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“Organic” makeup is a tricky category. Though the federal government has set strict standards about how to use the organic label for food, it has not set certifications for organic cosmetics. Hence, the cosmetics industry may use words like “organic” and “natural” even though products contain a variety of questionable chemicals you probably wouldn’t want to put on your skin. What can you do? Read the label. In addition to organic ingredients, choose products free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and antibacterial agents, all of which have been linked to human health and environmental problems.

Environmental Working Group ranks cosmetics according to their toxicity. The cosmetics listed here have received some of EWG’s safest rankings. The variety they offer in terms of textures, colors, and applications have vaulted them into the Best of the Best category.

Be careful buying the best organic cosmetics because there are no government regulations for using the term "organic." For the best organic makeup, read labels and become knowledgeable about what you buy.

Best Organic Makeup by Diane MacEachern

The Best You Can Get

  • Everyday Minerals

    Diane says: The blushes, powders, concealers, and eye color in this product line rely primarily on blends of pulverized minerals for their texture and hue. Choose from almost 60 colors of blush alone, including “deep wine,” “pink ribbon,” and “launch party,” a bronze-auburn tone.

  • Barefaced Minerals

    Diane says: A broad palette of mineral-based blushes, “glimmers,” shadows, liners, and lipsticks help this company stand out. Many of the essential oils the company uses to flavor its lip balms are certified organic. Face and body bronzers include “angel dust,” “beach babe,” and “bare babe.”

  • Miessence

    Diane says: This product line has it all: foundations, concealers, mineral powders, “bronzing dust,” lip crèmes, lip balms, and mascara. The company is so confident about its certified organic ingredients that it claims you can eat them!

  • Coastal Classic Creations

    Diane says: These “creations,” manufactured according to the European Cosmetics Directive, do not use “ingredients which are known or strongly suspected of causing harm to all forms of life.” That includes parabens, lead, mercury, and formaldehyde, elements commonly found in commercial cosmetics. Eye shadows include “coastal evening,” a charcoal grey, to “coastal sun,” a bright yellow! Combine “refreshing mist” loose powder with “seashell” cream and forego the need for foundation. Lip balm is enhanced with sweet almond oil infused with orange, grapefruit or peppermint.

  • Honeybee Gardens Mascara and Eye Liners

    Diane says: What sets Honeybee Gardens off from its competitors? Its clay-free mascara is also botanically-enriched and paraben-free. The jojoba-based eyeliners come in five colors, including “Belgian chocolate” and “blue jeans.” ShadowColors eye shadows have been formulated from aloe and various herbs but again, no parabens. And if you’d like some safe nail polish to complement your makeup, don’t miss Honeybee Gardens’ water-based polish. Lots of colors to choose from, too!

You will be happy with any of these

  • Terra Firma Cosmetics

    Diane says: This company promises to make all its products without petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, synthetic pigments and dyes. What’s more, they conduct no animal testing – though they pay attention to the feedback they get from their customers. Check out the full product line of concealers, blush, bronzers, eye makeup, and lip color.

  • Burt’s Bees

    Diane says: When most people think of Burt’s, products like hand salve and face cleansers come to mind. But take a look at their lip balms, glosses, sticks and shimmers; eye makeup and face powder. You’ll be surprised to find this company is phthalate-free.

  • Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals

    Diane says: The mineral-based blushes are the products to focus on with this line. If you have no idea how to apply mineral powders, you can watch the “how to” video that accompanies the Bare Minerals kit.

  • Valana Minerals

    Diane says: Choose Valana for its lip color products in particular, which contain natural plant oils and waxes and no animal-based ingredients. Though the company specializes in formulations to complement ethnic skin tones, a large color palette means there’s a lipstick for everyone.

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Don't be fooled, choose the best organic cosmetics that are free of toxic chemicals. Finding the best organic makeup can be tricky because there are no regulations for the use of the word, "organic," in makeup. We recommend the best natural make up that is made without unneeded chemicals, and always the best price.