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Best Organic Pet Shampoo & Best Organic Pet Soap

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Your pooch doesn’t have to smell like a dog. Naturally fragrant shampoos, soaps, spritzers, and other skin care products will make your pet a pleasure to, well, pet. And their safe, plant-based ingredients infused with essential oils help mount a natural defense against fleas and ticks.

You can raise an “eco” pet from collar to cuff by using organic, plant-based products that will keep your furry friends happy, healthy and glowing. Some of these soaps and shampoos smell so good you’ll be tempted to use them yourself!

With the best organic pet shampoo you protect your dogs and cats from nasty chemicals. This best organic pet soap and shampoo will also cut down on toxins in your home.

Best Organic Pet Shampoos and Soaps by Diane MacEachern

The Best You Can Get

  • Bubble and Squeak Shampoo

    Diane says: There’s almost nothing Olive doesn’t have to make the dog in your life “green”. Bubble and Squeak, a liquid herbal shampoo, contains no parabens, phthalates, or sodium laurel sulfate. So if you give your dog a bath outside, as I usually do, you don’t have to worry about the soapy water running into the garden or onto the lawn. Easy Coat Detangling Spray makes combing through Fido’s fur after his shampoo easy and pain free. And if you’d rather your dripping pooch to dry off a bit before heading back to his favorite spot on the couch, wipe him pate to paw with Olive’s All Purpose Dog Towel.

  • Organic Pet Shampoo

    Diane says: Bathe your pet in this blend of organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, organic aloe vera, and a combination of natural and organic essential oils, and you’ll probably never try dog “detergent” again. Natural rosemary extract is the only preservative used in this otherwise organic concoction. The eco-friendly natural liquid soap product is extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. It sets itself apart from its competitors by meeting all USDA Organic Food Standards. The shampoo is also certified by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

  • Green Tea and Bergamot Buddy Wash

    Diane says: Harsh, alcohol-based shampoos can dry and irritate your pet’s skin. Buddy Wash relies on green tea and botanical extracts to rinse away dirt and leave your buddy smelling fragrant and clean. Try the rosemary and mint or lavender and mint blends for other scents that will clean and soothe.

  • Botanical Dog, Botanical Cat

    Diane says: This company promises pet care products “free from harsh chemicals and unsafe ingredients”, and their list of product ingredients - neem oil, eucalyptus, vegetable-based emollients, and Vitamin E, among others - sounds reassuring. Try the Neem Dream Dog Conditioner or the Calendula Skin Spray; though always remember to check for allergies when applying any new product. If your pet needs vitamins, both dogs and cats might like the Four Paws Brewers Yeast tablets.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Berry Nice Natural Conditioning Spritz

    Diane says: Feel like your pet needs a little “pick me up” instead of a full-blown bath? Pet Promise’s Conditioning Spritzes may be worth a try. They’ll detangle fur and reduce static electricity, too. Let me know if you try this on your cat!

    • From Pet Promise
  • OroDen PlaqueOff

    Diane says: If you find it hard to actually brush your pet’s teeth, ProDen may be the product for you. Add the seaweed-based compound to your pet’s dry or wet food. When it re-emerges in your animal’s saliva, it will help break down the bacteria that can cause tooth and gum disease. Don’t miss the Herbal Defense Shampoo and Conditioner, either. Its blend of 70% organic ingredients helps repel fleas and ticks. And if you’re too late to prevent bites, at least treat them naturally, with Hot Spot Skin Relief Oil.

  • Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes

    Diane says: These pre-moistened pads are infused with peppermint and baking soda to fight plaque and bacteria and promote healthy gums, plus parsley to freshen breath. If you think you can manage actually brushing your dog’s teeth, you can also try Natural Dog’s Triple Pet Dental Kit: a tube of vanilla-flavored toothpaste and a tooth brush fitted with different size bristles for maximum cleaning power.

  • True Blue Natural Conditioning

    Diane says: This biodegradable and organic 2-in-1 choice blends chamomile, green tea, and Vitamins A, C and E. No sulfates, parabens or artificial colors will pollute the environment if you wash your dog outside. Just as good, the “easy to rinse” shampoo guarantees you won’t leave soap on your dog’s skin. If you want a stronger fragrance when you shampoo, consider “Mango Tango”, “Mediterranean Magic Rosemary”, or “Lavender Rainforest”.

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With the best organic pet shampoo, your pets will smell good and feel even better without the toxic chemicals of traditional soap. We recommend the best organic pet soap and shampoo to ensure your cats and dogs are the cleanest. This best natural dog shampoo and cat soap show you love your pets like family.