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Let’s face it fellas, we all have to go to work. (Ok, a few lucky ones don’t.) Just because you are lucky enough to have secured that high powered job that allows you to travel the world, make life or death business decisions, or handle a copious amount of cash on a daily basis does not mean you are free to carry everything to work in a backpack. Walk into the lobby of your fancy office building with a backpack or a re-used plastic bag in hand, and you can kiss your corner office goodbye. These days us men have more options than ever in bags to bring to work…shamefully dubbed by women everywhere an "Man Bag". For sanity’s sake, we’ll just call them bags for men. Briefcases no longer stand in a league of their own in the work place, as messenger bags and tote bags (yes! Tote bags!) have become acceptable forms of transportation for your laptop and legal pads. Here are my selections for the best bags for men, still worthy of bringing with you to the bar for beers after work.

For the best man bags, look no further. We suggest Gucci man bag choices and other supple leather man bags that have plenty of space and are rugged enough to transport your work and play necessities.

Best Man Bags by Preston Konrad

The Best You Can Get

  • J. Crew The Original Leather Postal Messenger

    Preston says: Guys, this is the coolest bag on the block. This bag by J. Crew draws its inspiration from the bags that United States postal workers used in the late 1800s to deliver telegrams and mail. How cool is that? This bag is made by hand of supple oil-tanned, hand-stained calf skin leather and feels like it could have been in your family for generations yet still looks polished and professional for the office. All of the rivets are set by hand, as well as all of the closures and details. This is a bag you will have for your entire life and pass down to your sons when you grow old. The J. Crew postal bag is a great size and will fit your laptop, files, folders, and even an extra pair of shoes for the gym after work. A true investment piece.

    • Replica of 1868 US Postal Bag
    • Handmade
    • Extremely soft
    • Investment item
    • Good size
  • Filson Medium Field Bag

    Preston says: The legendary clothing company, Filson have been outfitting men across America for over 100 years. Filson originated as an apparel company to outfit the stampeders of the great American gold rush in the 1800s. Specializing in rugged apparel and accessories, Filson perfected the durable, purposeful bag for a man to carry. The Filson medium field bag was originally meant to be used in the great outdoors and has made its way to the urban jungle where it is one of the coolest bags for a man to carry. This bag is a traditional messenger style (over one shoulder) and is the perfect size to bring to work. The smooth tan canvas and rich chocolate leather trim makes this bag a smart addition to your work gear. Although you’ll be carrying this bag in the elevator instead of over the Smokey Mountains, it is very important to keep a durable workbag that will last you many years of wear and tear in the city streets.

    • Rugged canvas
    • Leather detailing
    • Messenger style
    • Medium size
    • Nice price
  • Louis Vuitton Beaubourg Tote Bag

    Preston says: Louis Vuitton is known for making some of the worlds most luxurious and recognizable bags for women. Little do men know that Louis actually makes plenty of great bags for us, too. The LV Beaubourg tote bag is a very smart, chic, and handsome way to carry everything you need to the office. This bag comes in a natural cowhide canvas with the Louis Vuitton "LV" monogram all over it. The pattern is subtle yet powerful. The bag is very deep to accommodate a thin laptop and some file folders, but this is not the bag to cram your extra gym clothes in as well. The textile straps are soft and wide making the bag very comfortable when it rests on your shoulder. This is the perfect bag for you men who hold a highly visible or powerful position in your workplace. This bag is the one you men carry when you’ve really made it.

    • Signature LV monogram canvas
    • Internal pockets & compartments
    • Comfortable straps
    • Status symbol
  • Jack Spade Crown Twill Swiss Brief with Flap

    Preston says: Andy Spade is the husband to women’s clothing, accessory, and handbag designer Kate spade. After their line of women’s handbags grew to be such a success, Andy and Kate decided to create a line of utilitarian bags for men to be sold at hardware stores throughout New York City. Demand grew along with exposure and placement, and now the men’s line Jack Spade is one of the most successful line of bags for men. The Crown Twill Swiss Brief is a great example of a modern day briefcase. It is constructed of a heavy twill/canvas and has a zipper closure and an adjustable flap. This bag is perfect for you if your workplace demands you carry a briefcase. Go ahead, carry one – just make sure it’s this one, it’s the coolest. The bag has soft black leather trim and handles, and a durable waxwear bottom.

