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Best Play Station 2 Accessories & PS2 Accessories

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When it comes to videogames, Sony’s PlayStation 2 has been going for a record nine years with no slowdown. Sony has sold over 130 million consoles and gamers are still snatching up the system at a rate of about 200,000 a month. That bodes well for game accessories makers, as well as PS2 consumers because there are plenty of accessories out there and a lot of choices.

Things should only get better once Sony drops the PS2 price down to $99 in 2008, opening up the floodgates to even more gamers late to join the bandwagon. In addition, there will be new Rock Band controllers, dance pads, and steering wheels for some time to come as new games continue to expand the PS2 library, which is already the largest of any game console in history.

Select the best Play Station 2 accessories for gifts for your kids or yourself. We suggest PS2 accessories that include a jamming guitar and accessories for war.

Best PS2 Accessories by John Gaudiosi

The Best You Can Get

  • AG RiffMaster Pro Bundle - Art Guitar

    John says: This bundle comes with everything you need for Guitar Hero and everything but the drums for Rock Band. The centerpiece of this system is a Guitar Slack cabinet with two tweeters that boasts 150 watts of real Peavey power. There’s also a Guitar Amp head that can store a PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 console (although this system is only compatible with PS2). The amp features tone controls for reverb high/low RQ and five-band graphic EQ and has four mic/line inputs for players and microphones. A PVM Diamond Series microphone, perfect for Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol or Rock Band, is also included.

    While the system includes a pair of AG RiffMaster wireless guitar controllers, those on a budget can purchase these authentic guitars separately. There are currently seventeen limited edition guitars from which to choose. Each controller is an actual Peavey guitar that has been created from natural basswood and hard rock maple and modified to work with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Every controller has been authentically recreated from actual guitars used by groups like KISS, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne, and Medadeth. There’s simply no cooler guitar controller out there.

    • Bundled with everything for Guitar Hero and all but the drums for Rock Band
    • Guitar Slack cabinet with two tweeters
    • Guitar Amp head can store a PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 console
    • PVM Diamond Series microphone
    • System includes a pair of AG RiffMaster wireless guitar controllers
  • PS2 8” Monitor - Joytech

    John says: Ever since Sony downsized its original bulky PlayStation 2 to the current PS2 Slim model, it’s made traveling with the console (for those who don’t use the PSP instead), a synch. Anyone who doesn’t have a minivan or SUV already equipped with on-board monitors will be able to take the PS2 portable with this eight-inch active matrix TFT monitor, which connects to the PS2. It even comes with an in-car power adaptor so that you can watch DVD movies or play videogames on the go. The adaptor powers both the PS2 and the monitor.

    This nifty device is also great for hotels or even at home to free up a TV for other activities. Since the PS2 has two controller ports, at least two kids will be kept occupied with this portable monitor, which offers a 160-degree viewing angle. And the PS2 visuals look crisp on this little RGB screen. The included SRS 3D surround sound brings every song and punch to life, and to keep things quiet for non-players, two stereo headphone jacks are included. The system also comes with a remote control.

    • 8” active matrix TFT monitor connects to the PS2
    • Power adaptor allows you to run the PS2 in the car
    • SRS 3D surround sound and 2 stereo headphone jacks included
    • 160 degree viewing angle
    • Remote control
  • Rock Band Drum Throne - Harmonix

    John says: The Rock Band bundle is a must-have for anyone who enjoys multiplayer gaming, but one crucial piece of hardware couldn’t fit into that over-sized box packed with a guitar, drum set, microphone, and game. This official Rock Band drum throne (chair) is a necessity for anyone who logs a lot of hours on the videogame drums. It’s the perfect height (something living room chairs can’t claim to be) and it’s very sturdy.

    The tripod legs are double-braced to hold even the heaviest gamers and each leg is protected with a rubber foot to prevent any movement on wood or vinyl floors. The thick padding will last though the longest jam sessions. And for those who haven’t tried the Rock Band drums yet, if you beat it on the difficult level, you’ll be able to play real drums, according to Harmonix.

    • A necessity for anyone who logs a lot of hours on the videogame drums
    • Very sturdy chair at the perfect height
    • Double-braced tripod legs with non-slip rubber feet
    • Thick padding on the seat
  • Driving Force GT - Logitech

    John says: There are a lot of steering wheels out there, and a lot of racing games on PS2. But when it comes to the ultimate driving franchise, Sony’s Gran Turismo is king. This Logitech steering wheel is the official wheel for this great game, which makes it a must-have for fans of the franchise. Every bump and collision is felt with this game’s force feedback technology, which is best experienced on a table or desk with the wheel locked in for added support.

    Although this steering wheel was designed for Gran Turismo, it works with every PS2 racer out there. It comes with a 24-position, real-time adjustment dial that allows you to fine-tune brake bias, traction control system, and other settings on-the-fly. Gamers won’t sweat the turns thanks to this wheel’s rubber overmold rim. This package comes with a sequential stick shift and gas and brake pedals to deliver an authentic racing experience that will continue to support new games like EA Sports’ NASCAR 09.

    • Official wheel for Sony’s Gran Turismo
    • Force feedback lets you feel every bump and collision
    • Sequential stick shift and gas and brake pedals
    • Works with every PS2 racing game
    • Adjust settings on-the-fly
  • EyeToy Camera - Sony

    John says: Designed by Dr. Richard Marks in London, Sony’s EyeToy wasn’t the first camera for a videogame console (Game Boy and Dreamcast had cameras), but it was the first successful camera accessory. In addition to bundling the camera with games like Kinetic, Play, and Antigrav, Sony and other publishers supported the device in games like Sega Superstars, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, SingStar, The Sims 2, and Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.

