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Best Kid Keyboards & Best Keyboards for Kids

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As you will see all the keyboards discussed below are probably the most brightly colored keyboards you have ever seen. The idea is all about helping your children learn how to use the keyboard while learning lessons on the screen.

Plus, kids love to have fun so these bright color-coded keyboards inspire tons of fun and creativity, too.

Some of these keyboards can even be used by adults that are just learning or have vision challenges.

Best of the Best:

All of the keyboards in this section are geared mainly towards children with fun themes they recognize or smaller keyboards that fit their hands differently. Plus some of them come with cute little mice!

The best kid keyboards consider comfort but mostly importantly bright colors to stimulate your kids' imaginations. We recommend the best keyboards for kids that give the head start on games and school work.

Best Keyboards for Kids by Wendy Gail Young

The Best You Can Get

  • FunKeyBoard™ FunMouse™ Bundle

    Wendy says: There is a lot of fun in the FunKeyBoard™ & FunMouse™! The color-coded keys help inspire kids to learn while they are having fun. The vowels, consonants, arrow keys, character set, and numbers are each assigned a different color. Imagine the creativity your child will have when they are learning how to maneuver the keyboard while viewing the screen.

    The optical FunMouse™ is sized to comfortably fit in your child’s small hands and it is color coded just like the keyboard. It has a blue left click, red right click and a green scroll wheel.

    The connector is a USB & PS/2 combo.

  • KidzMouse Keyboard (Disney and Nickelodeon models)

    Wendy says: The Disney KidzMouse Keyboard has only the keys that kids really need to learn how to use a keyboard. The function keys, pause/break and num lock have all been eliminated. The keys are rounded to fit a child’s hands much easier.

    The Disney Keyboard and all its character comes with built in software that prevents typing run-on letters (typinggggggg). When pressing the keys, only one character is actually typed.

    It has flip out feet to change the tilt angle from 0 to 7%. The keyboard comes with Disney’s Timon & Pumbaa typing software that teaches correct typing posture and technique.

    The Disney Keyboard has a ledge that children can put their MP3 player or a toy.

    The KidzMouse keyboard is also available with a Nickelodeon design.

    • Software eliminates run-on letters
    • Dimensions: 16” W x 7” L x 1.25” H
    • Small keyboard and fewer keys
  • Mini Keyboard and Mouse

    Wendy says: The Mini Keyboard and Mouse are a third the size of a standard keyboard and come in several colors including blue, yellow, pink, green, and silver. The keys are arranged in a subtle A-shape, keeping fingers in natural angle while typing.

    The optical mini mouse fits in the palm of your child’s hand, increasing mousing comfort and control.

    A free download version of the Typing Fun game software is available to help children learn to type.

    The keyboard has a PS/2 connector and the mouse is USB and includes a PS/2 connector.

    • Mini keyboard for small hands
    • Includes an optical mini mouse
    • Keyboard: 14.2 L x 6.5 W x 1.2 H in.
    • Mouse: 4.1 L x 2.2 W x 1.3 H in.
  • Crayola Keyboard

    Wendy says: A Crayola inspired keyboard! How fun is that? Your children can learn how to type easily with the Crayola® EZ Type Keyboard. It can be used by itself or with other Crayola computer accessories.

    Each color coded letter has specific functions such as green for the alphabet, orange for the numbers and blue for the special characters, yellow for the arrow keys. You get the picture. It makes learning fun and easy for your child.

    Works with Windows 98SE, 2000 Me, XP or Vista, Mac® OS X 10.1 X or later and has an available USB Port.

    The Crayola Keyboard is recommended for ages three and up.

    • Crayola® USB EZ Type Keyboard (Model 11071)
    • Color-coded key areas
    • Size: 19.5 x 1.8 x 7.8 inches
    • Weight: 2.1 lbs
    • Standard size keys
  • Califone Kids Keyboard

    Wendy says: The Califone Keyboard helps beginners to locate numbers, vowels, and consonants easily. The bright colors help inspire children with creativity and desire to learn how to type and use the computer.

    Young students learn how to type using the color coded keys and the standardized keyboard layout.

    • Color coded keys
    • USB and PS2 connectors
    • Standard size keys

You will be happy with any of these

  • LearningBoard

    Wendy says: The LearningBoard™ is an excellent way for your elementary-aged student to master keyboarding and computer skills, and phonics. The color-coded system makes it easier for children to develop keyboard skills and helps inspire their creativity and motivation to learn.

    The consonants, vowels, punctuation marks, numbers, and computer function keys each come in a different color.

    The standard Qwerty key layout encourages easy touch-typing.

    It comes with a USB connector and a PS/2 adapter.

    • Color-coded keys
    • Qwerty key layout
    • Standard size keys
  • KinderBoard™ Large Key Keyboard

    Wendy says: The KinderBoard™ is great for first-time keyboarders with large, 1-inch-square keys and that make it easy-to-read the numbers and letters. The color-coded keys help children learn the alphabet and character sets.

    Consonants are blue and vowels are purple. The number keys are red, character set keys are yellow, and so on.

    The oversized keys help children that are just developing their motor skills or experience a motor skills impairment to have easier contract and control.

    It is available in most country formats.

    • Large 1” square keys
    • Color coded keys
    • Standard key layout
    • Two USB ports
  • Big Keys Plus Keyboard – ABC Order Keys

    Wendy says: BigKeys Plus ABC Model has 1-inch-square keys that help beginner keyboarders and others with dexterity challenges. It has a simple keyboard layout with the shift key, backspace key, F1-F10 keys, and limited punctuation.

    It has multi-color keys in ABC order that helps children that are learning the alphabet and learning how to read. This ABC design helps beginners have fun while learning.

    It comes with a PS/2 connector and there is an optional custom BigKeys USB adapter.

    • ABC key layout
    • 1” square multi-colored keys
    • Standard size keyboard
  • Big Keys Keyboard – QWERTY Order Keys

    Wendy says: BigKeys Plus QWERTY Model has 1-inch-square keys that help beginner keyboarders and others with dexterity challenges. It has a simple keyboard layout with the shift key, backspace key, F1-F10 keys, and limited punctuation.

    It has multi-color keys in standard QWERTY order for beginners familiar with the standard QWERTY key layout. It allows them to take advantage of computer learning programs and increase their comfort with the standard keyboard design.

    It comes with a PS/2 connector and there is an optional custom BigKeys USB adapter.

    • QWERTY key layout
    • 1” square multi-colored keys
    • Standard size keyboard
  • VisionBoard ™ Large Key Keyboard

    Wendy says: The VisionBoard™ is perfect for kids and adults with vision or dexterity challenges. The design helps reduce eyestrain and improve readability with black on white letters. This color contrast helps the eyes focus much easier.

    Typing control is increased due to the oversized keys that create additional contact area. Whether this is for your child who is developing motor skills or for someone with arthritis this keyboard is a great start to make computing easier.

    The VisionBoard™ is also MAC compatible with the PS/2 to USB Converter.

    • Oversized keys
    • Large print letters and numbers

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