-one activity set is a fun, hands-on set of interlocking color coded “rods”, twenty two-sided activity cards, activity tray, dry erase board with washable dry erase pen and eraser all packaged in a soft, easy-to-pack-and-carry binder. Reading Rods are based on current research and foster phonological and phonemic awareness as students recognize and build letter combinations and patterns, identify rhyming words, vowel families, spelling patterns, and use the silent “e” rule. Build, read, and write with Learning Resources Reading Rods for improving reading success whether at home or at school. A great supplement and award winner you won’t want your early or struggling readers to miss.

    For older or more proficient readers try Reading Rods Phonics Activity Set: Sentence Building.

    • Ages 6-9
    • Early literacy
    • Award winner
  • Eye Level Reading Rulers

    Amy says: There are a number of factors as to why readers struggle: glare, tracking, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or other disabilities. Sometimes readers get headaches and suffer eye fatigue, so they have trouble reading for long periods of time. Eye Level Rulers are research-based bookmark like strips of half opaque and half colored transparent plastic designed to underline and highlight text while reading and therefore tackle a multitude of reading troubles. Reading line by line with the strips helps readers conquer glare and tracking problems while encouraging focus and concentration on the section of text being read. Minimizing the glare of a white page, reducing movement of text, and decreasing loss of focus caused by the white spaces of the page will build concentration and reading success. Eye Level Reading Rulers have played a role in building self-esteem, increasing fluency, and allowing readers to read more comfortably for longer periods of time. The rulers by Crossbow Education come in ten colors; let students test them to know which works best, they’ll know. Order testing packs to get it just right then pick the color or colors you need (two colors can be combined to create a more efficient color). Try the rulers with new readers, struggling readers, or even elderly readers. They’re small, discreet, and amazingly helpful.

    You might also find a need for broader strips or full colored pages for paragraphs, graphs, diagrams, etc.

    • Translucent
    • 10 Colors
  • Creative Writing Flip Chart

    Amy says: Help get those creative juices flowing with real-life photography and unique writing prompts. Divided into four sections, the flip chart covers the basics of who, what, where, and when, but with thought provoking combinations. Just imagine what kind of story the combo of the carpenter, with the red umbrella, in the garden, at sunset might provoke. Students can tell or write a new story with each flip of each double-sided flap. Engage all types of learners including English Language Learners and students with special needs. The chart includes sixty total cards and comes with a handy activity guide.

    • Ages 6-10
    • 14 ½” L x 5” H
  • Reading Comprehension Spinners

    Amy says: Give your homeschoolers or classroom literature groups a sense of ownership and focus with these colorful, illustrated comprehension spinners. Individuals or group members spin to see which questions will be written about or discussed that day. Questions range from setting, making personal connections, to retelling. They’re a great way to keep readers actively engaged and on task. Backs of each spinner have variations and extension ideas. Expand their use by having a student spin for a nightly question about their independent reading, use in guided reading groups, or make available to individuals for reading workshops. Explore vocabulary, comprehension, and build critical reading skills.

    Also, try the K-3 version for Before Guided Reading and the upper grade version, Reading Comprehension for grades 4-6.

    • Set of two
    • 10” x 10”
    • Grades K-3

You will be happy with any of these

  • Lakeshore Two-Way Teaching Clock

    Amy says: Make learning to tell time a breeze with Lakeshore’s giant, easy-to-read teaching clock. Little hands can easily turn the color-coded hour and minute hands while watching the digital display move along minute by minute. The visible gears of the clock keep the analog and digital times perfectly synchronized as the hands are turned. Use the adjustable window to hide the digital view for self-checking and monitoring learning. Teachers and parents need this colorful, easy-to-use clock for teaching time.

    • Analog and digital time
    • AM/PM feature
    • 15” tall
  • FridgeFile

    Amy says: The handy filing system with either a dry erase message board or calendar and four large filing pockets makes organization a cinch. FridgeFile’s lightweight, flexible, but durable filing center is perfect for organizing long-term projects, lesson plans, assignments, homework, letters, reading logs, etc. Homeschooling teachers and parents can help students and students can help themselves get an organization system going so everyone stays informed of what’s going on and what needs to be done. Buy one or buy many so you and your student will stay organized and have easy access to items of importance. Hang by the four strong magnets (strong enough to stay put with over 60 papers) or attach to a bulletin board or wall. FridgeFile comes with a dry erase pen and eraser. Organization is the key!

    • Magnetic
    • Vertical, 19” H x 12” W
    • 4 pockets, 10” W x 12” H
    • Tear-resistant plastic & sonic-welded seams
  • Daily Oral Language in Action, Verb Tense

    Amy says: Facilitate the essential language skill of correct verb tense with the handy, quick-to-use, hands-on set of 110 cards. Students arrange one of thirty sentences, one word at a time, by choosing the correct verb tense and correct order of words for each sentence. Cards vary in difficulty and include topics of character traits, healthy habits, and good manners and are organized in a flip-top divided box. The set also includes six write-on/write-off cards and a handy guide. Use the cards individually, in small groups or learning stations, or for a quick moment of down time during the day. They’re easy to use, fun to build, at home or at school.

    Also consider: Daily Oral Language in Action, Punctuation for Grades 1-4 and Daily Oral Language in Action, Spelling for Grades 1-2.

    • Hands-on
    • Ages 7-10
    • 3” square to 3” x 5”
  • Lakeshore Instant Activity Center

    Amy says: A convenient, foldable activity center provides multiple uses for students. It’s perfect for an at-home study carol, or a learning and homework center. Homeschool teachers can use multiple centers for organizing students’ lessons by subject or one for each individual. They also work perfectly as a learning station in the classroom, for small groups, or for individuals who need a quiet place to work. The eight clear pouches and six spacious pockets keep materials accessible and organized. Plus when you’re through just fold it up with the hook and loop closures until next time. Students love the feeling of having an office and teachers and parents love the handy, simple set-up.

    • Freestanding
    • 20” x 48” open
    • Durable nylon
  • The Pencil Grip

    Amy says: Need help with grip correction or need to strengthen and train fine motor skills? The Pencil Grip, used by occupational therapists, will give a needed boost and will help keep fingers positioned properly on pens or pencils. The soft, comfortable ergonomically-correct grip fits most pens or pencils and works for righties or lefties. When fine motor skills are strengthened and it’s not a struggle to hold a pencil, students will find writing less of a chore.

    For an extra alternative try the Grip Tec 2000 Pencil.

    • Ergonomic
    • Writing aid

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