    There are over 50 PS2 games that support this cool video camera, which even allows players to insert their picture into games like MLB 07 and Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol. Gamers can perform physical movements that are captured in-game to interact with avatars and get kids moving and off their feet—something that EyeToy did long before Nintendo’s Wii came out. And while the background lighting needs to be bright to see a solid image of yourself on screen; it’s still a cool concept to be in a game. The grainy visuals of this original camera have been improved for the PlayStation 3 Eye.

    I recommend picking this up in one of the many bundles out there so you have plenty of mini-games to play with.

    • First successful camera accessory
    • Over 50 PS2 games that support this cool video camera
    • Allows players to insert their own pictures into some games
    • Video of physical movements is used interact with avatars in some games

You will be happy with any of these

  • Rock Band Guitar Case - Harmonix

    John says: With the number of copies of Rock Band that MTV Games has been selling since launch, there are a lot of virtual guitarists out there. (And that’s not even taking into account the millions of Guitar Hero controllers out there.) Harmonix, the developer of both hit music game franchises, has come up with a variety of cool extras for its Rock Band suite of products. One of the coolest and most handy items is the official Rock Band Guitar Case.

    This padded, soft cover case is emblazoned with the Rock Band logo and design to make it stylish. It’s been specifically designed for the Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller. Additional pockets allow you to put the game and other accessories in this case for transportation. It’s likely a lot of gamer Rock Bands will meet up at a specific house to play, and since everyone likes to customize his or her own guitar, this case should get a lot of use. It also keeps dust off your guitar when not being used.

    • Padded, soft cover case with the Rock Band logo and stylish design
    • Specifically designed for the Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller
    • Additional pockets to hold the game and other accessories
    • Keeps dust off your guitar when not in use
  • Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Bundle - Namco

    John says: Namco has released a number of its best-selling Ace Combat games on PlayStation 2 over the years, including Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies, Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Any of these games can be played with the standard PS2 controller, but virtual jet fighter pilots will want to pony over the extra dough for this bundle.

    Namco’s Ace Combat Flight Stick 2 includes both a stick and a throttle, each with its own base. The stick has primary and secondary triggers, A, B and Launch buttons, and D-pad and Hat controls. The throttle has a red D button, a D-pad button, a swiveling rudder control, wingman controls, and the start button. While the pack-in game doesn’t use every single button, it makes for a much more immersive flight experience than a standard controller. Anyone who’s played these arcade jet simulations knows that they’re challenging games and this controller really does make the experience more manageable and fun.

    • Namco’s Ace Combat Flight Stick 2 includes both a stick and a throttle, each with its own base
    • Makes for a much more immersive flight experience
  • PS2 Blaster - Madcatz

    John says: Lightgun games like Namco’s Time Crisis franchise just aren’t fun without two guns. And since shooter bundles only come with a single lightgun, PS2 gamers are going to need to add another virtual weapon to their arsenal. Madcatz offers a great lightgun that’s compatible with any shooter out there. It includes both Guncon and Guncon 2 modes, which makes it compatible with any of Namco’s great shooters.

    The Blaster includes a variety of cool extras like vibration kickback, rapid-fire, and automatic reload capabilities. There’s also an Auto-Fire setting for those who don’t want to squeeze the heavy-duty action trigger. And for non-shooting navigation, a traditional D-pad and reload button have been crafted into the gun. If you’re into lightgun games, this is the gun you’ll want for multiplayer or solo targeting.

    • Compatible with any shooting game
    • Includes both Guncon and Guncon 2 modes
    • Vibration kickback, rapid-fire, and automatic reload capabilities
    • Auto-fire setting
    • Traditional D-pad and reload button on the gun
  • Resident Evil 4 Game and Chainsaw Controller - Nubytech

    John says: When it comes to game controllers, there’s never been anything quite like Nubytech’s limited-edition Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller. This beautifully gory device feels cool in your hands and features a chainsaw sound as well as rumble vibration during gameplay. There’s even a chainsaw pull cord that can be used to start the game - complete with chainsaw sound effects. This sculpted controller is truly a piece of art and the display stand and plexiglass case it comes with is sure to be used in any gamer’s room.

    It’s also light and ergonomically designed so long game sessions won’t become a bother. It’s obvious that a lot of work went into this controller, almost as much that went into Resident Evil 4. Critically acclaimed as one of the best games of 2006, this bundle offers that great horror action title, featuring Leon Kennedy and his mission to rescue the President’s daughter.

    • Chainsaw sound as well as rumble vibration during gameplay
    • Chainsaw pull cord with sound effects
    • Display stand and plexiglass case
    • Light and ergonomically designed
    • Sculpted controller is truly a piece of art
  • Wireless Ultimate Fighting Stick - Naki

    John says: From the Mortal Kombat to Soul Calibur franchises, there are tons of great fighting games available for PlayStation 2, as well as a lot of action games that center around fighting like the TMNT and X-Men games. Anyone looking to replicate the arcade experience with fighting ports or add more authentic control to original console games will want to invest in Naki’s Wireless Ultimate Fighting Stick.

    The wireless RF technology allows you to set up your controller anywhere in the room - I recommend a hard surface like a table for best results. In addition to the authentic button layout from the arcades and the sturdy joystick, this controller also adds rumble vibration to the virtual fisticuffs. The ergonomic design and strong construction will live up to the wear and tear that fighting games inflect on controllers. It’s much better to beat up this authentic stick than your everyday Dual Shock 2 controller.

    • Set up your controller anywhere in the room
    • Authentic button layout from the arcades
    • Ergonomic design and strong construction
    • Rumble vibration

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