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What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup is made up of finely ground minerals such as titanium, gold, zinc, and aluminum, which are finely milled to a powder and are purest in form. There is no talc, oil, wax, or fragrance in mineral makeup that can irritate sensitive skin. The skin actually benefits from using mineral makeup.

What are the benefits of mineral makeup?

The minerals naturally relax, refresh, and rejuvenate the skin, allowing skin to breathe while anti-oxidants comfort irritated skin. Mineral makeup does not penetrate the skin with damaging oils or chemicals which can cause breakouts. There is a natural SPF in mineral makeup and most are water proof. All skin types can use mineral makeup including mature skin. Mineral makeup does not feel heavy, does not settle in wrinkles and rarely do you need to touch it up through out the day. In addition, the light reflecting minerals in mineral foundations give skin a healthy glow while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Mineral makeup formulations include pressed powder, loose powder, and even liquid formulations.

Best of the Best:

These mineral foundations contain a few more ingredients such as botanical extracts, anti-oxidants, and deep-sea water to nourish, hydrate, and comfort the skin. I chose them as the Best of the Best.

The best mineral makeup will use natural products to nourish your skin. Our experts search the Web for the best make up minerals that feature anti-oxidants and other natural ingredients that feel good on the skin and look even better.

Best Mineral Makeup by Margaux Lancaster

The Best You Can Get

  • Jane Iredale - Liquid Minerals

    Margaux says: Liquid Minerals Makeup evens out skin tone, minimizes pores, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines while the time-released antioxidants and phytosomes nourish the skin. The beads visible in the airless pump are actually liposomes entrapping liposomes. These spheres are suspended in a gel of aloe vera, lavender floral water, and vegetable glycerin. As the makeup is applied, the body temperature breaks down the liposomes so they can release their “actives” in a prolonged time-release action for the ultimate in skin health and protection. The skin appears more youthful and skin tone is even. This is an excellent foundation for mature skin and dry skin.

    • Light diffusing
    • Time-released antioxidants and phytosomes
    • All skin types
  • YoungBlood - Liquid Mineral Foundation

    Margaux says: This super hydrating formula contains a deep-sea hydrating complex and reduced salt deep-sea water that is rich in ocean minerals and nutrients. YoungBlood Liquid Mineral Makeup also contains calendula extract, cucumber extract, green tea extract, and cactus grandiflorus extract. The properties of these botanical extracts heal, soothe, and hydrate your skin. The silky lightweight foundation leaves the skin radiant and healthy looking.

    • Contains deep sea hydrating complex
    • Rich in minerals and nutrients
    • Lightweight
    • Super hydrating
  • Jane Iredale - Amazing Base - Loose Powder

    Margaux says: Jane Iredale’s Amazing Base is made of micronized minerals and has an SPF of 20. This water resistant mineral makeup is a foundation, powder, concealer, and sunscreen all in one. You can use it wet or dry. The weightless coverage lasts all day and does not fade, smear, or crease. This mineral powder is so versatile it can be mixed with a moisturizer to make a cream foundation or mix with a floral water/toner to make a liquid foundation. It is available in many colors that are divided into cool, warm, and neutral tones.

    • 4-in-one coverage
    • SPF 20
    • Water resistant
  • Senna Mineral Mix – Cover and Finish

    Margaux says: A special milling process gives this foundation a silky smooth texture that glides onto the skin. The natural minerals protect the skin from the sun damage while giving an age-defying glow. Completely covers blemishes, redness and discolorations and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Apply the loose powder in the jar base and deepen the color as desired with the pressed powder in the lid.

    • 2-in-one package
    • Natural sun protection
    • Dewy age-defying glow
  • Laura Mercier – Mineral Powder SPF 15

    Margaux says: This mineral powder is made of natural elements, pearl powder, and amino acids to promote healthy skin and fight the aging process. The pearl powder (crushed pearls), which is high in magnesium, amino acids, and calcium, is used to smooth out the appearance of skin providing anti-aging properties and a radiant finish. Water resistant with an SPF of 15, this oil free mineral powder has the flexibility to build from sheer to full coverage.

    • Water resistant
    • Oil free
    • SPF 15

You will be happy with any of these

  • Bee Luscious - Liquid Powder Minerals

    Margaux says: This self-setting powder in one foundation is infused with anti-oxidants and minerals that protect and hydrate your skin. It sets to a silky powdery finish and has an SPF of 15. This foundation works well on all skin types.

    • SPF 15
    • Infused with anti-oxidants & minerals
  • Senna - Barely Base – Sheer Mineral Makeup SPF 20

    Margaux says: This sheer mineral makeup is perfect for the active women! The light diffusing pigments help diminish the appearance of flaws such as fine lines and uneven skin tone while the botanicals and anti-oxidants nourish and protect skin from the environment. Barely Base is oil free, waterproof, fragrance free, and contains an SPF of 20.

    • All skin types
    • Water resistant
    • SPF 20
  • Prescriptives - All Skins Mineral Makeup

    Margaux says: I love Prescriptives and they went above and beyond with their mineral makeup.

    Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup is the only mineral makeup that features R.E.C. (Radiance Emitting Crystals - a unique complex of amethyst, rose quartz, and calcite). R.E.C. helps absorb light and gives skin extra radiance and luminosity. This foundation is good for your skin because it contains minerals, vitamins, gems and sun protection. It does not contain pore clogging ingredients such as talc, fragrance, or oil. All Skins Mineral Makeup is water resistant, sweat resistant and humidity resistant. The finish is beautiful and flawless.

    • SPF 15
    • Contains vitamins, minerals, and gems
    • Water resistant
  • Bee Luscious - Mineral Foundation - Pressed Powder

    Margaux says: This lightweight formula adjusts as needed from a soft powder to rich coverage to flaw minimizing camouflage. Controls oil and has an SPF of 8.

    • SPF 8
    • Adjustable coverage
    • Controls oil
  • Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals

    Margaux says: This award winning mineral makeup with SPF 15 is made of pure crushed minerals from the earth and is free from talc, oil, wax, and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin and cause breakouts. The loose powder buffs on like silk giving the skin a natural luminosity and flawless finish. Can be used as a concealer, powder, or applied as a full coverage foundation.

    • SPF 15
    • Adjustable coverage

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Our best mineral make up naturally relaxes, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin while looking fabulous on. Our best make up minerals recommendations feature botanical extracts, anti-oxidants and deep sea water that hydrates, nourishes and comforts the skin. Choose this natural makeup when you want to feel like you're in a spa every day.