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Best Organizing Garden Seat Carts & Best Garden Cart Seats

What can be more welcomed than a comfortable place to sit upon in the garden while doing your work? Rest your weary muscles and take the strain off your legs, knees, and back with a garden seat that can be picked up or rolled around the garden with you. There’s no end to the benefits of having a garden seat nearby with lots of handy storage places for all these essentials-tools, a drink, your cell phone, seeds, string, and more!

With tools and a drink nearby, these handy multi-purpose units offer both a convenient seat and secure place to stash your essential work items. Look for garden seats that are durable and sturdy, fast to clean, easy to maneuver and simple to store. Many offer convenient, secure places to store the tools.

A real knee saver, garden seats are designed to be a comfortable height to weed, prune, or dig in the garden and also provide a boost when rising back up to standing height. Many wheeled types are also designed to sit and propel around the garden. Try them out to see if they are the right height for your purpose. Some innovative gardeners have even attached a towrope to their rolling garden seat and easily pull them from one spot to another. Garden seats naturally roll better on hard surfaces so consider where they will be used (lawn vs. patio vs. mulch path vs. driveway) when selecting which design works best for you.

Whatever type of garden seat, all these selected provide a much appreciated resting spot or working area and plenty of places to store all those little items so essential for working in the garden.

The best organizing garden seat carts give you a comfortable spot to sit and offer plenty of storage. These best garden car seats are essential when you love working out in the yard.

Best Organizing Garden Seats by Anne Marie Van Nest

The Best You Can Get

  • Step 2 – Rugged Roll Work Seat -or- Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage

    Anne says: * Rugged Roll Work Seat (585400)

    * Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage (5A0000)

    Wheeled garden seat for good garden mobility. Just sit and push with your feet to move around the garden.

    Handy under the seat storage for hand tools.

    At 9 lbs. (4 kg.), it is light enough to be placed on a garage shelf and picked up and moved.

    Built-in beverage holder on one end.

    Easy clean up. Just use a hose and water.

    Portable yet solidly built. Good weather resistance, too.

    Useful as a planting table.

    Weight limit 250 lbs. (113 kg.).

    • Models 585400 or 5A0000
    • Combination garden seat and storage
    • Wheels for scooting mobility
    • Durable double walled plastic
    • Molded carrying handle in the seat
  • Ames - Lawn Buddy

    Anne says: Three storage compartments for quick organization and easy retrieval. With removable interior tray that transports seed packets right to the planting area.

    Rugged all poly construction.

    Fully assembled and weighing about 12 lbs. (5.4 kg.).

    Large rugged wheels for good sitting and propelling movements around the garden.

    Easy cleanup with a hose and water.

    Folding lid/handle is also the seat, at a comfortable 12” (30 cm.) off the ground.

    • Handy storage cart and seat
    • Stores upright to conserve space
    • Molded tool clips and drink holders
    • Folding handle doubles as a seat
    • Model 2466010
  • Picnic & Beyond - Terrace Carrier Portable Gardening Set

    Anne says: Handy garden stool with detachable storage tote.

    Sturdy metal tubular frame with polyester seat.

    Includes transplanting trowel, trowel, weeder, hand rake, hand fork, and a pair of gardening gloves.

    • Polyester folding chair with steel frame
    • 5 tools and a pair of gloves included
    • 10 pockets
    • Detachable tote
    • Model PB5B-076
  • John Deere - Gardening Seat and Tool Tote

    Anne says: Durable nylon seat and tote construction.

    Light weight for easy portability.

    Snug pockets to secure hand tools.

    Tools not included.

    • 10 handy tool tote pockets
    • Steel tubular frame
    • Rugged nylon material
    • Folding garden seat
    • Model 92007
  • GroWorks - Garden Cart

    Anne says: EVA foam top for comfortable seating.

    Sturdy design and bold, bright colors.

    Wheeled garden cart for good garden mobility.

    Interior tray for organizing seed packets and other loose items.

    Secure interior storage.

    Light weight and easy to move at 6 lbs.

    • Comfortable seating
    • Convenient storage
    • Interior tray for smaller items
    • Model 62301

You will be happy with any of these

  • Strathwood - 3-Piece Garden Tool Set with Folding Seat

    Anne says: Durable, aluminum tools have comfortable, ergonomically shaped handles.

    Stool holds up to 230 lbs. (104 kg.).

    Folding stool with durable nylon fabric.

    Rust resistant powder coated alloy frame.

    Includes three tools (trowel, cultivator, and transplanter).

    Lightweight and easy to carry.

    • 3-piece garden tool set included
    • Non-rusting aluminum tools
    • Removable tote
    • Seat folds flat
    • Model GS004
  • Bracken Creek - Folding Garden Seat with Totes - Lime Green

    Anne says: Garden tote with more than ten pockets.

    Handy under the seat storage.

    Reinforced seams and handle.

    High visibility in the garden.

    Light weight and easy to carry around the garden.

    • Sturdy, folding garden seat
    • Removable tote
    • Lightweight
    • Model B000GOIOSK
  • Picnic Time - Gardening Tool Kit and 5-Piece Garden Tools

    Anne says: Removable tool tote with convenient carrying handles.

    Sturdy, steel frame design.

    Five hand garden tools included: transplanting trowel, trowel, weeder, hand rake, and hand fork.

    • Folding garden seat
    • Steel frame
    • Polyester tool tote
    • 5 tools included
    • Model 542-93-121
  • Vertex International - Deluxe Garden Rocker Seat with Cushion

    Anne says: Garden seat that allows for rocking motion forward to better reach your work.

    Reduces that strain on your knees and lower back.

    Curved base extends range of motion forward.

    Ergonomically designed to be used while sitting.

    Contoured seat with adjustable height from 11-14” (28-35 cm.).

    Padded no-slip seat cushion also has four side tool pockets and a carrying handle.

    Holds up to 350 lbs. (159 kg.).

    • Unique design
    • Garden stool with a rocking ability
    • High weight capability
    • Adjustable height
    • Model GB1220
  • Soundbest MintCraft - Multifunction Garden Seat

    Anne says: Strong, small, and sturdy.

    Very practical for the garden.

    Very portable.

    Efficient design for keeping your tools, twine, and cell phone nearby and handy.

    Lots of pockets to really get organized!

    • Heavy duty canvas
    • Detachable canvas bag
    • 16+ tool holders
    • Folding stool
    • Model 5210

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