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Best Men's Vegetarian Shoes & Best Men's Green Shoes

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From flip-flops to hiking boots, you can find most every kind of shoe out there with an ecological bent. Whether it’s an old tire repurposed as sneaker soles, dye made from ground-up tree bark, or sneakers made from recycled army canvas — and an across-the-board insistence on fair trade labor practices — with the shoes below, you can literally walk your talk.

Choose the best men's vegetarian shoes, from hiking boots to flip flops, to be kind to earth's creatures. These best men's green shoes keep you in touch with the earth as you go through your day.

Best Mens Eco Shoes by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Simple Sno Tire Hemp EcoSneaks

    Candace says: Simple is a company with an understatedly hip line of shoes with a conscience. When you slide into their Sno Tire Hemp EcoSneaks, you’re actually walking around on old tires, cut elegantly to the shape of a shoe soles. The whole shoe is basically recycled, but it looks as stylish and tidy as if it were made of brand spanking new materials in Italy.

    • Organic hemp and cotton uppers and organic cotton lining
    • Genuine recycled car tire outsoles
    • Recycled PET plastic laces and footbed
    • 100% post-consumer paper pulp foot forms and shoe boxes
    • Choice of five colors
  • Patagonia Manuka Hemp-Alpaca Sandals

    Candace says: For some of us, a flip-flop is the only possible choice until snowflakes start to dust our toenails. For others, it’s just a vacation thing and a third category wears out a pair or three each summer season. The Manuka speaks to the man who has always dreamed of a thong built like a luxury canoe. Its shearling-lined footbed and upper’s underside provide a soft, cozy interface along with moisture-wicking properties, and keeps feet cool in summer and warm in the cool months.

    • Natural latex- and coconut fiber-wrapped heel
    • Molded footbed contains 20% recycled EVA
    • Outsole is 70% recycled hevea-based latex
    • Stitching-reliant construction minimizes use of glue
  • Ethletic High-Top Sneakers

    Candace says: Hey, lovers out there of the classic Chuck Taylor sneaker: you can have your shoe and rest easy, too, knowing that Ethletic is a bona fide fair-trade company committed to supporting just labor opportunities in disadvantaged parts of the world. They pay a fair trade premium to Sri Lankan rubber producers and Pakistani stitchers. The shoes are also made of the most eco materials available. Another great Converse-style sneaker source: the No Sweat brand.

    • 100% Fair Trade-certified organic cotton canvas upper
    • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified natural and sustainable latex sole
    • PCP- and AZO-free dyes
    • Certified by the Fair Labeling Organization
    • Three high-top colors and five low-top colors available
  • Nike Considered Lava Dome CI Men’s Shoe

    Candace says: Nike’s Considered line refers to the process it has undergone to consider its mammoth carbon footprint, and minimize it on all levels. Their line of Considered products has a special emphasis on using sustainable materials, but they’ve also implemented eco-conscious change across the board. In Nike Air products, they’ve switched from the greenhouse gas sulfur hexafluoride to climate-neutral nitrogen, eliminating 80% of the metric tonnage of their greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve made a 95% reduction in VOC usage across the business, and best of all, collect old sneakers (Nike and other brands) and recycle them into a material called Nike Grind, which they donate as a sports surface used to make tennis courts, playground surfaces, running tracks, and more. Considering that it takes 75,000 pairs to make a running track, that’s a lot of sneakers not ending up in landfills.

    • Sole is stitched to upper for zero adhesives usage
    • Two color choices
    • Shoe is recyclable (read on)
  • Teva Keagan

    Candace says: Think Teva just makes mandals (that would be sandals for men)? Guess again. Their cheeky lace-up, the Keagan, may have a modish bowling shoe influence, but its materials are ped-friendly, durable, and eco-friendly. The “dark gull gray” color feels very Northern England drummer, while the Coffee Liqueur would look just right on a babywearing dad out on a stroll. The Keagan is part of Teva's Curbside collection of shoes made from post-consumer recycled materials.

    • Canvas lining made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic
    • Post-consumer recycled rubber outsole
    • Durable suede upper with heavy-duty lace eyelets
    • Four color choices

You will be happy with any of these

  • Terra Plana Worn Again Jack

    Candace says: This company uses non-traditional recycled materials such as seatbelts, leather from car seats, parachute silk, and tweed jackets. The fashion-forward Worn Again Jack features an upper of recycled military canvas.

    • Button “fly”
    • Sturdy sole
    • Recycled ingredients
    • Chrome-free and vegetable-tanned leather
    • Fair trade
  • Adidas Indoor Super Grün

    Candace says: The Indoor Super is part of Adidas’ new eco-minded Grün collection. Some of the items, like this sneaker, are fully biodegradable along with being made from recycled materials. Other shoes in the line are made from vegetable-tanned and chrome-free leather, synthetic leather, and denim.

    • Vegetable-tanned suede and hemp upper
    • Cork stripes (trim)
    • Woven jute insole
    • Fully biodegradable
    • Recycled EVA and rubber midsole
  • Ecolution Hemp Hiking Boot

    Candace says: This hiking boot has a small carbon footprint and it’s not terribly bulky, unlike some hiking boots meant for hard-core swamp-slogging. It also comes in handy as a protective option for snowy or rain-prone days.

    • Organically grown Romanian hemp upper
    • Three color choices
    • Naturally antimicrobial
    • Water-resistant
  • El Naturalista Moai

    Candace says: How many people can say that their shoes were dyed with ground tree bark? These shoes might have a bit of the “aging hippie high school teacher” vibe, but wasn’t he the coolest teacher in school? The shoe’s bed is made of cork molded to the foot, and the shape of the sole also follows the shape of the foot and not the other way around.

    • Anatomical footbed design made from recycled cork
    • Recycled carbon insoles and 100% natural rubber outsoles
    • Leather tanned with vegetable extracts and ground tree bark
    • Hand-stitched uppers
    • Made in Spain
  • Timberland Boot Earth Keeper

    Candace says: Timberland is a big name in boots, from steel-shanked construction to hiking to fashion. Solid construction is one thing that it’s known for, and with the Earth Keeper, it greens its rock-solid reputation for quality. Not so much a construction boot or the kind of boot you want to drag through a swamp, it is well-suited for the light hiking and outdoor activities front; it’s ruggedly outdoorsy while noticeably stylish. Pair it with jeans, cords, khakis, the more casual trouser....

    • Waterproof leather and organic cotton canvas upper
    • 30% recycled content in the rubber sole
    • 30% recycled content in the wicking textile lining

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