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Best Personal Makeup Cases & Best Makeup Bags

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Personal makeup cases, also known as train cases, are the perfect way to travel in style and keep your cosmetics organized. Even if you never leave town you can still use a train case to organize jewelry, cosmetics, and hair accessories. Not only do they look stylish in any bathroom but they also keep the clutter off your counters and vanity. Gone are the ugly vanity cases from twenty years ago. Train cases come in all shapes and styles right down to some being pink or leopard print!

Looking for the perfect gift? A train case filled with goodies for a new mom, bride, or college girl is the perfect start to a new future. This is one gift that will not be thrown in a closet.

So many cases:

There are cases small enough for a weekend trip and some so large you could tour the world. I am just going to stick with smaller cases that any woman can pick up and run away with.

Best of the Best:

These cases are the ultimate in luxury and status as well as the ultimate in excellent craftsmanship. Words of caution: if you are going to stow your train case under the plane when traveling by air be aware that locking luggage is forbidden. There are some TSA approved locks, but if the airline wants to, they will break the lock.

The best personal make up cases offer a way to carry your essentials when you travel. With these best makeup bags recommendations, you keep everything organized and protect your cosmetics on the road.

Best Personal Makeup Cases by Margaux Lancaster

The Best You Can Get

  • Louis Vuitton Case

    Margaux says: This signature monogram canvas case design by Louis Vuitton is reinforced with brass studded edges, S-lock with key, removable cowhide I.D. tag, and over locking trunk latches. Open the case and find a smaller box with mirror to hold your treasures as well as the two leather straps made to hold two bottles.

    • Signature monogram canvas
    • Golden brass pieces
    • S-lock with key
  • Louis Vuitton Case With Mirror

    Margaux says: This case is also a Louis Vuitton classic monogram canvas design. Crafted with the same golden brass hardware, studded leather trim, reinforced metal corners, and washable lining that Louis Vuitton is famous for. In addition, there is a mirror under the cover, fourteen bottle holders, and over locking latches with S-lock. This is the perfect luxury case for traveling. Also included is a removable cowhide I.D. tag and key.

    • Mirror under cover
    • Monogram signature style canvas
    • Cowhide handle
    • Brass pieces
  • Louis Vuitton Beauty Case

    Margaux says: This is the smallest of the “Louis” monogram canvas beauty cases. It houses a smaller removable case with mirror, spacious washable interior, brass pieces, and S-lock with two keys. There are two over locking latches and all corners are reinforced with brass pieces.

    • Monogram signature style canvas
    • Removable case
    • Brass pieces
  • TUMI-Townhouse Groom Train Case

    Margaux says: Classic TUMI design of ballistic nylon and leather trim edges make this hard-sided case so elegant. Features include mirror, elastic pockets, and an accessory box with cover and tuck locks.

    • Accessory box with cover
    • Mirror
    • Custom TUMI Tuck locks
  • Shu Uemura - Mini Makeup Box

    Margaux says: This little black makeup box made of fiber pulp is light in weight and ideal for frequent travelers or just to house your cosmetics on a vanity. The Mini Makeup Box folds out with two stacking tiers and comes with a removable brush/pencil container.

    • Made of fiber pulp
    • Removable pencil/brush storage container

You will be happy with any of these

  • Japonesque Pro Makeup Case

    Margaux says: The Pro Makeup Case is hand-crafted with double-sided accordion tiered trays that have adjustable dividers and a large lower compartment for storage. Also included are over locking latches and a removable shoulder strap.

    • Hand-crafted
    • Accordion trays
    • Large lower compartment
  • Sephora Midnight Train Case

    Margaux says: The midnight case comes with four accordion trays, adjustable dividers, and a deep center that also has adjustable dividers. A detachable shoulder strap is also included.

    • Adjustable tray dividers
    • Folds out
    • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Japonesque Medium Train Case

    Margaux says: I love the Medium Case by Japonesque! I especially love the eight different colors you can chose from such as lavender, orange, leopard print, and brown suede. There are four tiered trays that fold out and a large lower compartment for storage. The outer shell is hard and the over locking latches ensure your cosmetics stay clean and safe.

    • Four tiered trays
    • Easy access throughout case
    • 8 choices of colors
  • Japonesque - Go Anywhere Take Anywhere Case

    Margaux says: Used by professional makeup artists, the Go-Anywhere, Take-Anything Case is the best deal for your money. The soft-sided case includes two accordion tiered trays. Multiple zippered flaps, a full mesh pocket in the top, and dual facing horizontal elastic loops. The mid section contains a full vinyl pocket facing a single row of vertical elastic loops with a full mesh pocket on reverse side of loop flap.

    • Soft-sided case with rigid base
    • Multiple zippered pockets
    • Dozens of elastic loops for brushes
  • Solia Train Case Series - Alexa Brooke

    Margaux says: The Alexa Brooke Train Case opens cabinet style with fold down front to reveal bottom storage compartment and two fabric lined trays. It is modeled after the larger pro makeup cases used by makeup artists but not nearly as bulky or heavy. Over locking top latch and two keys are also included.

    • Fabric lined trays
    • Fold down front
    • Locking top latch with two keys

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Choose the best personal make up cases to organize your jewelry, cosmetics and hair accessories. These makeup bags are great for travel and even cut down on clutter in your bathroom at home. With these best beauty products cases recommendations, you will not only have a functional organizer but a stylish one that matches your decor.