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Best Outdoor Lights & Best Landscape Lighting

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Lighting can set the tone, mood and atmosphere for a party. It can highlight the best and hide the imperfections of just about anything (including us human beings)! It can make an ordinary outdoor dinner party so much more inviting and intimate, an outdoor wedding more romantic, and a casual barbecue more festive.

Most people under estimate the power of light. It will light up paths to direct your guests to different areas of your yard, showcase a special feature in the backyard such as the pool or just warm up the surroundings to make your guests feel welcome and invited. Whatever the occasion there are options to light the way!

There are basically four choices for outdoor lighting when it comes to parties. Your choices are wired lighting, solar powered, battery powered and the most cost effect, candles. There are so many options to choose from but I believe I have listed the best of the best and then the rest to light up any occasion.

Finding the best outdoor lights can make your home safer and also offer the right ambiance for your next big outdoor party. The best landscape lighting complements your decor and is very practical.

Best Lighting for Outdoor Parties by Jane Carroll

The Best You Can Get

  • Floating Pool Lamps

    Jane says: This is a fancy idea for pool lights from Metalarte, made in Spain. These floating lamps are sold in a set of tow, rechargeable, and a huge highlight at a party. The lights are made from waterproof polyethylene and can be dived.

    • Charger included
  • Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp

    Jane says: The Foscarini Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp is designed by Jozeph Forakis in 2005. This outdoor lamp is made of a single rotational moulded piece in white or cream colored polyethylene. These floor lamps are just beautifully made in Italy and weather resistant. With its simple, natural shape, the Havana Outdoor is perfect for lighting vast areas, enhancing them with a presence that integrates perfectly with garden panoramas and is ideal for lighting pathways and drives.

    • 67 inches tall
    • Chosen by New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for its permanent design collection
  • Luau Portable Lamp

    Jane says: The OXO Lauau Portable Lamp creates chic ambience with its set-the-mood glow. You can line a path, scattered amongst the gardens, line the decks or suspend in a tent. The lamp can be on while charging and lights up automatically when lifted from its base. The lamp is made from weather resistant polycarbonate in a clouds finish. They are dimmable, fire safe, and cool to the touch. These lamps have a run time of six to ten hours with rechargeable NiMH batteries on a rechargeable pod.

    • Each lamp measures 16.75” high x 9.5” diameter
  • Pod Lens Lamp

    Jane says: Designed by Ross Lovegrove for Luceplan of Italy, the pod lens series is made from polycarbonate and resembles a flower bud. Waterproof and UV resistant, pod lens are available in four colors and if needed, delivered without a plug because, due precisely to its adaptability, it may require an IP65 plug (for outdoor use, or a special three way joint for series connections). These pod lights look stunning hung in trees or suspended under a gazebo or tent.

    • They measure 11” long x 4” diameter
  • Contempo Garden Torch

    Jane says: These torches are incredibly clean and simplistic in look. They are made of a rust-free aluminum and provide a real, adjustable flame. No more need for messy oils, these contemporary, lightweight torches come with a one-pound propane tank that you refill just like the barbecue tanks. Each canister lasts for eight hours. These torches are suitable for home or commercial use and were the winner of the “Best New Product” award at the Maison Objects awards in Paris.

    • Each torch measures 24 ½” high

You will be happy with any of these

  • MagicGlobe Solar Light Sphere

    Jane says: These solar powered spheres are German designed and provide two ways to cycle through a spectrum of yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint, and purple. A hidden solar module in the sphere converts energy from direct sunlight, emitting a rainbow of colors. They automatically illuminate when darkness sets in. They look magical in the pool but also come with a pedestal, stand, and stake to also scattered throughout your garden, porch, or pathways.

    • Each sphere measures 8” in diameter and illuminates up to 12 hours
    • Includes NiMH battery pack
  • Aurora Glow Solar String Lights

    Jane says: Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the unique and alluring Aurora Glow Glass Solar powered hand-blown string lights. Six lights crafted from colored and clear hand-blown glass and luminescent details adorn any arbor, archway, tree, or deck railing. Totally sustainable, hang beautiful Aurora Glow Glass Solar String Lights once and enjoy their artisan glow every night!

    • 35 ft. Clear Coated Wire
    • Space between lights: 24”
    • Solar glass globe: 5” x 5”
  • Sun Powered Shoji Lanterns

    Jane says: These are perfect for any theme party, wedding, or dinner. These lanterns look just like rice paper but are actually made of a weather resistant nylon. Each comes with a solar panel on top and an LED bulb inside, flame-free and cordless. They have a day/night sensor and collapse for easy storage.

    • Each measures 10” diameter with a 6 ½” wire hanger
    • Choice of white, orange, or apple green
  • Paper Star Lights

    Jane says: These paper stars come in huge array of colors and patterns to fit any color scheme. Each star light is shipped flat with clear instructions for easy installation. The folded star expands into a three-dimensional star. Each comes with a unique metal light bulb frame that houses a standard bulb that is plugged into their power cord with an on/off switch. Cord is twelve feet long and can be suspended from anywhere you can get power to the cord.

    • Each star measures 2 ft. across
  • Hanging Votive Holders Set

    Jane says: These glass hanging votive candles look magical hanging in trees, suspended under a gazebo or dangling from a tent roof.

    • Each hanging votive measures 27” long
    • Choice of pink, green, blue, and amber

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When choosing the best outdoor lights, you have a lot of choices. The best landscape lighting features wired lighting, solar powered lights, battery powered lighting and, of course, candles. The best outdoor light selections also come in a variety of designs to match your decor, providing a beautiful ambiance for your next party.