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Best Mobile Phone Headset & Bluetooth Headset Reviews

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Sometimes it’s just not practical to hold your mobile phone. In fact, sometimes it’s downright dangerous… which is why many places have made it illegal to use a hand-held cellphone when you’re driving. But if you need to talk and drive, talk and cycle – or even talk and carry your shopping – there are plenty of ways to do it safely.

All of these hands-free devices use Bluetooth, which is clever wireless technology that replaces plug-in cables. If your phone is equipped with Bluetooth, you should be able to connect it to almost any Bluetooth accessory. No tangled wires, no hassle, no problem!

Choose the best mobile phone headset so you can multitask while talking business or pleasure. We recommend Bluetooth headset and other hands free headset choices.

Best Mobile Phone Headsets by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Aliph Jawbone Headset

    Mark says: Wearing an earpiece isn’t usually very cool – although this is an exception. But let’s not get hung up on the stunning design. The really clever stuff is inside.

    The Jawbone includes digital audio processing that pretty much removes background noise from your call. There’s no need for you to shout… and there’s no need for your caller to keep repeating themselves. You really need to hear this to believe it.

    • Bluetooth hands-free headset
    • Built-in noise reduction
    • Distinctive design
  • Nextlink Invisio G5

    Mark says: Launched as “the lightest and smallest Bluetooth headset in the world”, this Danish-designed headset is perfect for people who feel awkward wearing anything in their ear. It weighs less than 6g, it’s 3.3cm long and it’s 1.6cm wide.

    Equally cleverly, it’s supplied with a protective carrying case that recharges the headset even when you’re away from a power supply.

    • Bluetooth hands-free headset
    • Incredibly small and light
    • Exceptional battery life
  • Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear

    Mark says: These have been around for a while but they’re still a great idea, blending a Motorola Bluetooth headset with a pair of stylish Oakley sunglasses.

    The sunglasses use Oakley’s interchangeable high-performance lenses and the technology is compatible with stereo Bluetooth equipment, making them an excellent companion for a music-playing mobile phone.

    • Bluetooth stereo hands-free headset
    • Combined with Oakley sunglasses
    • Unique and practical
  • Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2

    Mark says: Okay, so it costs as much as many cellphones, but it’s easy to see why. The aluminum-clad EarSet 2 has a fold-out microphone that activates the headset, along with a loudspeaker that’s been designed to hi-fi standards.

    Better still, your conversations will benefit from advanced voice processing and twin microphones to reduce unwanted background noise.

    • Bluetooth hands-free headset
    • High-quality audio
    • Built-in noise reduction
  • Supertooth Visor Voice Hands-free Car Kit

    Mark says: Clip this clever device to your car’s sun visor and you’ve just installed a complete hands-free system in your vehicle. When someone calls, the Visor Voice will speak their name or number – and it’ll automatically answer if you say “ok”.

    You can choose from six languages and there’s even voice guidance when you’re setting it up.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Voice announcements
    • Answer calls simply by speaking

You will be happy with any of these

  • Qstik EVOQ Bluetooth Headset

    Mark says: Inside this curvaceous design is digital audio-processing software to remove background noise from incoming and outgoing calls.

    It’ll automatically protect your ears from sudden loud noises and comes with a set of ear buds that’ll let you convert it into a stereo headset.

    • Bluetooth hands-free headset
    • Built-in noise reduction
    • Automatic volume control
  • Mr Handsfree Blue Vision II Hands-free Car Kit

    Mark says: The next-best thing to a fitted car kit, this improved version of the original ‘Blue Vision’ has a remote control that can be mounted anywhere convenient in your vehicle.

    The main unit will either sit on the dashboard or clip to your sun visor, with its flip-up microphone and Digital Signal Processing technology offering excellent sound quality.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Built-in noise reduction
    • Remote control keypad
  • Parrot 3200 LS-Color

    Mark says: This is a fully-fitted car kit, so you’ll probably need professional help unless you’re a wizard with vehicle electrics. But it’s well worth it, because the Parrot 3200 rewards you with a customizable color LCD display and polyphonic ringtones.

    It has voice recognition for calling your contacts and can synchronize information from the address book of up to five different cellphones.

    • Bluetooth hands-free car kit
    • Color LCD display
    • Voice-controlled calling
  • Plantronics Pulsar 590E

    Mark says: At first glance these look like standard stereo headphones – but look again. There’s an extending microphone tube that turns them into a hands-free headset for your mobile phone.

    They’ll connect to almost any Bluetooth-equipped music-playing cellphone, giving you excellent sound quality for your music… and an easy way to answer your calls.

    • Bluetooth hands-free headphones
    • Compatible with stereo equipment
    • Control calls and music from the headset
  • Jabra BT250v

    Mark says: It’s a classic, comfortable design – but that’s not the only reason this affordable headset is worth a look.

    You see, the Jabra BT250v can vibrate when it receives a call, so it’s perfect when you’re somewhere loud… or somewhere quiet. You could even keep the headset in your pocket until you need it!

    • Bluetooth hands-free headset
    • Vibrating alert
    • Comfortable behind-the-ear design

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