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What happens when kids go to the theater and love a movie? They want to bring that experience to their homes. It’s the reason why movie toys are always popular with kids. Last year’s movie toy champs were the Transformer toys. This year, Batman, Speed Racer, Iron Man, and the new Indiana Jones toys are all contenders for that throne.

Best Movie Toys by Jim Silver

The Best You Can Get

  • Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump Set

    Jim says: Racing movies have usually translated into great toys. The vehicles from Cars are still best sellers. The Wachowski Brothers, who brought you The Matrix, have brought back that hot cartoon from the 1960s, Speed Racer. The Sky Jump Set is easy to assemble and replicates the final Grand Prix Race in the movie. Drop the cars on the track, and watch them fly. Made by Mattel.

    • High speed action
    • Airborne jumps by the cars
    • Easy to assemble
    • Replicates the final Grand Prix Race in the movie
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Building Set

    Jim says: This fourth installment from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg is guaranteed to be a blockbuster. For the first time, Lego is making building sets from the movie. These toys, with their special pieces will please all of those Lego fans.

    • Special Unique Lego Pieces
    • Re-enact sets and play from the movie
  • Hulk Smashing Hands

    Jim says: There’s a new Hulk movie starring Edward Norton. The Hulk Hands allow the kids to fantasize being that big green monster. Put on the Hulk Smash Hands, and as you smash things, you’ll hear the feeling of power! Made by Hasbro.

    • Smashing noises
  • Iron Man Nerf 425 Blaster

    Jim says: Straight from the movie of Iron Man comes this new Nerf Blaster. With an easy-loading clip that holds ten darts and a wall target to practice your aim, this Nerf toy is the first Nerf ever to be based on a movie and is truly a blast! Made by Hasbro.

    • Easy loading clip holds 10 darts
    • Wall target
    • First Nerf ever to be based on a movie
  • Cars Drive-In Dragstrip Playset

    Jim says: Although the movie is from two years ago, Cars toys continue to be extremely popular with kids. This Cars Dragstrip is portable, easy to set-up, and a chance to race your favorite characters from the movie. Made by Mattel.

    • Drag racing using your favorite characters from the movie Cars
    • Portable
    • Easy to set-up

You will be happy with any of these

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Gotham City Playset

    Jim says: Re-enact the movie The Dark Knight as Batman gets to battle the Joker to save Gotham City. This playset feature four different areas of play, including a tightrope so Batman can swoop in to save the day. It folds up for easy storage or to bring to a friend. Made by Mattel.

    • Four different play areas from The Dark Knight
    • Folds up for easy storage and portability
    • Batman can swoop in on a tightrope
    • Made by Mattel
  • Taters of the Lost Ark

    Jim says: We’ve seen Mr. Potato Head as Darth Tater, now he’s Taters of the Lost Ark. He looks like Indy, has the famous Indiana Jones hat that plays the famous theme, along with a whip and treasure makes this one cool spud.

    • Mr. Potato Head as Indiana Jones
    • 12 mix and match parts
    • Indiana Jones hat plays the famous theme
    • Made by Hasbro
  • Indiana Jones Sounds FX Whip

    Jim says: When you think Indiana Jones, you think of two things: his hat and his whip. Now Hasbro has developed a whip just like Indy’s, with realistic whip-cracking sound effects. The whip even features the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme song. Made by Hasbro.

    • Realistic
    • Features the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme song.
  • Hot Wheels Speed Racer Battle Morph Mach 6

    Jim says: The Mach 6, like the Mach 5 in the original cartoon, is the real star of the movie. This replica car for kids to play with features a jump-jack to pop a wheelie, missiles to take out the “bad guys”, plus many different lights and sounds. Made by Mattel.

    • The Mach 6 all souped up
    • Jump-jack to pop a wheelie
    • Missiles
    • Many different lights and sounds
  • Star Wars Keychains

    Jim says: These keychains are for the fans and collectors of the Star Wars films. They are full figures, and you can choose from Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Boba Fett, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Now the force can always be with you! Made by Basic Fun.

    • Action figure keychains
    • For the fans and collectors of the Star Wars films
    • Full figures
    • Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Boba Fett, C-3PO, and R2-D2

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