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There are keyboard arms and trays that can be adjusted for sitting and standing height or just seated height.

Most of the articulating arms work with trays discussed here are combo units (manufacturers also refer to these as “adjustable arms” and “platforms”). The arms adjust with spring-assisted adjustment mechanisms instead of knobs that can bump your knees. Sometimes there is a choice of arm track length and what you order depends on the depth of the desk on which it will be installed. All of the arms have positive/negative tilt mechanism. Negative tilt is highly recommended by ergonomists.

A word about the sit stand concept…

Just the simple movement towards standing throughout the day increases respiration and energizes the body. Standing at intervals throughout the day creates opportunities to stretch and help maintain the back’s natural curvature. Given the opportunity, one will change from sitting to standing posture several times a day.

It is easier to stretch and move in a standing posture, an important part of a healthy body and overall comfort. Plus, reaction alertness is improved and this can lead to increased productivity.

The Best of the Best section features sit-stand arms and keyboard trays systems as well as advanced systems for seated positions.

Choose the best keyboard arms and trays that make working all day comfortable. These ergonomic keyboard trays and arms are often height adjustable so you get the right fit every time.

Best Keyboard Arms and Trays by Wendy Gail Young

The Best You Can Get

  • Fox Bay - Sit Stand Adjustable Arm and Keyboard Tray

    Wendy says: The Fox Bay Sit Stand Arm lets you to move from sitting to standing in seconds. Installed under your desktop this is a wonderful alternative to purchasing a sit-stand desk.

    Consider some unique features: the keyboard tray moves laterally and with unlimited negative or positive tilt. Plus it allows 360° rotation at two pivot points.

    The height range is from 9" below to 13" above the mounting point. A gas cylinder easily floats the arm for adjustment and automatically locks in place.

    The 18” track fully retracts under the work surface so if you have room for the 18” size, I recommend it. Otherwise go for the 16” track. The payoffs are extra energy to your day!

    See the following for the Fox Bay keyboard trays I recommend for this arm.

    TL22N - 22" Keyboard Tray without Wrist Support
    TL27N - 27" Keyboard Tray without Wrist Support

    * Perfect for ergonomic keyboards
    * Keeps your keyboard and mouse from sliding
    * Keeps mouse where you want it

    The keyboard trays I recommend from Fox Bay come without the wrist supports because they get in the way of ergonomic keyboards that have them built-in or you can add one if you prefer.

    I especially like these trays because they are lined with a non-slip material and come with a mouse cord notch keeping your keyboard and mouse in place. Plus the 1” guard protects your keyboard when you slide it under your desk. This is great ergonomics!

    • Adjusts to sitting and standing positions
    • Knob-less, lever-less height adjustment
    • Sit-stand alternative – budget priced
    • Model AAS - Arm
  • Neutral Posture - StandUp™

    Wendy says: The Neutral Posture StandUp™ provides sit-stand adjustability in seconds. It adjusts with a 12” scissor lift mechanism and holds up to 150 lbs.

    It provides a height range adjustment of 24–44” and retrofits to a variety of standard keyboard trays and mechanisms with an easy bolt hole pattern.

    This is a great sit-stand alternative and easy on the budget.

    • Instantly and infinitely adjustable
    • Creates sit-stand workstation in seconds
    • Model # SUP04
  • Workrite - Banana-Board System

    Wendy says: The Workrite Banana-Board System allows you to adjust your keyboard and mouse to your comfort level.

    The adjustable Pinnacle 2 Arm has an has an easy glide, ball bearing track with a height range adjustment that is flush with desktop to 6” below the work surface.

    The mouse platform slides side-to-side for left and right handed mousing. Or you may just want to rest your tired mousing hand! The Mouse-Forward platform design brings the mouse closer to body, preventing shoulder extension. It includes a built-in document holder for simple data entry.

    The cord management and “mouse trap” keep the mouse and keyboard in place. The Keyboard Tray is 19” x 13” and the Mouse Tray measures 7” length. The Pinnacle 2 Arm is available a 17" or 22" track depending on the depth of your desk.

    The tilt adjustment allows you to have the correct angle to keep your wrists straight. Ever hit your knees on your tray? Ouch! The slim mounting bracket prevents this from happening again!

