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Best Laptop Bags for Men & Best Men's Notebook Bags

Just as the luggage carousel seems to present a sea of black wheelie suitcases, the airport’s executive lounges are full of businessmen lugging around the same boring briefcase-style black laptop bags. Yes, we know you probably got that boring black bag as a bonus when you bought your laptop or when the IT guy dropped off your computer to your cubicle. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

Now that laptops outsell desktop computers in the U.S. and Canada, there are plenty of stylish and more functional bags to fit your needs, whether you are a photographer traversing the souks of Marrakech, a fashion designer navigating the streets of New York and Milan, or an executive just bringing a bag back and forth between work and home. There are bags meant for looking incognito and others meant to be as flashy as your Italian suit.

The following bags are the best out there for either pulling double duty or surrounding your laptop with some style. The one thing in common is that they have an inner compartment for your computer. Otherwise, they collectively offer a rainbow of styles and colors.

Choose the best laptop bags for men that go beyond the ordinary. Our best men's notebook bags are more than boring briefcases. We suggest men's laptop satchel bags that offer style that sets you apart.

Best Laptop Bags for Men by Tim Leffel

The Best You Can Get

  • Korchmar F1005 Adventure Bomber Bag Flap Over

    Tim says: Spending several hundred dollars on a laptop bag is not common practice for most, so it’s easy to stand out from the crowd with this quality full grain leather laptop bag from Korchmar. Like most messenger bags, it holds a laptop and all your accessories. Unlike most others, it’s beautiful enough to be a bonafide accessory on its own.

    There is an outside back pocket for immediate reading materials or a boarding pass, plus an interior zippered pocket for items to keep separate. A snap out key hook will ensure your car keys are always in the same spot. Just two drawbacks: first, there’s no interior padding, so be sure your computer has a padded sleeve when using this. Second, you will need to keep an eye on it: something that looks this expensive increases the odds of your laptop taking a walk in someone else’s hands!

    • Retro design looks classic and rich
    • Top-grade leather and quality materials
    • Five-year warranty
  • Targus Grove Convertible Messenger - Backpack Laptop Case

    Tim says: Yes, Targus is the company most responsible for supplying the boring black briefcase-looking laptop bags you see all over every airport terminal. They have started to move beyond this ho-hum line, however, and are now putting out some more interesting options.

    This Grove Convertible bag is an interesting one that goes long instead of wide in the design. It can be carried like a briefcase into a meeting, used as a messenger bag for getting around town, and converted to a backpack for an afternoon of sightseeing. The “ecosmart” claims seem kind of thin - yes it’s PVC-free and the plastic parts are supposedly recyclable - but no recycled materials are used and the bags are still shipped all the way from China.

    Greenwashing aside, this is a rugged, multi-functional bag with plenty of room for gadgets, reading materials, and a water bottle. This bag holds laptops up to 15.4 inches and, for now, it only comes in one color.

    • Can be carried, slung over as a messenger bag, or used as a backpack
    • Pockets for MP3 player, water bottle, pens, paper, and a phone
    • Made from non-PVC materials
  • Ducati Travel & Business Flip Flap Brief from Tumi

    Tim says: Tumi, like Targus, has not exactly been imaginative in the laptop bag department, especially when it comes to the “any color you want, as long as it’s black” syndrome. This Ducati one is black too, but with some red or yellow accents at least. It has some innovative styling touches and is different enough to get a second look from colleagues.

    The futuristic shiny silver and black interior has a padded sleeve for a laptop (up to 15.4 inches), pockets for all your gadgets and accessories, and extra space for books or reading material. An outside pocket holds items you need to have access to without digging, like plane tickets or hotel confirmations.

    The quick-release buckles on the front are well-designed, blending in seamlessly instead of looking like an add-on. One unique feature of this bag is that it can be combined with rolling Tumi suitcases, with a flap on the back attaching this bag to the handle of the other.

    • Stylish in a contemporary style
    • Clasps blend in well with overall design
    • Can be attached to a regular wheelie suitcase handle
  • eBags Downloader Laptop Backpack

    Tim says: Do you have to spend a fortune for a rugged, dependable laptop bag? I’ve used this particular laptop backpack myself for trips to nine countries on three continents over a three-year period and it’s still going strong.

    In many parts of the world - or the worst parts of your own downtown - it’s not a great idea to carry a bag around that screams, “I have a laptop!” This backpack looks very similar to the daypacks that tourists and students are carrying around every day, so you blend in without letting on that you have $2,000 worth of gadgets on you.

    Besides all that, it is a well-designed pack that is capable of carrying everything you need while sitting in a plane, train, or taxi. Multiple pockets and compartments are more than enough for loose change, a phone, MP3 player (with headphone exit port), water bottle, and more, with a business card holder and a key clasp as well. The Downloader Laptop Backpack comes in six different color combinations.

