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Best Eco Friendly Kids Room Accessories & Best Kids Bedroom Accessories

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Decorating a child’s room is an opportunity to create a space that fosters both fun and tranquility. When you do it with a green focus, you get to notice and teach your children how much eco-guided living matters, in the moment and for years to come.

Choose the best eco friendly kids room accessories to create a tranquil and fun space without the extra chemicals. These best kids bedroom accessories feature everything from paint to carpet.

Best Kids Room Accessories by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Puzzle Floor

    Candace says: If you think choosing a wooden floor means choosing plank or strip shapes, think again. Puzzle Floor offers a very playful option: wood flooring in the form of large puzzle pieces. Go subtle by sticking with one stain, or mix it up for more visual interest. Best of all, Puzzle Floor’s wood is only sourced from Certified Managed Forests, which means that the wood used to make the floors is replaced with new trees.

    • 13 stain finishes to choose from
    • Can contribute credits toward LEED certification
    • Mix and match colors for added visual interest
    • Sourced from Certified Managed Forests
  • FLOR Modular Carpet Tile

    Candace says: FLOR is a floating floor, and hugs your floor’s surface with FLOR dots, which actually only stick to the bottom of the carpet tiles, so that they don’t interfere with the original floor’s finish. It’s easy to spend hours on their website, as there are so many groovy, stylish (and also sedate) options for mixing, matching, building the perfect modular carpet. Best of all—if you spill indelible ink or cherry cough syrup on it, you can simply remove that particular tile and replace it with a fresh one. Stain gone.

    FLOR has designated carpet styles for kids, but in addition to that, many of the offerings are so playful that they lend themselves to kids’ rooms.

    Their eco bona fides: FLOR makes its carpet tiles out of recyclable and renewable materials, uses renewable energy sources in the manufacture process, and when you’re done with your carpet, will pay to have it returned to them so that they can make it into new FLOR tiles.

    • Variety of options, from zany to Zen
    • Make an area rug or cover the whole floor
    • Completely recyclable
    • Floating floor surface
  • Yolo Colorhouse Interior Paint

    Candace says: Yolo Colorhouse has a tightly edited selection of colors that coordinate with each other. You can also opt for on their kid-geared Little Yolo line, with six colors that are both playful and chic. Best of all, you can buy their Pint-Sized color swatches (13” x 15”) and test out colors without relying on a tiny chip or buying a quart that will go to waste. Afterwards, kids can repurpose them as arts and crafts supplies.

    • Zero VOC
    • Washable finish
    • Certified by Green Seal
  • Haba Town Carpet

    Candace says: The German company Haba has super-exacting safety standards for their extensive line of toys and games, and they carry over to their fun collection of kids’ rugs. This Town Carpet coordinates with many colors and themes, is long lasting, and can be vacuumed or spot-cleaned with a damp cloth.

    • Gender neutral
    • Thick pile
    • Engaging motif
    • Meets or exceeds safety specs from the British Standards Institution and the American Society for Testing and Materials International
  • Amenity Home Deer Floor Pillow

    Candace says: This generously sized pillow lends a sweet touch to any child’s room, with lots of versatility and eco benefits. You can choose the filling; the soft eco-fill is made from recycled plastic bottles, or select kapok, a fiber from the seed pods of the kapok tree. Either filling is encased in an organic cotton shell. Whenever you want, you can reverse the cover to its other side, which is solid cocoa brown - which means that it can work in any other room in the house.

    • 100% hemp/organic cotton cover
    • Filled with eco-fill or kapok
    • Made with eco-friendly, water-based dyes
    • Reversible
    • 26” x 26”

You will be happy with any of these

  • Mahar Dry Goods Kitsch Wall Switch Plates

    Candace says: To me, there’s nothing more fun than seeing a quotidian item reconceived with a punchy, creative element. That’s why I love these kicky, crafty switchplates, decoupaged over with recycled vintage wallpaper.

    • Made with recycled vintage wallpaper
    • Oversized for added visual impact
  • Three Little Ziglets Wooden Bookends

    Candace says: Sara Zigman is a mom-preneur who began creating custom kids room items when she had triplets and needed to decorate their space without traipsing all over the place with three wee ones. Check out these bookends, but don’t be surprised if you become enchanted with her many other coordinating pieces!

    • 9 different styles to choose from
    • Painted with non-toxic paint
    • Made of repurposed rubber wood
  • Blue Letters P3 Corkboard Wall Panels

    Candace says: So you want some wall art, and you’d like a place to pin your child’s own art, or even a card from Grandma. This wall panel offers both. Choose from different designs, from modern to more whimsical.

    • Cork is a renewable resource
    • Offers form and function
  • Ikea Fabler Bard Curtain

    Candace says: Ikea is committed to environmental stewardship and fair trade, which makes them an attractive place to drop your dollars (as if it weren’t already irresistible). These curtains are machine-washable. The Fabler line offers many other items that coordinate with these curtains.

    • Made from renewable, recyclable cotton
    • Fair trade
    • Tie-backs open easily for safety
  • AFM Safecoat Paints

    Candace says: Way back in the 1970s, Safecoat’s founder presciently decided to create a line of paints for people with allergies and sensitivities to toxins in regular paint. Now that we’ve all become aware of the importance of healthy indoor environments, AFM Safecoat provides a time-tested way to cover the walls safely and beautifully with any of hundreds of color tone choices.

    • Huge selection of colors
    • Zero VOC
    • Satisfies LEED standards
    • Earned Scientific Certification Systems’ Indoor Advantage Gold certification

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