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Best Organic Cotton Babies Clothing & Best Organic Baby Outfits

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When it comes to dressing an infant, clothing needs to be soft, uncomplicated, and safe. Organic cotton, wool, hemp, and bamboo fabrics fit the safe and soft criteria, and I’ve hunted down wee garments with the least frills and furbelows, and the most simplicity and comfort. Not only that, but they are just darling...but never so much that they attempt to compete with your little bundle of cute.

With the best organic cotton babies clothing, you're choosing a safe comfortable outfit and a sustainable future. Always on sale, our organic baby outfits come in adorable styles that will keep your little one bundled in joy.

Best Organic Baby Clothes by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Nui Organics Stripe Scarf for Everyone

    Candace says: Okay. How many baby clothing items can you think of that last a baby’s entire life? None, right? Well, Nui Organics designed an organic wool scarf that works for babies and adults. The classic cocoa/cream stripe looks adorable on wee ones and rather dashing on mom or dad (should you be tempted to borrow it).

    • Organic merino wool
    • Lasts a lifetime
    • BioGro certified
    • Breathable fiber
  • Chapter One Organics Groovy Pink Dress

    Candace says: Soft, durable, with a deliciously hip silhouette and a wow print... what better way to encounter one’s first dress? It’s a far, far cry from those starched tulle fifties contraptions our mothers had to wear.

    • Certified organic cotton interlock
    • Fair trade; made by specially trained women who have previously had significant barriers to employment
    • Made in the USA
    • Uber-groovy mid-century-inspired geometric print
  • Kee-Ka Long Sleeve Organic Bodysuit

    Candace says: Kee-ka’s line of baby clothing is notable for the double-take cuteness of its motifs (my faves are the cupcake and the monkey). But even better: it comes in a recycled box that is ready to be mailed, so that you don’t have to box it up again to send it securely. Buying it for your own baby? Save the box for another shipping need.

    • Nickel-free snaps
    • 100% organic cotton
    • Lap neck goes over baby’s head (or shoulders) gently
    • Made by workers in India and Northern Israel, under certified fair trade conditions
    • Comes in environmentally friendly gift box packaging
  • Ohgeez Organic Jersey Yoga Pant

    Candace says: I cannot sing the praises of soft cotton baby pants enough. We’ve all been sold on the snapped-up all-in-one, and it has its place. But by the time you unsnap and snap a fussy baby’s pants (replete with thrashing legs and “Oops, I did that wrong...I have an extra top snap hanging out here...”) you could have whipped off baby’s pants, changed him, and slid the pants right back up his legs and onto his waist. Now, they have to be soft, and the elastic has to be gentle. That’s why I love Ohgeez’s yoga pant. It fits that bill, and even better, fits your child for two whole years (the second year, it’s a clamdigger).

    • Made in the USA
    • Medium weight organic cotton jersey
    • Two-year pant
  • Rock n Roll Babies Tiger Onesie

    Candace says: I love the groovy motifs emblazoned on this small, artist-run company’s shirts and onesies. From an eighties-reminiscent tiger to deities and tatts, they’re rad. And their social conscience actively rocks. Rock n Roll Babies donates five percent of their profits to children’s charities around the world. And when you’re done with their items, they’ll pay for you to send the garments back to them. They then launder the items and donate them to area shelters. As an added incentive, if you do send a t-shirt or onesie back, they also give you a coupon for 15% off your next order, plus free shipping.

    • Hip design
    • Organic cotton
    • Sweatshop-free
    • Use recycled shipping material

You will be happy with any of these

  • Sama Baby Kimono

    Candace says: Sama Baby organic cotton baby clothing is soft, adorable, and well made. The kimono is especially nice for the newborn stage, when the umbilicus needs to be exposed to air, and also because its snap-front design saves you from having to pull anything over his or her head.

    • Pure certified organic cotton
    • Side snaps make for easy changing
    • Available in five earth-friendly dyed colors
    • Fair trade
  • Under the Nile Footie Pajama

    Candace says: Under the Nile is a truly fair-trade company. It not only provides a living wage to its employees in Egypt; it also provides vocational training, health care, and education to its workers.

    They have a wide range of adorable baby and kid clothing, from solid natural cotton to fun and funky patterns and stripes. Warning: they may be impossible to “hand down” to other families you know. They are just too darn cute.

    • Made entirely of handpicked Egyptian organic cotton
    • Fair trade
    • Snaps from top to bottom for ease of diaper-changing
    • Supremely soft
    • Affordable
  • Can You Dig It Tater Baby Sack and Hat

    Candace says: Baby sacks allow your infant’s legs to move naturally, and also enclose the body so that baby is snug and contained, yet unencumbered. Optional foldover mittens allow you to protect baby from scratching her tender skin, and the “Spud” hat supports baby’s vulnerable body temperature.

    • Sweat-shop free
    • Organic cotton jersey
    • Made in the USA
    • Sleeves feature optional fold-over mittens
    • Gentle elastic at bottom
  • Nina and Tom Organic Strawberry

    Candace says: Nina and Tom actually do make these shirts; it’s not a cutesy name meant to evoke a mom-and-pop biz. This actual mom and pop do all of the designing, production, and shipping in Davis, California. Their organic strawberry design is super-cute.

    • Family-run business
    • Entirely produced in-house
    • 100% organic cotton
  • Geomio Oso Cute Hat

    Candace says: Hats are important in the early months, and this hemp/cotton blend beanie is everything you might want in a baby cap: it’s soft, stylish, and head-turningly fetching, given that it sports little bear cub ears. You can ensure the proper size by measuring your baby’s head; the sizes are keyed to those measurements.

    • Hemp and organic cotton
    • Made in USA
    • Features little bear ears
    • Three color choices

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Our suggestions for the best organic cotton babies clothing offers organic cotton, wool, hemp and bamboo fabrics that are safe, uncomplicated and soft. With the best organic baby outfits, your little one will be happy all day long. Always the best price, our recommendations for the best organic cotton baby clothes also offer a sustainable future for your children.