    • Adjust keyboard and mouse to comfortable height
    • Adjust mouse tray left or right
    • Built-in document holder
  • Ergonomic Solutions - Solution Ultra

    Wendy says: The Solution Ultra system is extremely versatile to meet a variety of ergonomic requirements.

    The Switch-n-Click Mousing Platform swivels and tilts independently and it can be placed at two different heights and three different positions as follows:

    * In direct line with keyboard at Mouse Above or platform height
    * Over the 10-key to decrease reach
    * Closer to the body - Mouse Above or platform height

    Wonderful product!

    • Adjusts at 2 heights
    • Adjusts in 3 positions
    • Easy repositioning of mouse left to right
  • Neutral Posture Keyboard Arm Tray Combo – Softouch Swivel

    Wendy says: This arm and tray combo provides everything you need to work at a comfortable typing and mousing height. It easily mounts under your desk and allows you to adjust to your comfort level. The standard tilt range it provides is 0° to -15°.

    The SofTouch™ tray is constructed of a smooth lightweight urethane with a
    universal swivel mouse tray that can be adjusted left to right and forward. This gives your body an opportunity to share the load.

    • Adjusts 6” below and 6” above worksurface
    • Adjusts for left and right mousing
    • Model A33

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Powerboard

    Wendy says: The Powerboard is a wood platform, lap tray, with a corduroy covered "bean bag" underneath, which holds the keyboard on the lap in a comfortable position. Measuring 23” x 7.5” it is ideal for use short footprint ergonomic keyboards without a numeric keypad.

    The Powerboard allows the user to have a lower hand position for more optimal use of gravity. Place it in your lap, shake the "bean bag" to the position and angle of tilt you want, and you and your POWERBOARD are ready to work!

    • Provides easy keyboard and mouse height adjustment
    • Perfect for telecommuters or wireless keyboard users
    • Budget priced keyboard height adjustment solution
  • Sunway Inc.

    Wendy says: If you want only minimal height adjustment this is a great solution for you. Easily slide your keyboard and mouse in and out during your busy day. The 16" ball bearing drawer slides provide smooth rolling action and tray locks into place.

    It is adjustable from 1 7/8" to 3 1/2" measured from bottom of work surface to top of the tray. Included is an adhesive-bottom foam wrist pad to rest on in between typing sessions and a convenient cord clip is included to keep your mouse in place!

    Choose 21” or 28” tray depending on your workstation requirements. The overall dimensions are 30" W x 16.25" D.

    • Height adjustable from 1 7/8
    • Available in a 21” or 28” tray
  • ESI Ergonomic Solutions – Solution 4

    Wendy says: ESI Ergonomic Solutions AA370 Adjustable Arm and PLMAC Mouse Forward Tray can be installed for left and right handed mousing. It adjusts 8” below and 8” above the work surface.

    It has a 24.75” glide track so be sure you have enough depth under your desk to install it.

    Depending on your height it may be used as a sit-stand arm.

    The tray works on straight edge, diagonal and large radius workstations. It includes a mouse pad, mouse guards, cord management clip, and detachable palm rest.

    • Platform reverses for right or left-handed users
    • Places mouse forward and closer to body
  • ESI Ergonomic Solutions – Solution 1CC

    Wendy says: This articulating arm and keyboard tray combo easily adjusts with a spring-assisted mechanism up to 1.25" above and 5" below the 17" glide track. The height and tilt is adjusted simultaneously with a soft touch knob.

    The keyboard and mouse are on the same 25" cut corner platform with a single palm rest and allowing for left or right-handed mousing.

    Includes mouse pads, mouse guards, cord management clip, and detachable palm rest.

    • Adjusts 1.25” above and 5” below track
    • Keyboard and mouse on same level
    • AA260 - Articulating Arm - PL003CC and Corner Cut Keyboard Platform
  • Workrite

    Wendy says: This system features the Pinnacle Value Arm and rectangular platform, one of Workrite’s original designs and still very popular.

    It has a “mouse trap” that keeps the mouse in place even when adjusted in a negative slope position. The 26.75” x 11.5” platform comes with a LeatheRite (leather-like), removable palm support. It adjusts from flush with desktop to 6” below.

    The Pinnacle Value Arm is available in a 17” or 22” nylon track.

    • 6” height adjustment range
    • Mouse trap keeps mouse in place

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