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Best Play Station 3 Accessories & Best PS3 Accessories

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Sony’s PlayStation 3 is backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games, but not with PlayStation 2 controllers. So those upgrading to Sony’s Blu-ray Drive console will need to seek out additional controllers. And there are plenty of options out there for this console, including the earlier SIXAXIS controllers that offered motion-sensor controls and the new controllers with vibration built back into them (the result of a lawsuit settlement) and tilt-functionality.

When it comes to just how many controllers the PS3 can handle, there are many different hardware iterations (especially for such a new console). Sony’s 80GB, 60GB and 20GB PS3s have four USB ports for controllers. The streamlined 40GB PS3 only has two. But all versions support up to seven controllers, which only use the USB ports to charge the wireless controllers. The Bluetooth controllers connect wirelessly with the PS3.

Score the best Play Station 3 accessories with our help. We scour the Web for PS3 accessories that include guitar jamming, racing wheel, tank stick and other great accessories for hours of fun.

Best PS3 Accessories by John Gaudiosi

The Best You Can Get

  • Zero Wireless Controller

    John says: There’s something about the rumble of a controller as your avatar takes a direct hit or your car slams against a wall. PlayStation owners who grew used to that controller functionality now get it back in this ultra-sleek, ergonomically designed controller. The Zero is the first PS3 controller to support both vibration, or rumble, as well as the motion-sensor tilt functionality of the SIXAXIS controller.

    The Zero powers up for over 25 hours of gaming, using NiMH rechargeable batteries. That power handles the rumble as well as the LED back-lit action buttons, making it easy to see your options in the dark. The hybrid metal-resin design just feels right in your hands, which makes long hours blowing away aliens in Resistance all the more fun.

    • Made by Nyko
  • Wireless FrontMan Guitar

    John says: Thanks to legal scuffles between Harmonix and Activision, the only way to enjoy both Rock Band and Guitar Hero III on your PS3 is with Nyko’s FrontMan Guitar. The pack-in guitars for each game will not play on the rival’s game. So if you’re looking to save some cash, pick up this controller and use it for both great interactive music games.

    This wireless guitar offers 25 feet of freedom to perform your most outrageous stunts as the virtual rock bands sing on-screen. The FrontMan offers interchangeable pick guards for customization (the straps can also be changed to your liking). Other features include a precision built bi-directional strum bar, fret buttons, whammy bar and effects switch for Rock Band play. With 80 hours of play off three AA batteries, this is the one guitar to rule all music games.

    • Made by Nyko
  • PlayStation Eye

    John says: The PlayStation 2 EyeToy has grown up. The new PlayStation Eye comes equipped with a USB 2.0 camera and a four-microphone array for multidirectional voice location tracking, enhanced echo canceling, and background noise suppression. It rests on top of your TV or console and stares at you like a droid, capturing your photo for games like EA’s Burnout Paradise and literally transforming your face into a golfer in EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. The camera also offers video chat and video conferencing, as well as a full suite of editing tools that can capture video, decorate digital pictures, and download content to the PS3 hard drive.

    This little camera is powerful. It can capture up to 120 frames at 320 x 240 resolution and 60 frames in 640 x 480. It has a digital zoom that captures either a 56-degree field of view or a 75-degree field of view. It can even be programmed for time-lapse photography, taking a picture every fifteen minutes for twelve hours straight. There’s simply no comparison to Xbox 360’s rival Vision camera, which is limited to a 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second. Sony’s already supported the camera with some innovative new games, like Eye of Judgment, a card game that uses the camera to bring 2D images to life on-screen. And more uses will surely come for this cool gadget.

    • Made by Sony
  • G25 Racing Wheel

    John says: When it comes to the Ferrari of the racing wheels, look no further than this limited edition G25 from Logitech. Sure, there are many more affordable wheels, several from Logitech, but for those who want to make the most of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and Formula 1 Racing, there’s nothing like this real leather wheel, authentic six-speed shifter, and real steel gas, brake, and clutch.

    Everything about this authentic steering wheel brings the virtual world and reality closer together. The wheel itself offers 900 degree rotation and dual-motor force feedback transmission. You’ll feel the weight of the car with this wheel. The six-speed shifter can be used for traditional racing cars or for F1 style racing (sequential shifting mode). There are also twelve programmable buttons to map every possible feature at your fingertips for any racing game. It doesn’t get any better than this for racing enthusiasts.

