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Ski Helmets for Kids

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Kids need to wear helmets! As an instructor, I insist that all the children ages three to about fifteen wear a helmet or I just won’t teach them. A properly-fitted helmet is the best insurance against head injuries, particularly at the slower speeds children tend to ski. Helmets are lightweight, pretty comfortable, keep the ears warm, and a good helmet usually has a ventilation system to keep things cool, even on warmer days. So far, I have not had one child in my lessons complaining about having to wear a helmet.

Fit is extremely important, and choosing the right helmet size is imperative to ensuring the helmet’s effectiveness. It is also very important that your child’s helmet be easily and effectively adjusted because a loose-fitting helmet may not provide the same protection as a well-fitted one. If your child already has a pair of goggles, be sure to bring them along when choosing a helmet so you can test how they’ll fit into helmet’s face opening. I would suggest buying the helmet only at a specialized ski or sports store where there are knowledgeable sales persons who can help you measure head size and determine which model will provide the optimal fit.

The helmet you chose should have been tested according to the safety standards of American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), Common European Norm (CEN), or Snell, the three main standard organizations.

The helmets reviewed here have all been tested according to at least one of these three agency’s standards. They are all safe, lightweight, and generally comfortable (which, of course, depends a lot on the individual) and the best thing about them is, that they are all pretty cool!

Note: There really does not appear to be any difference between snowboard and ski helmets, except that you may find that each target market may prefer different colors and decorative designs.

Best Kids Ski Helmets by Dino Haak

The Best You Can Get

  • Burton Red Trace 0.5

    Dino says: The Burton Red Trace 0.5 is a cool-looking helmet! With an army look to it, this helmet will keep your little warriors well protected and comfortably lidded. The Red Trace is definitely a versatile piece of gear that will provide protection year-round as it can be used for skiing/boarding as well as for skateboarding and even biking. By simply removing the goggle gasket, goggle clip and ear pads, it can be easily transformed. What was a warmer helmet for wintertime skiing becomes an airier version for use in the summer. It comes in the colors Black, Gray, White, Skate Orange, Matte Green Art, and Purple.

    • Versatile, certified for both for skiing and skateboarding
    • Very good ventilation
    • Removable ear pads
    • Tough, shock absorbing ABS (thermoplastic) shell
  • Giro Ricochet

    Dino says: Being one of the leading helmet manufacturers, Giro offers some of the very best and safest products on the market. The Giro Ricochet is a wonderful, safe helmet. Its adjustment system is very precise, and even within your choice of helmet size, will allow for a wide range of adjustments. This means that you won’t have to buy a new helmet for your child every year since you will be able to adjust it to you child’s growing head’s needs. The Ricochet also allows for the use of certain hats or balaclavas for those very cold days on the mountain. The helmet features an extremely soft liner as well as ear pads that will not interfere with your child’s hearing (as an instructor, I can tell you that this is very important). The liner is made of Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS), which is known for its light weight and impact-absorption capabilities.

    While there is no distinction between girl’s and boy’s helmets, the Giro Ricochet definitely offers a design choice for either sex. Girls will be happy with the Ricochet’s latest run of colors, as well as the Rock Kittens and Dora the Explorer design, while boys will dig the Matte Titanium Flames or Sponge Bob versions. The unisex designs Matte Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black, and Silver will cater to both boys and girls alike.

    • Lightweight
    • Great adjustment for perfect fit
    • Soft, comfortable liner and ear pads
    • EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) liner absorbs impact
  • Burton Red Buzzcap

    Dino says: The Red Buzzcap is a very comfortable helmet choice. It comes with an adjustable padding system that enables you to add or remove pads to make for a great fit for any shape of head. But not only does it come with a comfy liner, its chinstrap is padded as well and thus highly comfortable. The Buzzcap features a superb ventilation system that can be adjusted as you go by simply moving the levers located at the helmet’s front. The vents are protected by a tight-knit mesh to prevent snow from entering the helmet in case of a wipeout (which there will be, wipeouts are fun!). Another great feature is the removable goggle gasket that can be attached and adjusted to fill in the gap between helmet and goggles. No more freezing foreheads!

    While the Wintergreen and Pink versions will probably be the girls’ choices, boys might go for the Digi Camo and Dark Brown helmets. There are also the completely gender-neutral Black and a White helmet options.

    • Lightweight
    • ABS shell
    • Adjustable ventilation
    • Soft padded liner and chinstrap
    • Removable goggle gasket
  • Giro Recruit

    Dino says: These are very nice and stylish helmets presented in two colors, Matte Black (for the boys) and Matte Pink (for the girls). OK, the black version can easily be worn by girls also, but the pink is probably more suited for our little princesses. I really like the helmet’s design, which comes with a wide front opening that allows for great peripheral vision. Having been able to test adult helmets earlier, I can tell you that a wide field of view makes a huge difference. As I am just warming up to the idea of wearing a helmet myself (and thus become a better role model for my students), I highly appreciate the wide front openings, which gives you the feeling as if you are not even wearing a helmet. It also enables you to choose from a wide variety of goggles as most of them will likely fit the helmet. The Giro Recruit is a comfortable helmet with a softly-padded liner and full-length soft ear pads. The helmet itself is very solidly built and its tough ABS shell offers the best protection possible. Its ventilation system is also top of the line, featuring thirteen separate vents. The vents, covered by a tight nylon meshing, will let the air in but keep the snow out. One of the best helmets out there, in my opinion.

