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Few things are as important to a young girl as the day she is allowed to start wearing makeup! When it comes to girlhood rites of passage, trying on mom’s lipstick is right up there with clomping around in her high heels and getting our ears pierced. It’s a little bit of harmless fun that comes with a lot of cool supplies.

In my years of professional organizing, I’ve noticed a common trend. While mothers may teach their young daughters the importance of a good beauty regimen, they don’t often pass down an effective way to store those treasured beauty supplies.

Imagine for a second that we all treated our shoes the way most of us treat our cosmetics. I know it seems like a strange comparison, but if you add up the amount of money you’ve spent on your makeup, the dollar figure is probably at least $100, which is about the same price as a nice pair of shoes.

Wouldn’t it be strange to throw your shoes into an old box in the cabinet underneath the sink? When old shoes are no longer wearable, would you still keep them underneath the sink and just throw your new shoes on top of them? If this seems like a crowded, dusty, careless approach; it is!

Yet, this is how we treat our makeup! Most people I’ve met in my line of work simply stuff and stash their makeup. The brushes are filthy, the shadow gets broken, and the rest collects dust. Our makeup gets neglected, abused, and forgotten.

So now is the time to take back one of life’s little luxuries! Make your daily routine a little less routine. Create a cosmetics collection that lives up to your childhood fantasies by organizing and storing it in a way that reflects who you are today. By honoring the investment you’ve made, you’ll get an extra lift to your day. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Best Make-up Organizing by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • PB Teen – Smart Beauty Station

    Vicki says: If makeup has been a lifelong obsession for you, have a peek at this fairy tale organizer for girls of all ages! It’s the crème-de-la-crème of beauty. For the true makeup aficionado, this fun piece from PBteen has enough storage space for even a Hollywood makeup artist. Lots of drawers, cubbies and pull-out trays are available for your bottles, tubes, and jars. There’s even a pop-up mirror to help you get ready for your close up.

    • Available in white or pink
    • Filled with all kinds of nooks and crannies
    • Includes a three-prong outlet – great for a hairdryer
  • Restoring Order – Large Drawer Divider

    Vicki says: It’s fun (and economical!) to repurpose products for uses other than originally intended. This drawer divider was designed with the office in mind, but I’ve introduced one into my bathroom for conveniently storing my makeup. The beauty of this organizer is that you’re not limited to pre-set section sizes; the removable dividers allow you to customize the product around your supplies; from brushes to bronzer, lashes to lips.

    • Made of lightweight aluminum
    • Doused in silver sparkles for a fun finish
    • Also available in a smaller size
  • Sephora – Croc Print Train Case

    Vicki says: Pretend to be Marilyn Monroe while you do your makeup! With classic good looks and vintage style, this train case looks like it came right out of “Some Like it Hot”. Easily stowed in a closet or underneath the bathroom sink, the unfolding tiers – four in total – provide endless options for keeping your beauty essentials right where you need them.

    • Snap locks stay tightly closed
    • Ivory faux crocodile print
    • Includes a detachable shoulder strap
  • PB Teen – Classic Makeup Sectional

    Vicki says: As classic as Chanel red lipstick, this pretty organizational piece looks beautiful displayed on a bathroom shelf, bedroom dresser, or vanity. With eight lipstick or brush holders, five cubbies, and three storage drawers, you can store all of your cosmetic essentials and create a firm foundation for your daily routine. You may even gain back some precious morning time – perhaps for a few more minutes of beauty sleep?

    • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
    • Choose from light blue or white
    • Can be personalized
  • Makeup and Brush Organizer

    Vicki says: Being on the road is no excuse to fall into sloppy habits. Travel in style and stay organized at the same time with this sectioned carrying case. (P.S. It works just as nicely to keep you neat and tidy at home!) Folded into its compact size for storage or travel, it takes up minimal space. When you’re ready to apply your makeup, hang it from its convenient hook for easy viewing and access.

    • Clear, vinyl with zippered pockets
    • Black nylon with bright turquoise interior
    • Matching train case and hanging valet also available

You will be happy with any of these

  • Charter Club Organizational Boxes

    Vicki says: Multi-functional boxes like these are perfect for bringing order to the many shapes and sizes of cosmetics and beauty supplies. Able to house long-handled brushes, thick tubes of foundation, short, squatty lipsticks, and various eye shadow palettes, you can customize your own solution with these pretty containers. Mix and match to suit your needs!

    • Removable compartments
    • Available in a three, four, or five piece set
    • Smooth white finish with robin’s egg blue interior
  • Acrylic Makeup Organizer

    Vicki says: I can see clearly now! The crystal clear construction of this acrylic makeup organizer allows you to see your entire cosmetics collection at once. You’ll know when it’s time to stock up on something and when you’ve got more than enough of something else. With numerous slots for a multitude of sizes, it will even keep your brushes standing upright. The removable lipstick organizer allows for quick and easy cleaning.

    • Made of strong, durable acrylic
    • Small footprint with big storage capabilities
  • Zen Aluminum Trays

    Vicki says: Even hard-core makeup enthusiasts can be minimalists. Zen aluminum trays add a spa-like serenity to your busy mornings. Use one tray for foundation and face powders, another for lipsticks and glosses, and a third for eye shadow, liner, and mascara. The raised edges keep items from sliding off and the platform base offers a streamlined look. Just relax and breathe deeply!

    • Easy-to-clean aluminum
    • Three sizes – small, medium and large
  • Sephora – Core Vinyl Double Handle Makeup Bag

    Vicki says: Stylish enough for travel, yet practical enough to use at home, a makeup bag like this will become a regular player in your day. It’s actually four bags in one; there are three separate and removable makeup bags inside for additional categorization of your lotions and potions. With its sleek good looks, it could even be used as a purse in a pinch!

    • Made of vinyl, nylon, and mesh
    • Secure zippered closure
  • 3-Tier Cosmetic Organizer

    Vicki says: Has your cosmetics collection grown and grown? Why not make your life easier and get it organized all in one place? With this clear unit, you’ll be able to see all of your supplies with one quick glance rather than looking through three separate containers to find your eyeliner. Three tiers offer 36 separate compartments of varying sizes and pull-out drawers make the most of your vertical storage space.

    • Enough room for 12 individual lipsticks
    • Non-slip feet for a sturdy grip
    • Sturdy acrylic with chrome frame

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