    • Made by Logitech
  • Tankstick

    John says: Serious gamers will find a lifetime of virtual fighting action in this heavy duty arcade replica Tankstick from X-Arcade. This behemoth weighs twenty pounds and measures 30 inches in length, bringing the two-player fighting sticks and buttons from the arcade into your gaming room. The great thing about this peripheral is that additional cables can be purchased to plug it into any console or PC.

    Whether you’re playing Street Fighter II on Xbox Live Arcade or Capcom’s new Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360, any fighting game is more fun with this arcade experience at your fingertips. All of the button combinations from back in the day are now at your fingertips with no new controller memorization needed. The joysticks are extremely sturdy and the entire device comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes it worth the investment for fighting fans.

    • Made by X-Arcade

You will be happy with any of these

  • Frag FX

    John says: When it comes to shooters like Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament 3 and Activision’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, PC gamers rule the day with their mouse and keyboard controls. While PS3 does support mouse and keyboard controls, they simply don’t translate well to most home entertainment set-ups. But Splitfish has solved this dilemma with the Frag FX, which serves up accurate headshots (a frag button slows down targeting movement for better accuracy) and easy Internet navigation on Sony’s console.

    The device comes with a mouse that rests on a hard surface, easy to put on your lap or a desk, and a second analog controller. Every button can be programmed. In fact, you can program routine commands like gun reloads to a mouse motion for instant ammo. This peripheral is best used for first-person and third-person shooters, as well as online navigation and PlayStation Home.

    • Made by Splitfish
  • HDMI TriLink Switcher

    John says: When it comes to HDMI, Sony is a strong supporter of the one-plug HD option, but only the newest HDTVs have multiple HDMI ports, which leaves gamers with multiple HDMI devices out of luck. Joytech’s HDMI TriLink Switcher allows three HDMI devices to link into one output for a TV. In addition, since this box was made for gamers, the power option can either go into the wall with the traditional adaptor or plug directly into the PS3 USB port to get its power from that console (USB cable included).

    This box comes with a remote control for easy switching between the devices. Everything comes out in glorious 1080p high definition. This box is especially nice since many of the universal routers support component HD cables but not HDMI, for whatever reason. It’s certainly easier to plug-and-play with HDMI than with traditional analog. But this nifty box makes up for it.

    • Made by Joytech
  • Dual Shock 3

    John says: When it comes to controllers, Sony has always been ahead of the competition. The one hiccup over the years was the addition of motion-sensor controls (something most developers ignore) instead of rumble in the PS3 SIXAXIS controllers that shipped with the console. Now Sony has gone back to the drawing board and added rumble functionality on top of the tilt-functionality, delivering vibrations to PS3 hands around the world.

    With support for up to seven controllers, these wireless Dual Shock 3s offer the best of both worlds. Those game companies that support SIXAXIS will still reach gamers and now explosions and pot holes will be felt by PS3 gamers for the first time. These sleek wireless devices feel just right in your hands and power up through the USB ports on the console. It’s been a while coming, but it’s nice to see the rumble finally debut on PS3.

    • Made by Sony
  • NFL Wireless Control Pad Pro

    John says: The NFL has literally put its license everywhere, including videogames. These are the only wireless NFL controllers on the market. Available in every NFL team design, this 2.4 GHz controller runs on two AA batteries. The ergonomic design and grips are perfect for long games of Madden NFL 09.

    The only thing missing from these controllers, besides built-in rechargeable batteries, is tilt-functionality and vibration support. As long as you don’t mind feeling that linebacker crumble your quarterback, it’s not a big deal. But I think most NFL fans would want to feel the rumble of every tackle as well as sport their favorite team colors on their controller.

    • Made by Madcatz
  • Blu Wave Remote

    John says: Although the PS3 controllers will get you around the navigation menu for playing DVDs or Blu-ray Discs on your console, this affordable remote does everything with the press of a button. It has a 25-foot range that makes it easy to surf through the many advanced capabilities of Blu-ray Disc movies. This remote comes with two AA batteries.

    While most of your time is probably going to be spent gaming on your PS3, Sony clearly built this console as a centerpiece for the living room. As such, this remote will come in handy, especially for the non-gamers of the family.

    • Made by Nyko

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