    • 13-vent ventilation system
    • Wide-angle front opening for great peripheral vision
    • High-impact ABS shell
    • Soft liner and ear pads
  • Boeri Apollo

    Dino says: If you are looking to buy a helmet for your kid, the Boeri Apollo should be high on your list. This racy-looking lid offers a full shell, meaning the shell also covers the ear section for maximum protection. Boeri’s so-called “Microplast Precision Sizing System (MPS™)” enables you to attach pads in the liner’s recessed areas to get the snuggest fit possible. When your kid grows you can remove the pads to create more space. That way the helmet can be used for several years as your kid has the chance to grow into it. The Apollo feels very light. There is an optional jaw piece that can be attached for even more complete protection. It has a NASCAR design and looks very much like a racing helmet. The kids will love it!

    • Good ventilation system
    • Optional jaw piece
    • Removable liner padding for best fit

You will be happy with any of these

  • Salomon Fierce Jr.

    Dino says: One of the things that immediately stand out with the Salomon Fierce is its “One Size Fits All” design. Unfortunately, it does not fit my big head, but it felt very light and very well made in my hands. There are lots of adjustment possibilities with this helmet and it will last your kid for possibly many years as it can be adjusted along with the growing process. It features an advanced airflow system that features air channels inside the shell that will distribute the airflow throughout the helmet. Very cool concept and it works! Another climate adjustment can be achieved by removing the ear pads to keep cool on warmer days on the slopes. This year’s version comes in a very classy looking black and orange design with multi-colored stripes on the back. There is also a girl’s version, the Salomon Mynx, that shares all the specifications with the Fierce Jr. but has a girl specific design (white and black with touches of pink) and features fancy fur lining and fur ear pads.

    • Especially lightweight
    • Advanced ventilation system
    • Removable ear pads
  • Smith Holt

    Dino says: The Smith Holt Helmet is a classic-looking helmet that I would actually describe as chic. Its form and color are understated, to the point, and its design looks sleek, aerodynamic, and definitely cool! One of the most annoying things that can happen on the slopes is when you’re having a great day and suddenly your goggles start to fog up. You have to stop, clean them, just to see them fog up again minutes later. There are many reasons why goggles fog up. One of the reasons is the amount of airflow coming to the goggles. If you have a poor fitting goggle/helmet combination, you’ll most likely experience fog-up due to the fact that the goggles will not be sealed to your face. The Smith Holt has a great ventilation system that keeps a balanced airflow throughout the helmet and, thanks to the built-in brow vents, maximizes the airflow to the goggles as well. The helmet is well suited not only for the winter months but also for use in the summer for anything from biking to skateboarding due to the great ventilation system and the fact that the ear pads can easily be removed.

    This year you can get the Smith in the following color designs: Matte White Colony, Matte True Blue, Matte Chocolate Signs, Matte Black, Matte Army Hope, Gloss Lemon Hope, and Gloss Black.

    • Strong, tough, and washable liner
    • Fantastic ventilation system moves air through helmet and to goggles
    • Very versatile, can be used for summer sports as well
  • Boeri Stinger

    Dino says: The Boeri Stinger is a wonderfully-designed helmet and it is owned by several of my little ski students. The Stinger has a top-of-the-line ventilation system and is very lightweight. My kids love this helmet! They say that it is comfortable and warm, and if it ever gets too warm on the slopes, they simply remove their ear-pads (I have had the chance to do this for them, and it is easy). The liner is made from anti-allergic materials. What I find very intriguing about the Boeri is that it only comes in two sizes, small and large. However, due to a well-designed adjusting system, the small helmet can be adjusted to four different sizes and the large helmet to three. There is an adjusting dial at the back of the helmet that can easily change between sizes. A great choice and available in the color designs Carbon, Snow Camo, Sassy (for girls) and Parade (for girls).

    • Very lightweight
    • Very good ventilation
    • Comfortable, warm liner
    • Removable ear pads
  • K2 Edge Junior

    Dino says: The K2 Edge is a very good, well-built helmet that looks nice, weighs little, can be easily adjusted for size, and it will keep your kid’s head safe in the meantime. I really like the Edge’s look. It comes in the four colors: Matte Charcoal, Blue Tonic, Cocoa, and Powder Pink. The simplicity of design and single color choice really give it a classy look. Functionally, the helmet is a beauty as well. Its tough ABS shell is complemented by a shock-absorbing liner. The helmet can be quickly adjusted for size by simply turning a small dial. Airflow is also good with vents at the top and the sides of the helmet. Two of my students own this one and seem to be very happy with it.

    • Lightweight
    • Size easily adjustable
    • Removable ear-liners
  • Pro-tec Ace Freecarve Jr.

    Dino says: This is a tough little helmet for tough little kids. No flowery design, no artistic lines. What you get is a gray helmet with a monster on it (Matte Gray Monster), a black helmet featuring skulls (Matte Black Skulls), or a scary looking bunny on pink for the girls (Gloss Punk Pink Bunnies). Don’t be alarmed though, kids will find these designs exceedingly cool. Designed for the terrain park (the most likely place to be taking in a few punches and kicks) it also works great for the slopes. This is an extremely safe helmet with all the necessary bells and whistles such as a tough ABS shell with a shock-absorbing EPS liner, removable ear-pads and four vents that can be opened or closed depending on conditions and temperature.

    • Cool design
    • Tough ABS shell
    • Shock-absorbing EPS liner
    • 4 vents that can be opened and closed
    • Removable ear pads

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