    • Enables going incognito when sightseeing or in transit
    • Holds everything you need in one place
    • Lightweight and easy to carry, at a bargain price
  • Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag

    Tim says: Going green isn’t cheap, but nobody can question whether you’re serious about the environment if you’re carrying this laptop bag around. There are plenty of backpacks and messenger bags out there that use solar energy to charge your phone or iPod, but most won’t generate the wattage needed to recharge a laptop.

    This Voltaic Generator is a different story, with a larger array of solar panels and a built-in battery to store the energy. Leave this in the sun for a day and you’ll be recharged for that next coast-to-coast flight.

    If that’s not enough, the fabrics used in this bag are made from recycled soda bottles, so you can feel good about the materials used and still have something that is water resistant and easy to carry: at 4.5 pounds it probably weighs less than the laptop inside. Despite all that, it has twelve liters of storage space and plenty of pockets for all the necessary cords and gadgets.

    • 17 watts of solar power to charge a laptop
    • Made from recycled materials
    • Lightweight, but ready for the rigors of the road

You will be happy with any of these

  • Leather Solo Laptop Portfolio

    Tim says: While not the lightest laptop bag around at close to three pounds, this is a good one to carry if you want to create an impression at the office. If you go for the tan version (rather than “espresso”), you’ll also be able to pick your bag out of a crowd easily.

    The Solo Laptop Portfolio uses the standard messenger bag flap configuration, but an outside back flap allows access to reading materials without opening the flap. Inside, an accessory pocket has spots for pens, a phone, business cards, and more. Remove the adjustable shoulder strap and it works well as a briefcase, too.

    • Says “executive” not “intern”
    • Leather material looks expensive
    • Plenty of compartments for additional items
  • McKlein R Series Damen Leather 17” Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case

    Tim says: If you use a laptop with a 17-inch screen, odds are most of the laptop bags you would like to buy aren’t going to be big enough. Plus carrying around all that weight on your shoulders can be hazardous to the frequent-flying road warrior, especially with the added weight that comes with leather construction.

    The McKlein bag for 17-inch laptops allows a strain-free trip through airports and long hotel corridors. The company’s patented wheel and handle system allows you to leave the wheels and handle behind in the hotel room, however, when it’s time to head to the conference room for a meeting.

    As expected with something where weight is not an issue, you’ve got enough pockets and compartments to hold a week’s worth of presentation materials and gadgets. With some smart packing, it could even carry the clothes and toiletries for an overnight trip. The bag comes with a waterproof cover as well to keep the leather looking nice on a rainy day. (A cheaper nylon version is also available, however.)

    • Holds the largest laptop size
    • Can be wheeled through airports, but fits under an airport seat
    • Leather, but with no shoulder strain
  • Skooba RoadWired Skreener

    Tim says: The Skooba RoadWired Skreener turns today’s security environment on its head, with a fake x-ray of items commonly found inside a traveler’s bag, like sunglasses, a phone, a watch, and pens. It’s sure to result in plenty of double takes and comments as you stroll through the airport or into a meeting.

    Take away the novelty factor, however, and this is a well-equipped laptop bag all around. It has more pockets than most people have things for, plus two separate pockets and headphone cord ports on the outside for an MP3 player and a phone. An expansion pocket adds another third to the storage capacity when unzippered. This is a comfortable, solidly constructed bag that should last for years.

    • Whimsical design gets attention
    • Double headphone ports for music player and phone
    • A dozen pockets for accessories and papers
  • Alienware Odyssey XL Backpack

    Tim says: If you’re more likely to spend your free time playing computer games than poring over spreadsheets, this Alienware laptop backpack projects instant “in-the-know” tech cred. This roomy backpack has a large enough padded computer compartment to hold a 17-inch laptop.

    The interior has padded pockets for CDs, a PDA or smart phone, MP3 player (with pass-through headphone port), and lots of cords. The padded cell phone pocket detaches and can go with you apart from the bag. Elastic pockets on the side can expand to hold water or energy drink bottles. The ventilated back panel keeps air circulating where the pack meets your back.

    • Roomy enough for a large laptop
    • Plenty of pockets for gadgets and gear
    • Utilizes unique Alienware design aspects
  • CompuDaypack from LowePro

    Tim says: The CompuDaypack is the one to have if you regularly need to take quality photographs as part of your job or you need a travel bag that holds SLR equipment when you go traveling.

    Inside the main compartment, it is a regular laptop backpack, with a large padded compartment that holds laptops of any size and plenty of pouches and pockets for gear and accessories. The unique aspect here is an additional padded bottom compartment set up to hold a SLR camera and two extra lenses or flash units.

    A small front pocket holds an MP3 player and has a headphone port for threading through a cord. This LowePro bag has a welcome feature missing from most backpacks too: a handle on the top for carrying it when you don’t want it slung over your shoulder. It comes in three color combinations, all in water-resistant ripstop nylon.

    • Holds an SLR camera and two lenses
    • Big enough for 17-inch laptops
    • Water-resistant materials

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