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Best Laptop Bags for Women & Best Women's Notebook Bags

When padded laptop bags first came out, they were pretty much all the same: black, roughly shaped like a briefcase, and very masculine.

Thankfully those days are gone and there is no longer any reason to stick with a boring bag that brings down your wardrobe. Now that laptops outsell desktop computers in the U.S. and Canada, there are hundreds of stylish and functional bags to fit your needs, whether you are an executive, an artist, or a traveler. From flashy and pink to smooth leather and classic, there are bags for every style and situation.

The following bags are the best out there for getting things done and surrounding your laptop with style. All of the following have a padded interior pocket to protect your computer or a removable padded sleeve.

Best laptop bags for women are essential when you're traveling for business or if you're always taking work home on the laptop. Always the best price, our women's notebook bags recommendations are sturdy and smart looking.

Best Laptop Bags for Women by Tim Leffel

The Best You Can Get

  • MeshSafe M200 from Pacsafe

    Tim says: When on the road for business or pleasure, that $2000 laptop in your bag makes you a prime target for theft. This made-to-last messenger bag holds a laptop up to 15 inches (or a MacBook up to 17 inches) and looks sporty, but the key selling points are four theft prevention features that have made Pacsafe items the go-to bags for safety-conscious travelers.

    The mesh panels are slashproof, as is the adjustable shoulder strap. The straps also can be secured to a belt loop or other clothing item, making them snatchproof, plus a combination lock works in tandem with the strap to secure the whole bag to a chair or table when at a function or in a coffee shop. Tamperproof zippers provide another layer of security.

    The MeshSafe M200 comes in black, “deep chocolate”, or a black and silver combination.

    • Snatchproof and slashproof to deter thieves
    • Combination lock to secure the bag to a pole or furniture
    • Roomy and comfortable
  • McKlein W Series Glen Ellyn Leather Detachable Women's Briefcase

    Tim says: This flexible laptop case from McKlein has a mouthful of a name, but maybe that’s because it does so much more than others. A patented wheelie system allows you to whiz through airports with no strain, but you can leave the wheels and frame behind in your room when it’s time to head down to the conference room.

    The case weighs almost nine pounds with all the equipment, but this ensures solid construction and no skimping on the Italian leather. Of course, it has all the pockets and dividers you would expect, plus a lockable clasp on the front for added security. The removable high-density laptop sleeve works for laptops up to 15.4 inches. It comes with a weatherproof cover for times you need to dash through the rain.

    • Patented detachable wheel system allows flexibility
    • Rich Italian leather in five colors
    • Removable padded laptop sleeve
  • Coakley Timeless Tweed Everyday Tote

    Tim says: For a laptop bag that most observers will think is a boutique handbag instead, this Coakley Timeless Tweed tote will dress up almost any outfit. The two-tone tweed is available in four colors, trimmed in leather and gold-plated hardware.

    Look inside, however, and you find a functional business case with a padded laptop sleeve, plus stretch neoprene pockets for cell phone, and sunglasses and travel documents. Additional leather pockets hold more items. The padded bottom is also studded for protection and a back pocket can unzip at the bottom to secure this bag to a rolling suitcase while moving through the airport. Magnetized side gussets allow you to expand the available space when packing in presentation materials or extra books.

    • Has an upscale boutique look
    • Classic tweed with leather trim
    • Can attach to rolling suitcase handle
  • Tumi T-Tech Flow Computer Backpack

    Tim says: Walking into the Tumi luggage store at an airport feels like coming face to face with the modern equivalent of Henry Ford’s Model T quote, “Any color you want as long as it’s black.” Thankfully this T-Tech Flow backpack for laptops offers two other shades - gray and brown - and even the black one is two-toned at least.

    A laptop bag that is ideal when you’re sightseeing or traveling for pleasure rather than going in and out of business meetings. This one looks less clunky than most of the others on the market, but still holds a full-sized laptop and has plenty of room for cords and gadgets. It has pockets galore -including two on the shoulder straps themselves - and a cord port to allow listening to music with your MP3 player safe inside. Made from lightweight, durable nylon, this bag will hold up well when you’re exploring the markets of Bangkok or the streets of London.

    • Hands-free action for when you need mobility
    • Trim profile still holds a large laptop
    • Lightweight but built to last
  • Keen Hybrid Transport Twenty-six

    Tim says: Keen is best known for its array of footwear, but it also puts out bags that break the mold, including this Hybrid Transport laptop bag. It looks more like a beach tote than something with a computer inside, which a good thing in situations where it’s better to not broadcast you’re carrying around a small fortune.

