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In the world of professional organizing, the label maker is one of the most often-used tools in our kit. Aside from helping to create clear homes for items, projects, or files, having things clearly labeled allows for easy maintenance. These attributes carry over nicely to the everyday world where people are looking to create more order in their homes and offices.

When it comes to label makers, it would appear that the “Brother®” name has the corner on the market. They certainly have the largest number of models to choose from and whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, they’re sure to have something to fit your needs. However, there are some other contenders, like Dymo®, that offer great alternatives. They offer similar quality and benefits and it really comes down to a matter of taste.

When shopping for a label maker, the features I look for include:
- Multiple font and formatting options (vertical print is an essential feature for me and my consultants as we label binder spines and the like)
- An automatic cutter
- The widest range of different sizes of label tape (if I’m labeling large shelves and bins, I want at least ¾” or 1” tape versus if I’m labeling narrow binder tabs, I want ¼” or ½” labels)
- An adapter plug for those pesky times when my batteries are running low.

The best advice I can give you when considering purchasing a labeler is to determine HOW and WHEN you are going to be using it. If you will only ever be using it at your desk, then you can choose a device that interacts with your computer and does not require a keyboard for input. If you are going to be using it on-the-go, having a keyboard is very important.

Whether you want something “cheap and cheerful” or you’re looking for a more professional, upscale model, the options covered here should get you started on the right foot.

Best Label Makers by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • Brother P-Touch PT-2700

    Vicki says: Designed for professional users, this stylish silver and black labeler can either be used as a portable system or connected to a PC or Mac. The large backlit display makes for easy viewing in numerous environments while eight font sizes and twelve type styles provide endless options. The PT-2700 will store up to 99 labels in its memory.

    • Designed for office, commercial, or industrial fields
    • Prints laminated labels up to 1” wide
    • Date & time can be displayed and printed
    • Operates on 8 AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400 Duo

    Vicki says: Using direct thermal printing rather than laminated label tape, the 400 Duo doesn’t require toner or ink cartridges. The package includes Dymo label software that allows you to create your own custom designs as well as Address Fixer software which automatically checks zip codes against a USPS database.

    • Assorted tape size
    • Includes add-ins for instant printing from Microsoft Word, Outlook, QuickBooks, and more
    • PC and Mac compatible
    • USB connection
  • Dymo LM350 Desktop

    Vicki says: Your label choices are virtually endless with this Dymo model. The LM350 comes complete with thirteen print styles, six fonts and seven background patterns. The extra large display screen and oversized, well-spaced keys are a boon to those who have a hard time using today’s ever-shrinking keyboards. The vertical print feature is especially useful for binder spines.

    • Automatic cutter
    • Multi-lingual capability
    • Prints laminated labels up to ¾” wide
    • Operated on 6 AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Brother P-Touch PT2100 PC Connectable

    Vicki says: With enough built-in memory to save nine of your most frequently printed labels, the Brother PT 2100 is a feature-packed label maker at a reasonable price. If you need to print from Word, Excel, or Outlook, connect it to your PC for even more options! The large display screen allows you to view three lines of text.

    • Prints laminated labels up to 3/4” wide
    • Choose from 4 professional fonts
    • Automatic Cutter
    • Operates on 6 AA batteries or AC adapter
  • Brother P-Touch PT-1950

    Vicki says: The perfect label maker for almost any task! Featuring a two-line LCD display, this user-friendly machine prints easy-to-read labels in just seconds. The PT-1950 provides 64 different type sizes and style combinations. The automatic cutter turns any labeling task into an efficient one.

    • Prints laminated labels up to 3/4” wide
    • Automatic cutter
    • Perfect labeler for office use
    • Operates on 6 AA batteries or AD adapter

You will be happy with any of these

  • Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo

    Vicki says: The Dymo LabelWriter series eliminates the need for pricy sheet labels. With a USB connection to your computer, the 400 Turbo generates laser-sharp individual labels in seconds. Not only does the Turbo model create professional-looking labels for envelopes, files, packages and CDs, it can also print postage right from your computer!

    • Includes add-ins for instant printing from Microsoft Word, Outlook, QuickBooks, and more
    • Address Fixer automatically corrects zip codes against a USPS database
    • PC and Mac compatible
  • Brother P-Touch PT-1280 Hand-Held

    Vicki says: Because of its handheld size and relatively inexpensive price, this label maker is perfect for those small, around-the house jobs. Its easy-view, fifteen-character display allows for quick review prior to printing which helps avoid errors and unnecessary tape waste. Multiple formatting and typestyle options give you the freedom to create professional-looking labels without complication.

    • Features 3 “favorite” keys which allow you to save and print your favorite labels in seconds
    • Prints laminated labels up to 1/2” wide
    • Perfect for kitchen, garage, or office projects
    • Operates on 6 AAA batteries
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400

    Vicki says: Quiet, functional, and fast, the LabelWriter 400 prints labels for endless needs – files, binders, packages, envelopes, videos, and CDs. The smallest of the Dymo LabelWriter series, this model comes with label software that integrates easily with most software applications. The 400 comes with add-ins that let you print directly from Microsoft Word, Outlook, and more.

    • Options for 40 label sizes and styles
    • View 10 display lines at once
    • Prints up to 40 labels per minute
  • Casio KL-60 Compact

    Vicki says: If a budget-conscious label maker is what you’re looking for, the Casio KL-60 might be the answer. It’s the cheapest model featured here, but it still gives you several options for creating customized labels. Its compact size is perfect for home, office, and school use.

    • Handles 3 different tape sizes
    • Includes built-in font and 6 character sizes
    • Select normal, outline, shadow, or raised type effects
    • Runs on 6 AA batteries
  • Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo

    Vicki says: The Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo is essentially two machines in one. With the capacity to hold two label rolls at the same time, this model is the answer for people who print large quantities of labels or switch between sizes regularly.

    • Prints 55 labels per minute
    • Integrates popular software programs including Outlook, Microsoft Word, QuickBooks, and more
    • Compatible with a PC or Mac
    • Automatically corrects addresses against the USPS database

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