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In my years as a kids ski instructor, I have learned that kids very rarely get cold on the slopes, and when they do feel a little bit less than toasty, a few warm-up exercises usually do the trick. On an average January day, when I have added a third layer of clothing and am still freezing, my little students often refuse to even zip up their jackets. When their hands get cold, however, there is usually very little we can do beside head inside to warm up their fingers. To avoid wasting time indoors due to frosty fingers, I always advise my students’ parents to buy mittens instead of finger gloves. Mittens keep hands warmer because all fingers are bundled together and radiate heat toward one another. And interestingly, when their hands get too warm, my little students also seem to find gloves a bigger nuisance than mittens. Therefore, for this review I decided to bypass regular gloves and focus on the Best of the Best mittens you can buy to keep our little skiers’ paws warm. The mittens reviewed here can be purchased for different hand sizes and should easily fit the six to twelve year age group.

There are mittens with sewn-in pockets for heating pads, which is a fantastic feature for those extremely cold days. The heating pads can be carried separately, and all you have to do (or all I do as an instructor), is to take the pad out of its wrapper, knead it a few times, put it in the pocket and soon the entire mitten warms up. Mittens that have an inner liner that can be taken out for washing (or when there is no need for extra warmth) are also a great choice. Drawstrings on the cuffs are an effective way of keeping the snow out.

Keep in mind that children generally have a hard time keeping their hands out of the snow, with snow-eating and snow-ball throwing being some of their preferred activities. Gloves and mittens can quickly become drenched with moisture, and a moist mitten turns quickly into a soggy, cold one. Most water-resistant mittens can hold up to a day of heavy snowfall, but you will need a waterproof mitten if you directly handle the snow. The mittens reviewed here are all at least water-resistant, and some of them are waterproof, and will keep your little ones’ hands warm in most conditions.

Best Kids Ski and Snowboard Mittens by Dino Haak

The Best You Can Get

  • Palmer Fly Junior Mitt - Youth

    Dino says: This is a wonderful, durable mitten, and a unique one at that. What makes the Palmer Fly Junior Mitt stand out is its removable wrist guard. Wrists are at risk, especially when your junior is a snowboarder. Having a wrist guard that comes with the mitten is a big bonus as you don’t have to carry around another piece of gear (which can be forgotten at home or in the locker). The wrist guard on this mitten is unobtrusive, yet very effective. The Palmer Fly also shines with a removable liner for easy washing (or for a cooler glove), and a breathable, waterproof shell with fleece insulation. The Fly comes with long cuffs fitted with a so-called storm leash, a strap that secures them to the hands.

    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Warm fleece insulation
    • Wrist guard
    • Removable liner
    • Long cuffs
  • Burton Support Mitt - Youth

    Dino says: The Burton’s Youth Support Mitt comes with a removable plastic wrist protection that easily slips in and out of the mitten. As I have mentioned above, wrist support is a very big bonus especially when your child is a snowboarder. The Burton wrist support system is light and easy, yet still effectively guards against wrist injuries. The mitt comes with a moisture-wicking brushed microfiber liner and feels comfortable (I actually managed to squeeze my hands into the x-large kids size). Like The Burton Vent Mitt this one is water and wind resistant, featuring a long cuff and a drawstring to keep out the snow. The palms are also fortified and durable. The Burton Support Mittens come in black only.

    • Removable wrist protection
    • Moisture wicking liner
    • Fortified palms
    • Water and wind resistant
  • Burton Vent Mitt

    Dino says: The Burton Youth Vent Mitts are definitely warm. Insulated with Thermacore insulation material, they are geared for even the coldest of conditions. Should it suddenly get too warm, however, you can open up a zipper to let cool air flow in. This is a great feature, believe me. So many times when the weather turns warmer, I have to either stuff my student’s mittens in my own pockets (theirs are usually too small) or attach them to their jackets where they dangle and get in the way of good form. With the Burton Youth Vent all it takes is the use of a zipper and in-mitten temperatures are guaranteed to be agreeable at all times. The mitt is water and wind resistant and comes with a long cuff and a drawstring to keep the snow out. The palm is fortified and durable, which helps protect the hands (and mittens) from wear in the terrain park. These mittens can be purchased in two colors, True Black and Roasted Brown, the latter having an army style pattern.

    • Water and wind resistant
    • Zipper opening for ventilation
    • Very warm Thermacore insulation
    • Fortified palms
  • SpyderKyds Component Mitten

    Dino says: The SpyderKyds Component Mitten is wonderfully warm, fully waterproof, and also very breathable. This one provides all your kid will need in a mitten, and the big black spider makes it look cool. The cuffs are long enough to be either tucked under or used outside the sleeves. If you decide to pull them over junior’s sleeve, an adjustable wrist drawstring will keep them in place and the snow out. This mitten has an extremely soft and comfortable insulated and removable liner. Mittens can get sweaty and funky after they have been worn for a while, but with these, you can simply take out the liner and wash it separately. You won’t have to wash the whole mitten and the liner will dry faster by itself. A quick note about washing: Even though many mittens are machine-washable, I would still recommend buying a non-stripping detergent and then follow the wash cycle with a waterproofing rinse (these special detergents and rinses can be bought in most outdoor gear stores). Regular detergent can sometimes mess with the waterproofing.