    This doesn’t mean it’s not rugged though. The section where your laptop would go is padded on the bottom and side, rubber on the bottom of the bag offers more shock absorption, and the nicely padded strap is comfortable for slogs through the airport. Plus the polyester, plastic, and aluminum parts are all made from recycled materials, giving those bottled water containers and soda cans a new life.

    A series of zippered pockets and flaps are set up to keep your gadgets and loose items separate, while a waterproofed pocket on the inside is a nice feature. This versatile bag is a good one for many requirements, performing double duty as a diaper bag or sightseeing daypack as the situation warrants. It comes in four color combinations.

    • Casual and stylish bag that carries plenty of extras
    • Multi-functional for a variety of needs
    • Made from recycled materials

You will be happy with any of these

  • Anuschka Classic Organizer Laptop Bag

    Tim says: Anuschka is known for its “wearable art” designer handbags and wallets. This hand-painted leather messenger bag comes off like an oversized purse, with a far more fashionable and expensive look than the usual subjects.

    A large flap covers an open front pocket and a zippered central compartment that holds a padded laptop sleeve. Multiple other zippered pockets and penholders ensure that the office can move around with you, but the three-pound bag is comfortable on your shoulder.

    • Looks more like a designer purse than a laptop bag
    • Small size for those who carry laptop of 13 inches or less
    • Artistic design and quality leather
  • Skooba RoadWired Satchel 2.0 Luxe

    Tim says: If you favor the latest running shoes over black heels, this contemporary laptop bag from Skooba is a stylish choice. It comes in five color combinations, is made from ultrasuede, and features “hundreds of shock-absorbing, air-filled pouches.” (Just imagine permanent bubble wrap.)

    Although it looks slim, the RoadWired Satchel holds laptops up to seventeen inches and has over fifteen pockets in multiple sizes and configurations. Many of these pockets are in an accessory organizer compartment on the front of the bag. The ergonomic shoulder pad incorporates extra cushioning. A mesh water bottle holder zips away when not in use. A zippered back compartment can be used for flat items to keep handy or and a reinforced trolley strap slides over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

    • Contemporary, youthful look
    • More padding and protection than most designs
    • Weighs less than four pounds
  • Rainebrooke Metro Lite Laptop Bag

    Tim says: Sometimes you don’t need to carry along everything but the kitchen sink in a bulky bag. You just need a laptop, some business cards, a pen, and a cell phone. This Metro Lite Bag from Rainebrooke offers a way to cart around the laptop without lugging more than you need.

    It is well padded on the inside, with a comfortable shoulder pad on the strap, but has a streamlined design and weighs next to nothing. There is room for the essentials though: two front pockets for gadgets, plus a back pocket for files, magazines, or a boarding pass. It comes in four colors, including two shades of pink, and is easy on the wallet.

    • Weighs less than a pound
    • Slim profile and easy on the shoulders
    • Stylish but inexpensive
  • Clark & Mayfield Stafford Rolling Laptop Bag

    Tim says: Most rolling laptop bags scream out “businessman coming through” and look far better trailing a conservative suit than any adventurous outfit. This quality leather bag is a more attractive than most. It is also functional enough to be convenient for a hustle through a long airport terminal or a jaunt up two flights of stairs.

    The aluminum frame and telescoping handle are lightweight and the wheels are barely visible when you are carrying the bag instead of wheeling it. There’s a fan-fold section for files and papers inside, next to a padded area for laptops up to seventeen inches. A large pocket on the front offers easy access to keys, a phone, your boarding pass, or a music player. Yes, you can get the popular basic black, but thankfully it doesn’t stop there. The Clark & Mayfield Stafford bag also comes in crimson and sunset orange.

    • Rolls through airports but light enough to lift
    • Rich quality leather
    • Comes in three color choices
  • Custom Laptop Messenger Bag from Timbuk2

    Tim says: Can’t find the color combination you really want for your laptop bag? Design your own then!

    Timbuk2 offers up their most popular laptop messenger bag as a blank slate and lets you exercise your creative whims with the fabrics and colors after you choose the small or medium size. You can choose from 24 colors and eight fabric styles for three different panels, plus another color for the waterproof liner on the inside and the logo that goes on the front. You even choose the type of reflector tabs and specify if you’ll use it more on the right shoulder or left.

    This is no gimmicky bag, however. You can choose to add on the strongest fabrics and the bags are packed with padding and pockets, all made for you in the USA.

    • Get exactly the color combination you want
    • Choose from various fabric styles and strengths
    • Unique bag still delivers all the functions of the standard ones

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