    • Briefcase
    • Removable shoulder strap
    • Many pockets
    • Durable waxwear bottom
  • LL Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag, Zip Top

    Preston says: You know that bag that your wife carries when you go to the beach? Yeah, you know… the cream canvas tote bag with her initials on it? Yep, that’s the one. No longer does it have to be just for her. LL Bean, purveyor of outdoor goods (and monogrammed totes) offers a really great bag for men, too. The Hunter’s tote is a manly spin on the classic tote. The bag is camouflage and has a zip top to keep rain out and your work papers in. This bag is available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large. For everything you need to bring for work, the large size will be perfect. The bag is made of durable polyester material and is virtually indestructible (cue the bus driving by and splashing you on the side of Fifth Avenue in the rain). This is a great option to carry when the weather is poor and you have some important papers to get to work without getting them soaked. Just throw them in the bag, zip it up, and you’re good to go. Trust me… these bags are awesome for the rain, I have one.

    • Waterproof
    • Camouflage Design
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Great price

You will be happy with any of these

  • Kenneth Cole New York Colored Nylon Vertical Tote

    Preston says: This bag was inspired by the flight helmet bags used by aviators in World War II and still looks just as cool as it did 50 years ago. This Kenneth Cole bag is made of durable nylon and comes and an adjustable shoulder strap. What’s great about this bag is that it is held like a briefcase but has the depth and capabilities of a tote bag… a great combination. The functionality of this bag is what is so impressive. Cell phone pockets, key holders, pen slots, and file compartments are all neatly tucked inside the bag for a clean, slick exterior to bring with you into the office. This bag is best for a slim laptop and multiple file folders.

    • Nylon
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Exterior pockets
  • Gucci Messenger Bag, Black

    Preston says: The Gucci messenger bag is one of the slickest bags a man can carry to work. First of all, it’s Gucci… you really can’t go wrong here guys. Second, it’s the most professional and tailored bag on my list; I guess you could say the most conservative of my choices. The bag is black with the signature Gucci print also in black covering the bag and a metal Gucci nameplate on the flap. The inside of the bag is pretty roomy and will fit more than just a laptop and notepads.

    • Classic messenger back
    • Black Gucci print
    • Made in Italy
  • Henry Beguelin “West” Bag

    Preston says: Boutique leather designer Henry Beguelin produces some of the most luxurious and distressed leather bags for men. The "West" shoulder bag is the most versatile option from his line of bags for men. The bag is carried by two leather straps and closes with a flap top with a polished nickel closure. The bag looks like it has traveled the world; this is not because its been beat up or dragged behind a truck, only hand crafted from the finest distressed leathers available. These bags border on the "work of art" category. Gentlemen do not think about taking this to work in the pouring rain, unless you have hundreds of dollars to wash down the sidewalk in the storm.

    • Hand Made
    • 2 Shoulder straps
    • Polished nickel closure
    • Large interior
  • Adidas Vintage Airliner Bag

    Preston says: This bag from Adidas is reminiscent of the vintage Airliner bags seen around the airports in the 1960s and '70s. Its is sold in a retro brown with cream stitching and details, and the Adidas logo is boldly stitched on the front of the bag… how kitsch. This bag is a one-shoulder messenger style so is great to run around town with. Adidas has made this bag of animal friendly faux-leather and it is also available in black with cream detailing.

    • Vintage inspired
    • Constructed from faux-leather
    • Zippered pockets on exterior
    • Only available in 2 colors
  • Urban Outfitters Jitney Canvas Weekender

    Preston says: Now that you guys have figured out which bag suits you best for everyday use, it’s important to keep in mind that a nylon gym bag will not cut it when vacationing for the weekend. This bag from Urban Outfitters is the perfect weekend bag… roomy, simple, and stylish. This is a great alternative to a similar bag from Ralph Lauren or Filson at a much lower price. The zipper top, lobster clasps, and metal feet are finishing touches that really make your weekend bag look like jet setting may be part of your everyday routine.

    • Made from durable cotton
    • Leather handles
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Reinforced bottom

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Real men have the best man bags that are designed to be rugged and with enough room for everything you want to tote. We recommend a stunning Gucci man bag and other supple leather man shoulder bag choices that go with everything, from business suits to jeans and a t shirt. Always the best price, these leather man bags are the cooler, hipper briefcases of this century.