    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Liner is removable and insulated and very soft
    • Adjustable drawstring at the wrist, elasticized wrist
    • Embroidered Spyder logo
    • Machine washable
  • The North Face Girl’s and Boy’s Montana Mitt

    Dino says: The North Face Montana Mitt comes in two versions, the Girls’ Montana Mitt and the Boys’ Montana Mitt. The difference seems to be mostly in color and size, with the boys’ version being gray and black and the girls’ version being just black. Both are very well made and durable mittens. They are warm, waterproof, and breathable enough to let the perspiration out thus keep dry from the inside. The most outstanding feature on these mittens is a hand-warmer pocket in which you can insert heating pads on those icy cold days. These pads can usually be purchased in any ski store, and most ski areas sell them in their retail outlets as well. The Montana Mitt has a nice long cuff with a string to seal out the snow. The mittens come with a leash that can be attached to a coat so the mitts won’t get lost. Highly recommended.

    • Waterproof, breathable material
    • Well insulated and warm
    • Long cuffs that can be sealed with a draw string
    • Hand-warmer pocket

You will be happy with any of these

  • Kombi Storm Cuff Mitten

    Dino says: Kombi is a company that makes very good gloves and mittens. All are designed with a multi-layered construction for better insulation as well and moisture wicking liners. The Kombi Storm Cuff Mittens offer everything you need in a functional, durable glove. They are very well insulated and will keep fingers nice and warm, and they are also waterproof as well as very breathable. Two of my little students own these gloves and are really happy with them. The Storm Cuff Mittens II comes with a Velcro wrist strap that keeps the mitts in place and the snow out at the same time, but there is even another drawstring at the cuff for a double sealing effect. The palms are fortified with durable non-slip material. This is a great pair of mittens, and one of the best in keeping the snow from finding its way inside. Available in Black.

    • Very good construction
    • Velcro wrist strap
    • Long cuffs with drawstring
    • Warm and well insulated
    • Fortified palms
  • DaKine Tracker Mitt

    Dino says: The DaKine Tracker Mitts are nice all-round mittens that offer a little bit of everything. They are very warm and well insulated with an especially soft liner. The long cuffs can be tightened with a drawstring and at wrist level you’ll find another adjustment strap that will keep the snow out and secure a good fit. This is definitely a quality product and its construction is much above average. I also like how these mittens look. The overall black design with a patch of gray with white checkered lines is really pretty chic.

    • Soft, comfortable liner
    • Warm and well insulated
    • Long cuffs with drawstring
    • Fortified palms
    • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Hestra Heli Jr. Mitt

    Dino says: The Hestra Heli Jr. Mitt is well made and looks really cool, in my opinion. They are waterproof and very well insulated. When you pick them up you can tell they are made by a company known for its high standards in manufacturing. This Swedish company has been around for over 70 years, but has only recently entered the US market. Hestra has developed a reputation for making some of the most comfortable gloves/mittens in the industry, so owning a Hestra glove or mitten is kind of like having a Porsche or Mercedes equivalent snuggly fitted around your hands. The Hestra Heli Jr. Mitt is no different than its adult counterparts. It is extremely soft inside and made of top quality materials. The palms are made with wear-resistant goat leather and all seams are fortified and durable. The mitten are nicely fitted and shaped around the wrist and the long cuffs can be tightened with a drawstring. They come with a fancy snap hook so if your child doesn’t want to wear them, they can be hooked together so they can’t be easily lost. The Heli Jr. Mitts have a very fine, even elegant black and white design. The palm and finger area are white, and the top and thumb area are black.

    • Very high quality construction
    • Fortified palm and seams
    • Long cuffs
    • Extremely comfortable and soft
    • Elegant looking design
  • Spyder Option Gore Kids’ Mittens

    Dino says: If you want a basic yet warm, waterproof, and breathable mitten, the Spyder Option Gore should be high on your list. This is by far the most popular mitten with my junior students. I have four little skiers (one of them not so little any more) who enjoy these mittens. They sport a pre-curved fit that makes it easier to hold onto poles and, like most Spyder gear, just look cool overall. The Option Gore Mittens are warm with a soft-brushed liner and a medium cuff length. I personally prefer shorter cuff lengths myself since on a warmer day they are easier to adjust for more airflow when needed. Shorter cuffs, however, won’t seal out the snow quite as effectively as the long variety, but the Spyder Option gore does have an adjustable wrist strap that, when tightened, will keep most snow out. This is a wonderful mitten especially for skiers who usually don’t get their hands as deep into the snow. It comes in black with a red Spyder logo (including a small red spider).

    • Better airflow due to shorter cuffs
    • Simple stylish design
    • Very soft brushed liner
    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Kombi OTC Mitt

    Dino says: Another strong one from Kombi, the OTC Mitt is a well-insulated, waterproof, and breathable mitten that packs a special pocket for heat pads as well as an inner wrist snow guard. The snow guard will not only keep the snow out, it will also help keep the warmth in, especially when using heat packets. The cuffs are long and can be tightened with a draw string. Palms are fortified with well gripping material. A great choice for an all-round mitten that can be purchased at a very reasonable price. The Kombi OTC comes in the color combinations Black and Gray/Pink.

    • Warm, waterproof, and breathable
    • Long cuffs with a drawstring
    • Fortified palms
    • Adjustable wrist strap
    • Pocket for heat pads

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